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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kingdom Game 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 2, 2013 14:24 | Go to Kingdom Game

-> RTS Page for Kingdom Game 1

Reserved for DarkDoom

Oukoku Game Chapter 01

Page 01

Shortly after the Meiji Restoration,
the new government forbid Christian sects // and by the so called forbidden religion verdict, a Christian proscription movement spread.
In Katashina a particular Christian religion existed secretly, but even there plenty of Martyrs emerged.
(New Serialization // A suspending first chapter about switching master and servant!! // Their every-day life is destroyed by a certain game---)
On that occasion, // the daughter of Takagi Nizaemon Sayo (Christian name: Agnia), a centre figure of the Katashina Christians, was caught in the crowd.
This building are the remains of the burned down mansion,
where Agnia, who was later made a Saint, got killed on a Cross like Christ.

Page 02+03

The desire to rule, the thirst for revenge, the lust---
A game about
orders and obedience tainted with ambition, starts now!

Page 04

Uwa, so gloomy!
What good will it do us to tour such a place?
No idea.
Even you don't know, Katori-kun? // Even though you're the smartest in our grade!?
Everyone can get a good score on a test once you figure out the trick.

Page 05

If you say so, it must be true.
Go away.
I won't go away until you agree to go out with me!
We need to look for the other five.
No need to be in such a rush. Shinozuka-san and the others are over there. // I don't know where Obata-kun and Kuwata-kun are though.
Hey, we can't leave these two alone!

Page 06

They always stir up trouble.
They aren't kids anymore, so leave them be!
Geez, just when I had fun, since it seemed like a date.
We're at one of Katashina's few historical spots // for a school trip.
Technically, we have formed a group of seven to go around as.
It's more spacious than I thought.
Where are Obata and Kuwata?

Page 07

Hey!! What are you doing.
Can't breathe...
Oh, Katori?
I'm showing Kuwata a bind hold right now.
Whatever. Let him go. // Don't go starting trouble so soon.
*cough* // *cough*
I was just playing with Kuwata, you know!?
Where's trouble in that?

Page 08

Hey, what's going on here?
If you keep looking down on me, // I'll kill ya.
Out of good will from our long acquaintance I'll tell you: // It's lame if you babble about killing so easily.
What was that!?
If you make a ruckus, it will trouble other people.

Page 09

If you touch my Katori-kun, I'll make you regret it!
(When did she...)
I'm not yours!
Obata! // I said too much. Sorry.
Now let's go back to touring.
No big deal, Kuwata!

Page 10

We're missing one.
Kawai-san isn't here.
Has anyone seen her?

Page 11

Why aren't we acting as a group....

Page 12

What was that? // Sounded like lightning...
Ah, // Kawai-san.
Good. // We were just looking for you.

Page 13

It looks like she's saying something,
but I can't hear it!?

Page 14

Page 15

Wh- What's

Page 16

Is that... // a road?
There weren't any candles before.
---Is there something in the back?
Aw, damn!
What attraction is that? Such a pain!!

Page 17

Was it you!?
Who did this crazy stunt!!
Is there someone!?
Eh, // w- wait.
A light!? Does it lead outside!?

Page 18+19

So you guys
are the raiser of the new kingdom?

Page 20

Kingdom? Raiser?
Bitch! // Enough of your bullshit!!

Page 21

B- Bastard...
Violence is not good. // Because you all are important citizens
and territory for your kingdom.
Excuse my late introduction.
Saint Angia-sama's butler.
Serves you right.

Page 22

Now I order you:
To bring God's land down to earth,
raise God's kingdom.
You seven
together // will build a single kingdom.

Page 23

In God's name, // you'll be distributed into King, Aristocrats and Plebeians.
The king will be the head,
the aristocrats the heart and the Plebeians the arms and legs.

Page 24

Page 25

(Ufufu) Should I kiss him?
What... happened to me?

Page 26

You can rest a bit longer.
I mean, I gave you a lap pillow and all.
This is... the original room...
Just now...

Page 27

Fuh.. Mm.
Are you okay, Nagashima-san?
I lost consciousness?
Huh? You had a tattoo?

Page 28

What's... this!?
No way.
I have one too.
What is this?
Do you know anything, Katori-kun?
Nope, nothing. Don't ask me.

Page 29

It won't come off!
The heck is this!!
Does everyone have it on their arms?
Did anyone
bring this book here?

Page 30

The cover is out of leather.
It seems to be a pretty old book.

Page 31

-Every day at midnight the King, Aristocrats and Plebeians will be engraved onto the bodies
-The King can order the Aristocrats and Plebeians
-The Aristocrats can order the Plebeians
-The Plebeians can make a revolution with 3 or more
-All orders only effect the area visible to the one, who makes the order
-When a Kingdom exceeds the set territory, the miracle "God's hand" will be granted

Page 32

What the.
These tattoos...
and that from earlier...
H- Hey, when it got dark earlier,
there was a weird girl, right?
That wasn't a dream, right?

Page 33

Y- // Yeah.
I... saw it too.
that was reality?
And does it have anything to do with 'this'?
As if.
What are you pissing your pants for?
I'm leaving.
H- // Hey, wait.

Page 34

A tattoo that I can't erase...
Who's it at such a late time?

Page 35

Shinozuka Natsumi
Natsumi is my childhood friend, who lives next door.
Crossing the hedge like this is the shortest and easiest route.
Don't make any noise.
The others are sleeping already.
Natsumi can't get off the tattoo either?

Page 36

...Don't give it too much thought.
The more I think about this
afternoon, the more confused I get.
There was something written there about midnight.
....Though you might laugh at me for this.

Page 37

Well, we'll understand when it turns midnight.
Th- Thanks.
It's been a long time since I've been to your room.

Page 38

Sit wherever you want.
Don't stare so much!
I always thought your room lacked a female touch,
but I think it got it now.
What you mean always?
Don't you mean just during elementary school?
I'll take one.
Back then you didn't even mind showing me your panties.

Page 39

If you argue like that, it might be just two months ago.
I think I wouldn't have minded it two months ago....
I'm serious.
I experienced that love really changes a girl.
Your first love.
If I were your brother, it would be too late to worry now.
By the way, // I was confessed to for the first time two month ago.

Page 40

By Makihara-san, right?
She's cute
and has long hair. // A real embodiment of a girl.
Good for you.
You think so?
I do.

Page 41

Just two more minutes.
At midnight...
[copy the rules from page 31 if you want to TS it]
I'm sure // it said "Every day at midnight the King, Aristocrats and Plebeians will be engraved onto the bodies".
Y- Yeah.

Page 42

(Haha) Nothing happened. Guess we really gave it too much thought.
!! // That's!?

Page 43

The tattoo changed.
It says Aristocrat now...!?
What the heck?
Mine says Plebeian.

Page 44

It was Ai-chan.
She said a "Plebeian" appeared just like with us.
Ah, Nagashima-san. (<-Nagashima Ai)
That book
wrote something about Aristocrats and Plebeians, right?

Page 45

-Every day at midnight the King, Aristocrats and Plebeians will be engraved onto the bodies
-The King can order the Aristocrats and Plebeians
-The Aristocrats can order the Plebeians
-The Plebeians can make a revolution with 3 or more
-All orders only effect the area visible to the one, who makes the order
-When a Kingdom exceeds the set territory, the miracle "God's hand" will be granted

Page 46

Try to give me an order.
Something I wouldn't do normally.
Don't make it anything weird.
That's not a position, where you wait for an oder!!

Page 47

Flip up your skirt!
...Or so?
If you don't want me to hit you,
think up someth---
H- Huh?
No way...

Page 48

All on it's own, my hand is..
don't look...

Page 49

Stop, stop!
That's enough, Natsumi!
Hey, wai--

Page 50

You didn't just play along, did you?
These rules...
are real!?

Page 51

Arriving at school
like planned...
'Sup, Nagashima.

Page 52

I have something to tell you guys
about the stuff from yesterday.
Ehm, so let's meet up after school.
Are you listening, Makihara?
Sure~ <3
Have you seen Ai-chan?

Page 53

You tried calling her?
Yeah, no luck.
Half past eight.
Only 15 minutes until morning homeroom...
Have you spoken with Kawai-san yet?
Hey, // It's about Ai-chan now...
What did she say hers was?
I met her at the school gate earlier.
She had the same as me.
So Kawai-san is a "Plebeian".

Page 54

Kuwata, show me your arm.
Eh? // O- Okay.
The king!!!
It says Plebeian. How rude. // Well, not like it's wrong.
Makihara is a "Plebeian".
And Nagashima is also a "Plebeian" without a doubt, since she said so on the phone.
So far we have // one Kind, one Aristocrat and four Plebeians.
... // Is Obata a fifth Plebeian?
But the <Rule Book> said that three or more Plebeians can make a revolution.
There's only one king, but it's possible there are multiple Aristocrats.
Obata is a second Aristocrat!?

Page 55

Ai is...
Ai is in trouble!
Shut up // and undress!

Page 56

Hehe, once you have undressed
start masturbating.
My body isn't listening to me.
Please! Stop it!
Why am I doing this?
No.. // I don't want this!
Ohh, nice!

Page 57

Ai-chan, are you okay!?

Page 58

Hah // Hah
How did you know I was here!?
I was worried since I didn't see Ai, // so I have been looking for her all the time.
And there was a student that saw you take her here!
You stand out too much // with your height and long hair!

Page 59

What's going on?
It's the rules.
The ones written in that book.
I don't really get it, // but the one with the King tattoo can order anyone
and the Aristocrat can order the Plebeian.
Just what's up with
these tattoos and rules?
What's up, Natsumi?

Page 60

What do you want, Kuwata!?
You have something to say!?
The king!!
What are you doing, bastard!!
Use this to strangle yourself.
It's an order.

Page 61

Damn. // My hand's not listening!!
stop it!
H- // Hey!?
Everyone, freeze!!

Page 62

I really can't move...
Kuwata, stop it!!

Page 63

is my only chance.
If I let it slide by, I'll be bullied forever.
Did you know...?
That guy took two million yen from me.
Not just my money, but also my grandma's savings...
I know how you feel.
If I were in your shoes, I would want to kill him too.
But that's still wrong.

Page 64

I'm was in the same elementary school as him.
In the past he was small and not really bright.
So he was bullied.
He started to behave so arrogantly
when his body suddenly grow up in 9th grade.
Why is he bullying, when he was once bullied himself? // He's just trash. He's better off dead.
But aren't you the same?

Page 65

What are you doing right now is // bending someone to your will with your new gained strength.
That's exactly what bullying is. // It's no different from Obata in 9th grade.

Page 66

It's enough.
*cough* // *cough*

Page 67


Page 68

Hey.. // you took that on purpose, didn't you?
Satisfied now?
As if.
Deal with it.

Page 69

Katori-kun! Are you okay?
Listen, this is important.
You all experienced yourself
how absolute an order is.

Page 70

the rule book states the following:
Every day at midnight the King, Aristocrats and Plebeians will be engraved onto the bodies.
In other words,
it's possible that this distribution will be renewed tonight at midnight.
We don't know who'll be the next king.
Each of us might suffer the same as just now next.
Keep that in mind when you act.
Another important thing is

Page 71

the rule that says "When a Kingdom exceeds the set territory,
the miracle "God's hand" will be granted." // That means....
That means?
it's possible that there are more than one Kingdom.
I came by, since I forgot to tell you something important.
But you beat me to it.

Page 72

What's the goal of this Kingdom stuff?
The goal of a Kingdom has been and will always be
only one:
To make one own's Kingdom grow bigger than anyone else's.
to crush other Kingdoms and ultimately
rule over the world.

Page 73

I wish you good luck.
There's still stuff I want to--
H- He's gone...

Page 74

It's midnight soon.
I wonder what I'll get next.

Page 75

what's up, Makihara?
Hey, listen!
I was chosen.
(Advent of a Queen!?)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2013
ahh so it was this one. You should have told me, lol. Chapter 2 will be great with yandere chan xD
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2013
You only asked "why", not "which".
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2013
ooh lookie someone just scanlated it. Someone != DD
#4. by EdenBreaker ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2013
Hi PROzess! Can i Pick up it? So awesome :D
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