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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Parasite Girl Sana - Parasistence Sana 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 21, 2013 19:20 | Go to Parasite Girl Sana - Parasistence Sana

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Reserved for Extras

Kisei Kanojo Sana Chapter 01

Page 01

What a screwed up situation.
This can't be real.
(A parasite heroine appears!)
Yeah, this has to be a bad dream or joke.

Page 02+03

The parasite in his stomach was.... a girl!?
A new age "Boy meets Worm" story!!
Chapter 01: Sana's explosive birth!
If this isn't a dream, it can only be a punishment.
And punishment needs a sin.
So what kind of sin have I committed----

Page 04

Geez. // Wake up...
Wake up...
This morning---

Page 05

What's that, Sakura!
A pantograph.
(Made in Sakura)
I thought the electricity might make you move.
It won't.
I'm not a robot.
This girl, who shocked me lightly in the morning, is Masukawa Sakura.
Ehe. // It woke you up all right. Good morning, Onii-chan.
She's not my "little sister", but my younger cousin living in the neighbourhood.
Morning....Actually, what are you doing in my room at this hour?

Page 06

But today Uncle went overseas for his research. // So I have to come wake you up.
(Build up a tent.)
No... Sakura!
This is a normal morning reflex...!!

Page 07

Found Onii-chan's wild cavernous body!!
Uwah. C- Calm down.
Stay away!
That's Sakura's bad habit:
"Acute Horniness Syndrome". (I named it)
Sakura was raised by her strict father
and from the backlash, whenever she spots a sexual smell, her lust awakens and she runs amok like a middle school boy.

Page 08

Calm down a bit, you pervert brain-idiot!
No, I'm a girl, so it's an instinct! // Nothing dirty, just a prank!
Huh? You're taking it quite easy despite being in such a hurry to wake me up.
Mm, there was surprisingly more time than I thought.
Thanks for the food.
Eat up~

Page 09

Hey, Onii-chan,
is the fried egg good?
Mm, it's good.
You're amazing for being able to cook this good, Sakura.
R- Really!?
I'm so glad. You see, for the Miso-soup I boiled the fish...
My father went on a business trip overseas yesterday.
He's a famous professor for biology.
But since his work was more important than his family, my mother ran away,
so either Sakura or a female assistant of my dad are becoming my replacement family from time to time.

Page 10

That's why the eating table always looks like this.
Well... I have gotten used to by now.
But we sure can take our time today.
It's like time stop moving.
It stopped.
You mean the clock, right? It stopped.
No way.
(Definitely going to be late)

Page 11

We're late! Hurry up and eat, Onii-chan.
I have so much left. Not gonna happen...
Eat it in 2 sec!
*cough* x2
What was that! It smelled like fish..
There was something like Sashimi over there.
That was no Sashimi, no matter how you look at it!!

Page 12

It was a research sample! // L- Let me get an examination!
We have no time to dwell on the past. Let's go, Onii-chan!
Hah, hah... // We made it... Morning.
Yo, Karato, Sakura. // You're so lively again today, you good siblings.
No, actually we're immoral siblings.
Stop it, Sakura.
(Don't take her serious, Jouji)

Page 13

So what was immoral again?
Jouji-kun, you're as stupid as ever...
Even though it's so obvious....
Hey, Onii-chan, won't you join any club? // They're still running the recruitment for 2nd years.
The basketball club wants you. // Why don't we sweat together!?
H- How about the cooking club? We could need a boy's hand. // And... I would get to be with you.
It's fine. I don't like group activities.
That's why when you're with me, it'll be easier for you to mix in with the other.
You see... I can't mix into the group that hangs around you or Jouji. // That kind of parasite behaviour is impossible for me.

Page 14

Mm, you're a shut-in, Onii-chan.
Even without me, the world goes on.
So there's no need to force myself to be part of it. // I'm going to spend another peaceful day today.

Page 15

Health care teacher, Kira-sensei. // She took care of me as a kid.
Just Kira-san is fine. // Will you come by the infirmary too again?
Are you telling me to get injured?
No. I'm just saying you can drop by when you're tired.
You can burry your face into my breasts like before <3

Page 16

Karato! While you actually have me as your best friend, you!!
No.. By before she means as a kid. // Actually, you're getting wrong about the wrong point.
Is the reason you never burry your face into my breasts // that I don't have any!?
Calm down!!
You have good friends. // Treasure them, Karato.
(see you)
I'm a person, who wants to live alone.
(See you after school)
And Kira-san might be worried about that.

Page 17

No reply. // Just like always.
Kaijitsu Asuka.
An awkward transfer student, that came here a month ago.

Page 18

She has a cold attitude, keeps her distance from others and lives on alone. // She's my ideal goal that I want to reach, but can't.
Dostoyevsky? I heard that name before. // I wonder what kind of novel it is.
....A story about a terrible shut-in...
She replied!?
H- Hee... // So you like Dostoyevsky?
What am I doing...

Page 19

But I don't really hate this distance between us.
You're amazing, Kaijitsu.
You live alone way better than me.
I'm different from Masukawa-kun...

Page 20

3rd Period: P.E.
How is jumping over a box gonna help us in life?
When you see a box, you normally walk around it. // Jumping over it is against human logic.
I feel strange... // I must have eaten something weird...
(I'll just hop a bit and fail)
Next one, Masukawa.

Page 21

What's this feeling!!
Every single cell of mine is aching.
Use this body.
Break free.

Page 22

Page 23

...H- // Huh?
Haha, what was that...
What was that---
After school.
My body is strange today. // I better go home quick.
(Bye bye)
Ugh... (Ow)
(Onii-chan, here I am)

Page 24

Damn, I can't tell this off as a joke anymore...
An ambulance...
No good...
Will I die now...?
If I die here, the one to find my corpse will be...
Sakura, I'm sorry..

Page 25

*chk* x3
*chk* x3
Aw // Awwww

Page 26

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit

Page 27

No way... This "string"
is starting to take form...!?
This is...
A girl--!?

Page 28

Breas... // no....
Not about that. // Who are you!!

Page 29

I crossed generation and your guts! // Coming out from your stomach and protecting the host!
I'm a Japanese Sea Tapeworm, Parasistence Sana!!
...I don't get it at all.
For now...
I have to run.

Page 30

I.. I'll be killed!
S- Someone, help me!
Don't worry. I already helped you.
Already protecting her host,
I'm such a capable Parasistence.

Page 31

I saved you from a mosquito. // From now on, I'll protect you.
A mosquito...
But this wound looks more grave!
Ehe, sorry.
That happens sometimes.
Anyway, // From today on, I'll be a parasite in your stomach.
Take care of me!
Parasite? ?

Page 32

S- So mean...
Why are you here!?
Because you called me. // I got a silent call in the middle of the night, // so I thought you would finally accept me.
But it was only so that you could show off doing it with another girl!
Idiot, that's not the prob...

Page 33

A foe to my host, huh!!

Page 34

That was a close call.
I caught the foe. This time for sure, I helped you.
Where to look!
S- Sakura isn't a foe. // So let her down.
(Mh? Is that so.)
..By the way, // your crotch is swollen.

Page 35

(My 2nd appearance)
I don't know who you are, but thanks!
Finally Onii-chan recognized me as a girl!
This is unintentional...
Mhm, is she really no foe?
What's going to happen to me---
(Chaotic days are coming to Karato!!)

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