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/Blush-DC. 21

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 11, 2013 14:08 | Go to /Blush-DC.

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Blush-DC Chapter 21

Page 01

Chapter 21: Friend

Page 02

C'mon.. This way!!
Eh // Ah
Fufu, this way.
Here we are.
My favourite queer bar.
Q- // Que...!?

Page 03

Oh my.
Oh, he's cute~~
Hey! No! Don't you lay a hand on him.
Yah, I want to touch him, this young boy.
Eh!? E- Ehm... I...
Hey, did Ume-chan lay hands on you already?
You have to protect your ass~

Page 04

Welcome, Ume-san!
Is that the boy you talked about?
It was the first time Ayane-chan spoke about anyone... // You know, she...
never talked to me about her friends...

Page 05

But she told me with a smile...!
I'm sure she wants to talk more with you.
No... I... // friend...?

Page 06

Ayane-chan is my
So I want you to be nice to her...!

Page 07

Well... I'm... happy that // you say that...
But... friends? I'm not sure if we're that far yet...
Please take care of her, // Wataru-kun!

Page 08

I... I'll give my best.
Fufufu, good boy.

Page 09

Well, I was really surprised when you suddenly called me!
I see. Sumika-chan,
you want to have sex that bad.
Uh- Uhm, you're too loud, Yuugo-san.
Ah, but you're Motoka's sister, so obviously you're just as lewd (lol)
Ehm, Yuugo-san, your voice.
Your sister is a total slut. (lol)
There's no use // in keeping your virginity. (Actually, you have it to lose it.)

Page 10

J- Just once...
Just once, // I want to try it..

Page 11

Nice, nice~~
You hit up the right person!!
Uhm... Is.. Is my sister
that much of... // a horny girl?

Page 12

Motoka loves it when// you play with her clit*ris! // I can't believe how wet she gets down there. // She couldn't stop begging for my d*ck.
I put in my fingers like this // and she got wet down to her tights.

Page 13

I.. I didn't..
want to know that much...
Well, keep your hopes up, kitty. // I'll grant you some wonderful sex.
You'll be wetter than you sister.
See you, Sumika-chan.

Page 14

Page 15

My head hurts...
Eh, where am I...
Why a seat cushion...

Page 16

H- Huh, reminds me.. // Huh?
C'mon, walk, Wataru-kun~
Eh- Ehm... // Hey, Umi-san, walk properly!!
Oh please, I'm walking~ // Geez! You better walk properly, Wataru-kun.
Umi-san, that's not me!! // Where is your home!?

Page 17

Oh no, not here~ // No, Wataru-kun~~
U- Ume-san, hey. // I feel sick too, so let's hurry! // Ah, a young man's extract...
I see... That's how..
This is his room...
Ah, oww... // My head...

Page 18

Page 19

Eh? // Ah
Wha.. Eh!?
Eh... Eh!? // Eh!?

Page 20

Why.. Eh? Why are you... // h- here...?
I came to get..
my cleaned clothes...
I.. I see!

Page 21

U- Ume-san...
mailed and said to come over...
Ah... R- // Really...
So Ume-san cleans your clothes?

Page 22

H- He appears like your mother!!
No, father I guess? I wonder how it is for queers... But he isn't your lover, right.
L- Lov....

Page 23

...That guy...
Your lover... isn't looking after you?
I mean... that scary guy with the glasses...

Page 24

He's your lover, right? You know, that scary guy.
Th- The one you did it with!! That guy.. // you know...

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