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Parasite Girl Sana - Parasistence Sana 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 13, 2013 17:01 | Go to Parasite Girl Sana - Parasistence Sana

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Reserved for Extras

Sana Chapter 03

Page 01

(An abnormal scene takes places at Karato’s school!)
The plebs are living healthy today again!
Chapter 03: Worm wants to hold your hand

Page 02

Karato, what’s that?
It looks fun!
That’s our student council president, Kushinada Mikoto. // She’s the only daughter of the local influential shrine… You better stay away from her.
(Good morning!)
More importantly, Sakura, what are we doing with Sana now?
For now let’s ask Kira-sensei.
Who’s that?
Someone, who has taken care of me since I was a child.

Page 03

She uses the infirmary as her personal room
And her overly sexy dress code is a bit of a problem,
But she’s one of my dad’s colleagues, so she might know something….
Ehm….Sana-chan is an exchange student, right? // Going through the formalities now?
Y- Yeah, we will.
Today the nurse is out // I’m on a live concert. If you need something, are injured or there’s a case of death, ask some other teacher. Thanks~

Page 04

Nothing we can do if she’s not here. Now let’s take part in class.
Sana, you just wanted to attend school normally, didn’t you.
Wh- What are you saying!
My only priority is to protect you!
Sure, sure…. // I’ll at least take you to the cafeteria, so hide until lunch break.
And where?

Page 05

You can even lock the door, so what’s the problem.
As an organism evolved from a parasite, // this is hell for me. // I’ll return to my tape form!
I’m scared of being flushed away.
Please, just not the toilet….
I- If you’re so against it, // you can hide wherever you want…
Thanks, Karato---
Uwa, don’t cling to me.
(See ya)
Geez. What if someone sees her…

Page 06

Such impure actions with
the opposite sex openly on the school grounds…
We were seen by the worst possible person ever!!
My mistake…. In my shock I let the girl escape.

Page 07

You… What’s your name and grade?
M- Masukawa Karato from Class 2-A.
Properly tug in the hem of your shirt!!
Y- Yes~
Your hair is a mess too, which is against school rules!
Ah, I’ll cut them tomorrow.
That won’t be necessary.

Page 08

I’ll shorten your hair right now
With my three-part cane….
Wawawah, President! Wait a…
Secret Art “Divine Haircutter”!!!!
This feeling---

Page 09

The world appears in slow motion.
It’s “my time” again.
Possible crushing of the enemy’s head----

Page 10

What was I thinking? The opponent was the president! And a girl!
I lost to someone, who has an impure relationship with the opposite sex….
M- Masukawa Karato,
I- I’ll remember this~~!!

Page 11

….Morning, // Masukawa-kun.
Y- Yo,
You really surprised me there… // Ah, not that I hated it.
That’s…. // good.

Page 12

Hey, Masukawa-kun,
Do you know of original sin?
Original sin?
The belief that “someone is born sinful”…
In that one prays to god to be forgiving from the bound sin….
Nietzsche criticizes it as the slave morality of the weak, but…
I find a compromise enviable.
Mh? What?
Have you ever believed yourself to be sinful just because you were alive?

Page 13

Mhm, not exactly sinful….
But to be honest, I wondered if my existence causes troubles for others. // Or if others have fun around me.
Chew it…

Page 14

…It’s bitter.
Yes, bitter…
That’s the taste of original sin…
Right, somewhat in return for the celery,
Do you want to eat lunch together today?

Page 15

I’m sorry. I can’t…
You disliked it after all.
..No, // thanks for inviting me. I’m really….
And because it makes me happy, please don’t do it again. // Thanks.

Page 16

Sana! // Did you behave?
You did something!? // Reminds me, I heard a fire alarm around third period!?
Oh, Karato, here you are. // Let’s go to the cafeteria.
I’m going too!
And Sakura? I’ll mail her.
(Message sent // Masukawa Sakura)

Page 17

N- Nice run.
I’m so tired now, Onii-chan, I need a recharge.
H- How do I do that?
(Entry plug is down here)
Don’t point at your crotch!

Page 18

Mm---- // This stuff called ramen is really good!
Hey, why are you grabbing my hand!?

Page 19

Didn’t I tell you? A parasist---
Not so loud!
A parasistence takes the nourishment directly from the host, so it doesn’t need to eat.
But there’s a way to get to taste it.
And that’s by grabbing the host’s hand while he’s eating!
Well, what can I say, Karato…
Uhh, you guys…
Are you an item with Sana-chan!?
Stop the flirtiiiiiing.
I- It’s not like that.

Page 20

I want to eat the other ramen too.
Ah, reminds me, // there opened a really good ramen shop in the neighborhood.
Jouji! More details….!!
Okay. Fancier eat their black miso ramen with a flavored egg.
(The sourness of the black miso and the sweetness of the flavored egg mix and make it mild. And it really needs to be thick noodles for miso ramen! And a soup that intertwines well with the noodles! Just one more spoon…. Just one more spoon…. Like that.)
Uwa, somehow she looks like she’s in heat!
Let’s go eat with everyone next time!

Page 21

P- President!! This wasn’t impure actions with the opposite sex….
Read this please!
H- Hey, the prez handed out a love letter!
Holy… Her personal guards, the four Deva won’t stay quiet about this…
Ehm… I’m not looking for a relationship….

Page 22

I- Idiot. Just read it…!
(Letter of challenge)
My pride won’t forgive this.
After school, please
Fight me once more!
N- No way…
The prez asked him out!
Damn it! Who’s that guy!?
[Side] A fight with the charismatic student council president!?

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