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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Big Order 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 1, 2013 20:27 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 11

Reserved for Vortex

Big Order Chapter 11

Page 01

Subject 11
---Prefecture Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi City, Sanyo-Onada Airspace
Hiiragi lifted Sena's stasis....!?
Yeah, the Colonel ordered Fran.
Right now a bunch of doctors are gathering at Dazaifu Government building // and planning to start something.
What're you going to do to Sena,
Hey, Eiji. // Calm down!

Page 02+03

Subject 11: [Sena's awakening]
Place: Dazaifu

Page 04

Table of Contents

Page 05

Ten years ago, I wished for the "Destruction of the World"---

Page 06

Stupid Info

Page 07

More stupid Info

Page 08

Blank Page

Page 09

Eiji conquered Yamaguchi. A first victory...
Well, it would be troublesome if he failed there.
See, it's like I said.
Eiji is an interesting fellow. He's going to win the next one with a BAM too, like in a shounen manga.

Page 10

...I hope so. (*giggle*)
But his enemy is actually Dazaifu.
His comrades are his enemy. And there's a troublesome one---
...Hiiragi, huh.
It might not be wise to leave him with Hiiragi.

Page 11

Hey, Rin. You're too heavy!
It's an overload! Go back to the Yuda Hot Springs!
Pft, as if I would let you get away.
Shaking me off will be no use <3
I'll bite onto you and don't let go until I kill you!
OW! // Stupid.
No other choice...

Page 12

Heh, so you gave up.
Yeah, sure, sure.
It's only been five hours since
we stopped the nuclear attack from the military.
In the end, the "Conquering of Yamaguchi"
was merely a distraction by using me as a puppet.

Page 13

Hiiragi knew I would be targeted by nukes, // so he got me out of Kyushu by telling me to invade Yamaguchi.
But that plan was only a camouflage for a different mission of Ayahito---
According to Benkei, that mission was to capture a certain girl.
Damn Hiiragi! I would have been dead if not for Rin!
Right! Be grateful!
Rin's sweet fragrance...

Page 14

Thanks, Rin.
Cut out your flirting. // We're there, Eiji!
So Hiiragi...
is behind all this!

Page 15

That bastard...
better not put a hand on my sister...!

Page 16+17

Onii-chan, you came!
Sena is safe.

Page 18

Hiiragi, what's going on here!
Eiji-kun, good timing. We were just about to start Sena's detailed exanimation.
What's up? // You called the doctors, didn't you, Onii-chan?
N- No, I...
I'll fool her about Rin's attack on the hospital, so match my story, Eiji.
We don't need any turmoil right before the exanimation.

Page 19

Yes, Eiji-kun couldn't leave you at the previous hospital---
So he asked the government about treating you // and got you moved here while you were sleeping...
...Sena still doesn't know that I'm a king...?
But according to this treatment card from the Hoshimiya Hospital,
the illness seems to be quite advanced.

Page 20

It says, she'll have at best
another six month to live.

Page 21

I always kept it a secret from Sena...
But he just went and told her....!

Page 22

I will die...?
It's a rare type of leukaemia that's different from all other types.
Hand of Five - Medical Team, Nehara Taikei
There are only a few cases world-wide.

Page 23

There are no cases of it being healed. // I'm sorry, but you'll have to face it.
These guys... They just tell Sena so openly...!
H- Hey, Sena... You don't need to worry.
You'll be healed! // I'll do something!
...And how?

Page 24

I // already somehow knew about my illness.
Since it's you,
I thought you would worry about it on your own...
---Hah (I knew it)
No, well..
I could I tell you?

Page 25

Onii-chan, you // DUMMY!!
That you stopped me from going to the festival when I was sick...
Sorry, Sena. // I'm sorry.
And that you got angry when I went into gramps' room... // was all about this, right!?
You worried about it all by yourself...!
You're so stupid!!

Page 26

I'm sorry, Sena...
I forgive you. // Since you're my brother.

Page 27

I wished I could have gone
to school together with you...

Page 28

Well, there's still a possibility to cure her.
There's an order called "Divine Knot" in Izumo.
It's an user with a healing ability that cures difficult illnesses.
The user is quite old already, // but still healthy.

Page 29

can be cured....!?
Are you going, Eiji?

Page 30+31

I'm going to Izumo with Sena!!
You come too, Lorin!
Hey, Eiji... // It's already late TODAY. Let's go TOMORROW!
Colonel, another thing... // The actual result we were after.
These siblings aren't related by blood. Though we already expected this.
Hoshimiya Sena's Order Aptitude // E (Unapt)
They're the kids of that man. We had to be sure.
But now it's settled on how to "handle" her.

Page 32

Next Morning
All done.
Now towards Izumo...!!
Sorry, but I'm coming along.

Page 33

Aren't you glad?
Yeah... // Seems I mistook Hiiragi a bit.
He also cared for Sena!
...I wonder about that.
I think what Hiiragi and you prioritize are different things...
---Sena isn't here? But she should have come here for her medicine...

Page 34

Yeah, but Lieutenant-Colonel Kunou took her with her...
Where to----
Don't tell me...!?

Page 35

I heard Sena was taken underground!!

Page 36+37

Yo, Eiji-sama. Did you sleep well last night?
Bastard... What are you after?

Page 38

I exanimate your sister to see if she was suitable for Order. // I had a hunch there, you know.
She'll continue to be my hostage.
That's the kind of guy he is.

Page 39

Bind Dominator!!
Hiiragi's ability...!
Like I would let you!

Page 40+41

Hiiragi, // "I 'forbid' all movements"!!!!!
*vssshh* // *vssshh*
gi, // "I 'allow' all movements"!!!!!

Page 42

I allow!?
What am I..
Hoshimiya Eiji.

Page 43

happened just now?
I'm sure I said "I forbid"...
But I actually said "I allow"...!?
What did you do..!!?

Page 44

Eiji, if you want to save your sister, take Izumo!
Subject 11: End

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Thank you for your job! ^^
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