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Kingdom Game 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 4, 2013 19:40 | Go to Kingdom Game

-> RTS Page for Kingdom Game 2

Shit is getting real.
Reserved for DarkDoom

Oukoku Game Chapter 02

Page 01

(The second day with the game about orders and obedience--- Chosen as the next monarch is...!!) [I'm going with monarch from now on, since its a gender neutral term.]
was chosen.

Page 02

I'm // the Queen.
(The Queen's love filled order....)
say that you love me!

Page 03

An order!!
(Haha) What are you saying. Give it a rest.
...Ah, right.
It doesn't work over the phone.
But would it work if it's a visual call?
We should try it next time.
Stop it.

Page 04

I see.
I get it now.
What's going on in your head?
For now,
let's meet up tomorrow!

Page 05

I'll tell you the place and time later.
...How can I avoid this?
and don't you go running away.
Impressive that you could tell what I'm thinking.
I wouldn't know what I would do, when you run away, okay?

Page 06

Sayaka becoming the queen is the worst outcome.
I don't know Kawai good enough,
but I grasped the other's movements more or less.

Page 07

M- Morning...
Obata is an easy to understand wannabe hoodlum.
Kuwata gets bullied---
but he actually has a lot of pride.
Natsumi is the type that pays attention to her surroundings.
Nagashima knows a lot,
but is probably the type to breakdown.

Page 08

...But it's Sayaka, who I don't understand.
I don't even understand why she acts so love struck towards me...
What should I do?
Can I control Sayaka, who's the Queen?
All this when I'm still uncertain if there are other kingdoms or not.

Page 09

Do you remember
our promise from yesterday?
Y- // Yeah, I do.
Good <3

Page 10

Okay, later then~
Shit... She took the initiative from me.
Isn't here anything I can do....

Page 11

Katori-kun is irritated...
I wonder why? Did something happen with Makihara-san?
He's so lucky to have such a cute girl.
...I wonder if they're doing lewd things?
I was finally the King...
I might understand now how Obata-kun felt...

Page 12

(Come to the tea club room at lunch break. I'll be waiting <3)
Uwa! So bold...
(Put it away!)
(Sure <3)
He got a lot on his hands, // but he seems to enjoy it!
Cell phone?
He's writing a mail?

Page 13

*BRR* // *BRR*
It's my cell phone.
(*click*) I got a mail.
Eh!? From Katori-kun!?
(Please come to the tea club room at lunch break.)
Isn't that where he agreed to meet Makihara-san...
Wh- Why is he calling me there too? // EH??

Page 14

(Tatami Room)
(Tatami Room)

Page 15

there you are <3
Okay, // here's an order <3
Sit down formally!

Page 16

I mean, this is the tea club,
so it's only proper etiquette.
(What the..)
Feels like I'm getting lectured.
So... // Please love me.
Don't be stupid.

Page 17

I see. // It can't change feelings...
just your body will do.
Let's have.... sex.
H- // Hey, wait.

Page 18

Stop it!
My hand.. is moving on it's own!
Wh- // What if someone comes by!?
Actually, I know someone is coming!!
At least let's do it at home!

Page 19

Will my room do?
An order!
Tell me honestly.
Uoh!? Shit!!
I won't go. // When I fool you here and get away, I won't come over.
I knew it....
Guys... hurry up.

Page 20

...Stop doing this!
An order is absolute!
Th- // The monarch gets chosen at random.
You wouldn't like it when the same stuff is done to you, right?
Grr, // my hand...
Didn't your parents tell you as a child?
That you shouldn't do anything that you wouldn't like to be done to yourself!

Page 21

Mm... // I sure would hate it being embraced by Obata-kun or Kuwata-kun.
And I // also would hate it when you would do it with Shinzuka-san.
I'm not that popular.
I got a nice idea <3

Page 22

What's your idea?
Finally someone is here!! Took long enough!! Anyway, help me!!
What do
you need?

Page 23

Another perverted order...
Nagashima-san, turn around and cover your ears!!
It's an order!!
You're the monarch now, Makihara-san?
Wh- What...
Nagashima wasn't really shocked.

Page 24

Continue. // It's an order.
...Stop! // Stop it already!!
Can't I... do anything!?
Please, Sayaka!!
Stop it!!
Someone stop me!!

Page 25

Wh- Why was I called here...?
Now help me...
.... // What's going on?

Page 26

Wh- When it's something important,
we should discuss it with everyone.
Fine, stop for now.
S- Sayaka!?
I'll tell you
my idea from earlier.

Page 27

There's a fantastic way,
so that no one will force himself on me //and so that no one besides me
will do it with you, Katori-kun.

Page 28

While I'm the Queen,
I'll just kill off everyone else <3

Page 29

I can't move!
D- Do- Don't be stupid. Stop it!!

Page 30

Don't worry about Kuwata-kun and Nagashima-san.
They'll be more than about to die for our love.
Isn't // that right?
It's an order: // Say "Yes".

Page 31

See. They agreed. // So let's build a kingdom with just you and me.
I'm sure it will be a wonderful kingdom.
No... way?
There's no way that the gentle Makihara-san
would do this...
It's your cell phone, Sayaka.

Page 32

From a public phone?
You better take it.
Who's there? // ...
Eh? // Shinozuka-san? How?
Well, whatever. // But it's good timing. Could you come here, Shinozuka-san?
I have something to discuss with you.

Page 33

Are you listening?
And then you plan to give me an order?
You'll tell me to die, right?

Page 34

How did you know!?
From my cell phone.
I let her listen on our whole conversation.
(Calling // Shinozuka Natsumi)
Since I didn't know what you were up to, // I took a bit of an insurance.
Just in case, I told Natsumi not to come here, so you wouldn't be able to order her around.
But Kuwata-san and Nagashima-san are already here, so it's fine.

Page 35

Hey, come here right now.
If you don't, I'll kill Kuwata-kun first and then Nagashima-san.
You wouldn't like that, right?
You wouldn't want to have a friend die because of you, right?
And I won't just kill them. // I'll make them suffer real pain.
No... I don't want to die!

Page 36

But, Natsumi, when you come,
I'll be generous and kill them without any pain.
Ah, right. // Don't go running your mouth to Obata-kun or Kawai-san.
I'll question you with an order later, so lying won't do you anything.

Page 37

What's happening!?
She said she's coming.
She's coming!!

Page 38

All three!?

Page 39

Why are you three together...!?
Declaring a revolution!!!!

Page 40

Was it in time?
What will happen now!?

Page 41

The Queen letters are disappearing!!
The revolution...
was a success...!?

Page 42

The fourth rule was a countermeasure against a tyrant.
Before lunch break, I mailed everyone // and told the three Plebeians to be together and ready at any time.

Page 43

I love you the most in the world, Katori-kun...
do you betray me?

Page 44

Th- The letters were still there...?

Page 45


Page 46

Page 47


Page 48

(The revolution ends with the death of the monarch----)

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