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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

/Blush-DC. 17

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 4, 2013 12:10 | Go to /Blush-DC.

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Blush-DC Chapter 17

Page 01

Chapter 17: Roaming

Page 02

Ayane-chan! // Are you okay, Ayane-chan!?

Page 03


Page 04

Get going already!!
Hey...! Say... // What happened!?
Hey.... Hey...!!

Page 05

Let me go!! Don't you have any eyes!?
I can't deal with customers right now...
H- How...
is Iwashita doing...!?
How do you // know her last name...

Page 06

Sir, hurry up inside!!
Okay!! Drive!!
Ambulance coming through.
Please make way.
Ambulance coming...

Page 07

Ambulance coming through.
Turning left.
Please make way.

Page 08

Page 09

Thank you!
Ayane-chan is in your hands!
Oh my, I'm sorry for having you carry my stuff~
I hate how long it takes in this hospital for the formalities.
In the end, a hospital is just another form of business~

Page 10

Ehm... What... // What happened // to Iwashita-san....!?
Exhaustion and malnutrition.
She got a transfusion and will be fine after some rest.

Page 11

G- Good...
That's good to hear...!!
Wataru-kun...was it? Sorry for kicking you earlier. // It must have hurt.
There were so many customers, that I just...
So you're her classmate at cram school... // To think I would do that to a friend of hers...
Ah, no!! Don't worry about it. // I'm not really her friend...

Page 12

Rather than calling us friends...
It's what I want us to be...
It's all one-sided from me.
I... I want to
get closer to
But... I don't know what she thinks... // or actually, she might not like me that much...

Page 13

We talk normally.. // just like friends...
But, well... other stuff... // I want to talk more about other stuff....
...What's the meaning of
"Want to talk some more"?

Page 14

Ah, sorry for babbling! I... // I'll go now!! Excuse me...
Oh no! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to close the store!!
I'll rush back real quick, so please look after Ayane-chan. Ah, tell her that "Ume" went home already.
Okay, I gotta hurry.
Eh!? Hey...!! Eh?

Page 15

Page 16

I- Iwa..

Page 17

I'm sorry for
mailing you...
that's right...

Page 18

Top grades at the cram school // and working all night. Of course it turns out like this...
Of course she wouldn't be able to keep that up...
Why is she working so hard... // I don't get it...
She's the same age as me..
Yet she works so hard, studies so hard and ruins her body...

Page 19

I... I can't // even imagine it..
What is she working so hard for... // I can't say it well...
Though there isn't any point if someone like me worries about her...

Page 20

Page 21

Iwashita-san! Is the transfusion done?
Then you can go home.
Eh!? // AH!?
Ah... Ah... I- Iwa... Ah...
I.... I....!!
Be careful on your way home.
The bill is already paid.

Page 22

Ah... Ehm... How... are you feeling!? // Ehm... That guy called "Ume"... kicked me and...
No... Well...
By chance...
I was in the area...
Eh? Eh!? Iwashita!?

Page 23

Wh- Where are you going?
Ah, that's not where the exit is!!
If you're going home, the exit is...
I- Iwashita!?
Hey... // Iwa..

Page 24+25

Page 26

A- Amazing...!
W- Wow!! The nightview is so pretty!! // So you had such a nice view from here!

Page 27

It's not pretty...

Page 28

Page 29

E- Ehm, are you... // feeling alright now?
It's cold up here...
Y- You worked so much... // And studied a lot at cram school... // M- Must have been hard!! Well...
It's bad for your body, isn't it!!

Page 30


Page 31


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