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My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 15, 2013 16:44 | Go to My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san

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\o/ Last one, never again \o/
Reserved for the stupid Kobe

Wagatsuma-san ha Ore no Yome Chapter 11

Page 01

Wagatsuma-san, who's the prettiest girl in our class (no, in the school),
will be my wife in ten years (though I don't know why)!! And only I, who can time slip, knows about it!!
(Right and left, both has Wagatsuma-san! But that aside, a grave problem is approaching!) [The right and left stuff refers to the previous colour page, which was beside this page in the magazine]
Like her names says,
she'll be my wife in the future...
Is what....
was it supposed to be..
So how
did it turn out like this!?

Page 02

In the time slip future 10 year ahead,
my wife changed from Wagatsuma.san
to Sylvia!!
Time Slip activated
Why? The shopping in Akihabara should have been ended in a failure to due the DX Brigade's chaos...
Eh? What?
Could it be.. she's angry?

Page 03

Why is she so angry?
It's totally awkward...
this is really good..
An awkward dinner with only the sound of the TV.
It's 7:55. 7:55.
The time announce voice hasn't even changed after 10 years...
Is this the so called
"Cohabitate Bed and Board"!?
(It's certainly suffering)
In Japan... No, the world I might be the only one
who's married as a high school student and even lives Cohabitate Bed and Board...

Page 04

If possible, I don't want to my life to turn out like this...
did you bring up Wagatsuma....?
Could it be she...
Eh? // What?
did you speak about her in front of me at this point?

Page 05

So it's that?
She's jealous?
No... *cough*
This is no time to smirk.
You actually love Wagatsuma!!
You cheating on me!?
Ohh!! Like Kaiya Kawasaki!!
No, I'm not. // Calm down.
What do you like about a girl like her!?

Page 06

Today's special is about Wagatsuma Ai-san, who climbed up Mt. Everest!!
W- Wa- Wagatsuma-san!? // How did it turn out like this!?
Like I know! She was up there already when I saw it.
The overly beautiful climber Wagatsuma-san
What's with this future!?
now has cleared all seven summits---
The cabinet nominated her for...

Page 07

Look only at me...
Oh... OH---
I'll do the "Boing boing exercise" twice for you tonight.
Eh? What's that? "Boing boing exercise"?
No!! Don't make me say it!!
No, what is it!!
(The type to get excited on the own words)
It sounds great...

Page 08

Eh? This?
A cheeseburger.
Time Slip Over
This isn't good..
It seems my future wife isn't Wagatsuma-san anymore, but Sylvia.
Mhm, why? I don't get it!!
Were there some flags?
A reason why the future changed...
I need to pinpoint it...
and revert the future back to before!!
...Still, what's the "boing boing exercise"?
A new fancy in the future?
(Or something from Holland?)

Page 09

The boing boing exercise..
what's it?
The boing boing exercise!
Say it again.
Bo // i // ng
Google doesn't
show any results.
UWA!! That's a tablet!!

Page 10

She got such a convenient thing!! Who still needs a PC then!?
Weren't we here for a PC today!?
What do you take our hard work for!?
Maximum The Hormone Love
UWA, on reflex!!
Hey, I won't be fooled!!
Nice, nice.
He snapped!

Page 11

Damn. Whenever I face a camera..
Okay, I'm next!
Ehm.... "little...girls"...
Don't search for loli pics on someone else PC!!
You're the worst!!

Page 12

I get it now.
Let's go home.
Aw, so tired.
Sylvia didn't want a PC from the beginning.
Okay, let's come here again.
She just wanted to hang out with everyone.
Eh? We too?
I need a guide.
So mean!! We didn't even get any money!!
Just by coming here
I raised a flag.

Page 13

This is the radio consultation corner.
Today's consultation will be about love.
Please ask away.
Ehm... I want to break up with a girl...
Eh? By "girl" you mean lover?
No... We aren't really dating...
Mh? Mh? What do you mean....?
Actually... I can time slip...
What the?

Page 14

My original future wife became a beautiful climber...
Uwa, there he goes.
Huh, didn't you check the questions beforehand!?
And a girl, who wasn't supposed to, became my wife...
I feel bad for Sylvia, but I want to break up...
Hey... wait!!
What the. So complicated.
Are you sane!?
Hey guys, come here.
Listen to this shit.
I'm serious!!
First you should get your head checked.
What's with him?
Hey, isn't that cruel!?

Page 15

The adults don't understand...
At this rate
my future wife will be Sylvia.
To begin with, why am I...
only popular in the future!? Isn't it strange!?
I have no experience about being popular, so I'm lost...
How can I
make Sylvia give up on me!?

Page 16

I have no clue...
But at this rate
my future...
Am I left with no other choice but
to get fundamentally hated by Sylvia!?
Or... Should I
just go with the flow...

Page 17

I'll marry Wagatsuma-san...
Going with the flow and marrying Sylvia
would be rude to her.
I have no choice but to be frank
with Sylvia.

Page 18

And tell her "I love Wagatsuma-san"!!
But there is no chance to...
There is nothing more insensible
than dumping a girl in front of others!!
Aoshima completely forgot about the fact that he's not popular right now.
Now? No..
No, not yet.
A bit more.
Hoo... She stops by the convenience store...

Page 19

Right now, // don't I look like
a perfect stalker!?
If people saw me doing this
I'll be nicknamed "Perverted Stalking Boy".
But I can't back out now..
N- No, I'm not anyone suspicious...

Page 20

Wha!? Why are you giving applause!?
I'm so happy!! You finally awakened to the gentleman's taste of "stalking".
We'll use this opportunity to level up his code name from "Floating Castle Laputa" into "Nausica of the Valley of Wind". // Congratulations. You're a full-fledged member of the DX Brigade now. // Congratulations.
You're still a newbie to stalking and thus unsure, but you have the right sense.
Hey.... No!! You got it wrong!!
Ahh! Sylvia is gone.
I see, you're after Sylvia.
This is like EVA's last ep.
The TV version, right.
Shut up!!

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