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Sekainohate de Aimashou Special : Momotarou-san

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 23, 2013 13:48 | Go to Sekainohate de Aimashou

Reserved for Schthaxe

Sekai no Hate de Aimashou Extra Chapter

Page 01

Special Chapter: Momotarou-san

Page 02

Once upon a time in a certain place
there lived Momotarou-san.
Jumping straight to the living part? [The original story is supposed to start with the old couple finding a peach coming down the river, wherefrom Momotarou is born]
Momotarou-san's hobby was gaming.
But Momotarou-san was were poor,
so Momotarou-san was playing the same game every day.
Leave me alone.

Page 03

One day Momotarou-san got bored of the game
and watched TV.
It showed an Ogre.
Who called me bald!?
There's a reward on him.
I could buy a new game then.
Momotarou-san decided to go defeat that ogre.
Hey, that reward is too cheap!!

Page 04

Momotarou-san changed the clothes.
See there, Momotarou-san was a girl.
Her bust was a D-cup
and her panties had a flower pattern.
Is that really important?

Page 05

Then she showed her speciality
and made some Dango.
Sorry, I'll be gone a while...
And distributed them to the neighbourhood.
Oh my, that wasn't really necessary.
She left town and walked for a while.

Page 06

When she found an arrogant dog on the ground.
What's the matter?
Get lost, minion.
None of your beeswax.
Momotarou-san thought "What a hateful guy".

Page 07

But gave him some of the Dango.
Eat it.
Mg.. // Mmg
The saved dog said:
Quit going after the ogre and become my wife.
What a selfish dog.
Momotarou-san ignored him and continued on.
Wait.. Momotarou.

Page 08

When she looked sideway,
she found a Monkey staring at her.
The dog said:
He has been following us for hours.
Be careful, he's a stalker.
Momotarou-san thought "You're one to say".

Page 09

But Momotarou-san was interested in the Monkey.
Come here, I'll give you a Dango.
And made it her pet.
So cute~
The looser dog howled:
What the!?
For a while the three of them walked on.
When they found a pheasant drowning in the river.
Someone... // help me!!

Page 10

They all jumped in to help,
Oh no!!
but the monkey was the first.
Calm down. It's not that deep.
Th- Thanks for saving me.
Nah... I didn't really...
Momotarou-san was washed away downstream.

Page 11

Momotarou-san felt something in the eyes of the Pheasant, who was looking at the Monkey.
So she separated these two.
Upon that the Pheasant got angry.
And went on a rampage.
I won't accept this!!

Page 12

Momotarou-san thought that she might not make it in time for the release date of the game.
Meanwhile on the Ogre Island
waiting for Momotarou-san, who wouldn't come at all,

Page 13

the Ogre was plagued with a couple of worries.
Am I content with this life..?
Mama... the bill.
The ogre had no choice but to go meet Momotarou-san himself.
He finally arrived at Momotarou's house.
Excuse me.
There was Momotarou-san enjoying the new game
Take that!!
on a LCD TV.
The Ogre asked:
How did you get that?
The Dog bought it for me.

Page 14

See there, the Dog was a prince.
I got mountains of cash.
The Ogre bowed to the Dog.
Momotarou-san escaped poverty
and lived happily forever.
No... That's not how the story goes...

Page 15

What are you doing...
Life is a loop way
I'm going home without walking on the ground.
Wanna join?
Too lame. (How old are you?)
I have some important business, so I'm going home quickly.
I'll marry you if you win against me!
Are you serious!?
A man won't go back on his words!

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