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Bloodline in the Dark 10

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 24, 2013 13:28 | Go to Bloodline in the Dark

-> RTS Page for Bloodline in the Dark 10

Reserved for Renzokusei

Bloodline in the Dark Chapter 10

Page 01

Ah... Anita-chan!?
Oh, good morning, Master.
--A donation box?
Ah, you mean this?
(Dream Donation)
(Anita does something fitting her outfit, but!?)
I'm collecting donations
to enrich poor children.

Page 02

Hee, so nice. I'll donate a bit.
Ah, me too.
Wah!! Thank you.
Give your best~
Thank you, everyone.
I won't waste your sentiment (money).
I'll use it to enrich
these poor breasts (children) of mine.

Page 03

(Worries of big breasts or flat chest, which is more grave...!?)
Chapter 10: Fruitful Feelings

Page 04

Damn, every single one of them is shaking them around.
...In the past, Father said.
Flat-chest Anita, listen well.
You know, vampires, though with a few exception,
are all big-breasted.

Page 05

They cunningly make use of human's "desire"
and steal their blood.
You have a flat chest, so you might not understand it,
but I was hunting these Vampires, who were going around destroying a man's dream.
But this is an absolute secret to Mom and others.
I... I see. Nothing less from you, Father.
But... can't I still become a hunter, even with small breasts?

Page 06

Th- That's... well, // Ah, right!! When you have small breasts, the Vampires will immediately know you're a hunter.
Do you believe Vampires would reveal themselves to those who they know are hunters?
Yes!! That's why you have to grow your breasts bigger first, Anita!!
I see!! Nothing less from you, Father!!
So here!! Drink this milk, Anita!!
That's a no.
Why, Anita!?
But it tastes horrible.
Whatever, just drink it!! I want to see you with big breasts!!

Page 07

But... will breasts really grow with milk?
Couldn't be there some other mechanism to it...
Eh- Ehm... What's up, Anita?
Misa... Do you like milk?
Yeah, about average.
Then when did they got like that?
Ah, you mean my breasts?

Page 08

Mhm~ Let's see...
I think around when I entered high school?
Right, Kouichi <3
D- Don't ask me!!
If I remember right, that Vampire, who attacked me before, was in Misa's class...!!
Don't tell me... Misa's breast grew due to the influence of that vampire...?
But that girl called Pochi with the dangerous train of thought
also grew big breasts in no time...

Page 09

There is someone with even bigger breasts than Misa...
Itanami Ian!!
I saw her talk with Master and that girl before too.
There is no doubt...
All the girls, who get involved with the Vampire Kujou,
(Oh? But then they won't get bigger <3)
(Ah <3 Don't pull them so hard <3)
grow big breasts!!!
I need to confirm this.

Page 10

Reminds me, Ootsuka-san,
you're a childhood friend of the boy Amagi, aren't you?
Yes... Why?
No particular reason..
Could it be you're interested in Kouichi too, Kujou?
Stop that. He isn't my type.

Page 11

It's really troubling how popular Kouchi is~
Yeah... Sounds hard for you~
Even if she's close to Amagi, there's no way I can ask her....
Just how can I get my hands
on his blood...
I can't really call him out all secretly every time...
But if I ask Amagi with my head lowered...
(Changing Room)
That damn vampire... What a thing to wear...

Page 12

I- Is that really the underwear of a student?
H- How horrifying...
When my age isn't all that different from hers....!!
Th- That's her...

Page 13

Wh- What's with this overwhelming volume!!?
Is that really something a girl puts on!?
Strange....I can't find any pads, like those that I use to fill the gap in my bra...
...Don't tell me
her breasts fill out this completely!?
I... I'll try it on for a bit...
I'll stuff a towel in the gap...

Page 14

D- Did I stuff in too much?
Okay, done!!!

Page 15

W- Wow!! I can't see my feet!!
And what's with this indescribable feeling of superiority!?
Damn, I feel like I have become a first-rate hunter.
Now that girl called Kujou
is a piece of cake for me.

Page 16

was that about me?
You tried to enlarge your breasts?

Page 17

And how did that turn into playing with my clothes!? // Depending on your answer, I might have to split your head like watermelon.
Wah, Kujou-san, calm down!!
Th- There is no use in hiding it!!
I know that // Misa, Pochi and Ian all grew bigger breasts by your influence!!
What's she going on about...
Somehow.... I'm sorry, Kujou-san..
If you don't mind, would you forgive her? I'll do anything in return.
Make my breasts bigger too!!
It's okay. There isn't really anything I... // !?

Page 18

Wait!! "Anything" he said...
that means even giving his blood...
Yeah!! I can't let this chance slip by!!
Okay, if you go that far,
I'll ask you do to something for me.
My only desire is...
Listen to me!!
that every week...

Page 19

you come to me and give me...

Page 20

H- Hey, what's this!?
Why did my clothes rip so easily!?
Ahaha. Divine punishment for not making my breasts bigger.

Page 21

Reminds me, she was playing around with my clothes stuffed with towels...
So they were messed up then...
Anita....was your name?
Fine... I'll make your breasts bigger.
I want bigger ones than Ian or you!!
Yes, I'll make them so big
that you'll hate it.

Page 22

Mm.. Mmg...
Mmg!! Mm!!
Mm. Fuah!!
I... I can't drink anymore...
Oh my, that's no good. We won't finish like this.

Page 23

To make your breasts bigger,
I prepared lots of milk <3
C'mon, gulp it down.
Hey, wait!! // Did all girls with big breasts really drunk so much milk!?
This is definitely a lie!! There's no way I can drink all this!!
It... It's true. Everyone with big breasts drinks it.
Itanami drinks an incredible amount, // right?

Page 24

I... can't drink...

Page 25

Come on, there's still so much left.
...What's this...
What's the matter, Miyabi-san?
Why is that lowlife Itanami enjoying school?

Page 26

This is really unbelievable.
(A new rival for Ian appears!?)
Miyabi-san, these binoculars were brand-new.
Aww!! Unbelievable!!
(Continued in the next Issue March)

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