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Don't end the Night Oneshot : Don't end the Night

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 13, 2013 19:52 | Go to Don't end the Night

Reserved for Blue Flor

Yoru wo Tomenaide

Page 01

Eh? What was that?
I’m sorry, I couldn’t… // hear you well.
Could you repeat it…
I said:
The branch over there really liked your work, Shioda-kun. // So they want you there.
You don’t need to come back any time soon. // You better go look for an apartment!
In other words

Page 02

My business trip turned into a job transfer.

Page 03

No… // No way…
Actually, would you really mention that over the phone?
Even though I worked so hard at the main branch…Aww…
I feel like crying…
Excuse me.

Page 04

Are you on a business trip, Mister?
…That’s right.
Oh, she’s cute.
…Did you book a place to stay at yet?
Well, a business hotel…
A travel survey? The place got a lot of hot springs after all.
A hot spring, huh…. If I had the money, I would stay there.
Sorry. (Ask someone else)
I can pay for it.

Page 05

So would you stay with me at the inn?
It seems they turn down a single woman.
I came all the way here and staying in a business hotel would be too sad.
Think of It as helping me. // Please.
…Shit, she got a screw loose.
So I thought.

Page 06

But I was pretty distressed at that moment.
Excuse me. We don’t have a reservation though.
That’s okay.
Please wait a moment.
I’ll just run away when it looks bad. (Yep) // She’ll somehow manage on her own.
A different treatment from when I came here…
(Well,) They set value on appearance.
(Shioda Kazutoshi // Okabe Yuuka)
Actually, // you’re…
Don’t call me ‘you’. // It’s Yuuka.
(This way please)
….Yuuka-chan, // you’re

Page 07

traveling alone. Why?
…I saw it on the TV // and always wanted to come here.
? Huh.
So you’re fine with a random old man as your companion?
(You can see the garden)
I am. // They wouldn’t let me stay here alone anyway.
If I was a bad guy---
I might attack you, kill you and take your money.

Page 08

…That’s fine too.
I might not see a tomorrow, // so I might as well make some good memories before.
What’s up with her?
She gave up on life?
An injury…. Or rather // she wrist-c---

Page 09

Anyway, since we’re here, I’m taking a bath.
Let’s both enjoy this trip!
You go have some fun too! // You finally get to stay here! Take this!

Page 10

Just what’s up // with her…
Gimme a rest…

Well, it’s only one night.
Whatever happens afterwards
…isn’t of my concern.
I feel irritated…

Page 11

Already despairing at such a young age.
My company just demoted me, you know.
…Welcome back. // You sure took your time.
…Yeah, // well, I took a stroll…
…That scared me~~ // I thought she was dead….
I felt dizzy after the bath, // so I got out the mattress.

Page 12

Somehow, the money
Isn’t going away even if I use it for my own…
As if…
I thought I would have a blast and came all the way here,
But it isn’t so much fun // as I had thought.
I thought I would feel more refreshed.

Page 13

Excuse me, is this the front desk?
Can we change our dinner to the best course one instead?
And some sake too, if possible! // Thank you.
When you splurge it like that, it’ll be gone in no time. // I would never do it myself though.
When you eat some good stuff, // you should feel better.
If not, I’m sorry.

Page 14

Damn, this is good!
The menu is full of words I don’t know.
…. // It’s good…
Wow. // Such food exists….

Page 15

Can I have some too?
Go ahead.
It’s been a while since I ate with someone. // Except for drinking parties, I’m always alone at home.
…Same for me.
Why? // No boyfriend?
If she had one, she wouldn’t come here alone…
Not sure if he was my boyfriend.
Speaking of, we never ate together.

Page 16

We would only meet to have sex, // so he might not have been.
Seems I was the only one, who thought we were dating // and I got dumped.
He told me he’s getting married…. // It quite shocked me.
…So // this is a failed love trip?
I guess so? // He gave me lots of money, saying it was termination pay, so I thought I would spent it.
That earlier was…
But I’m glad that, // ehm, your name. (What was it)

Page 17

I’m glad you’re with me, since I couldn’t have spent all of this.
And the food is delicious.
…. // Glad to hear.
----Okay. // Let’s not waste any time and empty these bottles!
To cheer you up, // okay?

Page 18

I thought she would be annoying,
I can’t drink anymore…
Me too. (So sleepy)
…You’re bandage // is coming off.

Page 19

…Why are you so hurt?
I tripped, // when I drown my sorrows in alcohol.
Is that so…
It’s true.

Just because your guy dumped you. // I got dumped by my company and told to go to a branch.

Page 20

You’re going there because they want you, right.
So you have a place you belong to.
You’ll be fine.
Why am I getting comforted…
By this girl
Who looks like she’ll die any time soon.

Page 21

…If you die, // I would get nightmares, so don’t do it.
If someone died that I ate together with, even just once,
I would feel sick. // …..

Page 22

Why can I only say it like that?
…Why are you crying?
Shut up. // Don’t look.
Aw, geez… // This is the worst…

Page 23

Sorry to make you cry.
…. // I’m just drunk.
…What? // You’re offering yourself?
That’s pretty cheap, considering I only cried.

Page 24

Then let’s not.
…Forget that.
Let’s do it.

Page 25

Fufu // …

Page 26

So men also cry and get depressed.
First time I witnessed it today. // I was really surprised at it.
Stop it. It’s embarrassing.
There are so many things I don’t know.

Page 27

We fell asleep just like that
And when I woke up, she was gone.
….She’s // an idiot….

Page 28


Page 29

…What // are you doing?
This… // ehm…
I was too embarrassed to let you see my sleeping face…
Because I was told it’s ugly before…

Page 30

….The heck…
I’m sorry…
….Well, // whatever…
I’m hungry…

Page 31

What are you going to do today, Shioda-san?
For now, I’ll look for a place to stay at in this city. // Well, first greetings at the office though
…This inn sure has good food.
I’ll save up money at the branch here
And someday stay here with my own money.
What are you going to do from now on?

Page 32

….Good question. // Look for a place to stay, a job…
Guess I’ll // save up some money too.
…Work hard.
Shioda-san, let’s go around the real-estate agents together.

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