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Translations: One Piece 815 by cnet128 , Bleach 661 by cnet128 , Gintama 574 (2)

Monochrome Myst 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 23, 2013 13:47 | Go to Monochrome Myst

-> RTS Page for Monochrome Myst 4

Reserved for Schthaxe

Monochrome Myst Chapter 04

Page 01

You can admit all your sins here.
Lay them open before the Lord. // If you admit your own wrongdoing
your sins will be erased // and your soul shall be saved.
Now, pray to the Lord.

Page 02

I killed someone.
And not just one. // I killed a lot.
I'm still killing people right now.

Page 03

Chapter 04: A curious soul

Page 04

It's that girl.

Page 05

I heard she skilled her own parents with a "curse".
Eh? Is that true?
Who knows? But they say you're going to get it bad when you're mean to her.
I also heard a rumour that she brings a black cat with her.
I'm sure she's a witch. "A cursing black witch".
Angelica North.

Page 06

Do you have a moment,

Page 07

Miss "cursing black witch"?
Late! She's too late!
Normally she would be home by now.
But she's still not back...
Maybe something happened to her?

Page 08

Alfred! You're too noisy,
shut it!
Sylph Rave!
You aren't worried that Angie isn't back yet!?
How late is she?
11 minutes.

Page 09

If you're that worried
then just tag along with her to school like usual!!
Don't be stupid! School is a place where a lot of humans gather!
Angie got that weird rumour about her because someone like you saw me!!
Oh... You're aware that you're the reason for it.
Ah? Are you making fun of me? Hey. // UGG

Page 10

Sylph Rave, do something about her!!
("Something"...She likes you, what's wrong with that?)
Besides, she's your ring...

Page 11

Look!! I told you! Angie is being bothered by someone without a clue.

Page 12

? // Isn't that a classmate?
Where do you have your eyes!?
Sylph Rave!
Just open up here!
What do you have in mind?
I'll jump down from here and save Angie!!
Idiot! Did you forget that you're made out of ceramic?

Page 13

If you jump down from here, you'll just smash in pieces.
Whatever, let me go!

Page 14

Ah... well, I'm sorry.
My hand slipped when I wanted to water the plants by the window.
I don't see any plants.

Page 15

Aren't you just lacking your common sense as an adult?
I can't tell her "My ring did that"...
Well, whatever.
I got someone else, who looks even more knowledgeable.

Page 16

Ehm, you're Angelica's friend, right?
Veronica Mayfield.
And we just go to the same school. We're not really friends. // By the way,
do you really live here?
It's quite the dump.
And you're living together with him...
Just what is the relationship between you two?

Page 17

Well, something on the lines of relatives?
....Well, not that I care.
Ehm, it seems you two were in a heated discussion down there. Were you fighting?
Nope. // She just won't answer my question at all.
So I followed her all the way here.
Isn't that so?

Page 18

Miss "cursing black witch"?
"Cursing black with"?
That's her nickname at school.
They say you'll be cursed if you're mean to her.
It's just a rumour.
Reminds me, isn't there a rumour about you too?
I think it was: "Occult Freak".

Page 19

Isn't that simplifying it too much and changing the meaning!?
I don't care.
That's what rumours are anyway. Worrying about that is just stupid.
More importantly,. there is something I would like to ask you.
I told you, she won't answer me.
So will you tell me in her stead?

Page 20

About the lifeless and dim
"Black Fog" that accumulates in dark places
and entraps people.

Page 21

Are you in pain?

Page 22

I went... to the church just now.
I want to put an end to this already.
No! If you stop, you'll
Don't worry.
I already found the next one.
If that girl vanishes
nobody's going to notice.

Page 23

You don't need to worry about anything.
It'll be fine.
I'll protect you.

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