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Translations: One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128 , Gintama 573 (2)

Aku no Hana 42

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 9, 2013 13:22 | Go to Aku no Hana

-> RTS Page for Aku no Hana 42

Just gotta love early raws.

Aku no Hana Chapter 42

Page 01

Chapter 42: In short, I died.

Page 02

Why don't you know
anything about Nakamura-san?

Page 03

There was nothing I could do...

Page 04

I saw that festival
on TV.
You know,
cried for some reason.
I wonder why?

Page 05

Hey, // you two
tried to die there together, right?
But to me, // it looked like she pushed you away.
Am I wrong?

Page 06

Why did she
push you away back then?
You don't know?

Page 07

You see, // at that time
I thought // "Serves you right".
Sorry, // but seeing you two fail to die
and live on so ugly, // was quite the laugh for me.

Page 08

If you two had really died there,
I might have gone crazy from frustration.
Saeki-san... // You said...
that this world is grey wherever you go...

Page 09

You were right.
This isn't our old town.
There are no mountains, // there is nothing...
Only... grey..
But.. // But I
don't have // a dying wish right now though.

Page 10

Tokiwa-san, was it?
You like her?
She resembles // Nakamura-san.
Is she a substitute for Nakamura-san?

Page 11

...She is not.
Then what?

Page 12

I want to read
her novel.
She's writing a novel. // It has a great plot...
So I...

Page 13

Ever since then... // it's been the first for me.
Finding something that makes me want to stay alive.

Page 14

Will you
make her unhappy too?
In place for Nakamura-san, you'll use her as a tool for comfort
and throw her away when it gets too annoying, right?
You're so abject.

Page 15

It's not like that...!

Page 16

It'll be like that.
After all, she isn't Nakamura-san.
Don't you care about
the real Nakamura-san anymore?

Page 17

You have always avoided // that day.
That town.
And also Nakamura-san.
For all your life,
you'll run away like that.

Page 18

...Isn't that right.
That's how it is.
I knew... // that.
But I'm

Page 19

I'm going.
Thanks for today.

Page 20

Thank you.
Ah, I'll pay for everything.
Yes, that will be 1460 yen.
Thanks for your patronage.

Page 21

bye bye.

Page 22+23

I'll go alone.

Page 24


Page 25

Mm // Ng
Fuh // Uh
Uh // Buh

Page 26

Page 27


Page 28


Page 29


Page 30

The number you dialled is currently...

Page 31

Ah, hello!?
Sorry, I was just a bit lost on my progress..
I'm sorry.

Page 32

Thanks for your patronage.
I was at fault, Aya.

Page 33

can we meet right now?

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