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Hantsu x Trash 15

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 25, 2013 22:03 | Go to Hantsu x Trash

-> RTS Page for Hantsu x Trash 15


Hantsu x Trash Chapter 15

Page 01

I just have to break free from Nakanishi.
Chapter 15: PHASS!
And then throw me a pass!
Don’t go back on your words!

Page 02

Third Period
Don’t let them score any more, or we can’t win anymore! // This is a critical situation now!
Go away.
You’re in the way.
I’m guarding you, so I can’t do that, octopus.

Page 03

Then I’m going.
That’s why
I said it’s impossible for an amateur like you.
Hamaji was talking back to Mano during the half time, but
He’s already being guarded by Nakanishi. (Break free!)
It’s no use…
EHHH (Really?)

Page 04

You play water polo while swimming, so you can’t really break free from the defence like in soccer.
It might be different, when there’s a difference in skill, // but for Hamaji-kun right now…
…I see.
I don’t care who, but pass to me…
Pass to me!

Page 05

Got it!
S- Shit…
Too naïve.
Idiot! They’re swiftly countering.
If they score now, it’s deadly!

Page 06

A block!?
Nice block, Nakashima-kun!

Page 07

Good, our ball.
Hah~~ Safe… (Nakashima-san isn’t so bad once in a while)
I’m reaching my limit.
They’re out of stamina…
I have to do something…
Our time to attack.
Show me some guts!
Eh (Y- Yeah)
Hey, wait…

Page 08

Don’t get the ball stolen!
Treat it carefully!
What, you tired?
Your movements becoming dull.
Shut up,
You damn gorilla!
Nothing will start when I don’t break free from him.
But how do I do that…

Page 09

I’m getting…
Pretty sick of seeing his face.
Gehehe (What’s up?)
Right… I just need to stop looking at him…
Pass me the ball!
Hurry up!

Page 10

I won’t let you shoot!
HEY! Mano! Aren’t you the Barrage King? Then stop this pathetic play!
Kyuuto High is nothing without Mano.
I’m disappointed in him. // So useless.
I’ll smack him a good one later.

Page 11

What, an internal fight?
He.. He’s gone…
Where is he!?
Where did he go!?

Page 12


Page 13


Page 14

That’s Hamaji-kun’s Hantsu Shot!!
That bastard, how…
He dived…

Page 15

While you were distracted with Mano, he dived underwater.
The amateur tricked you.
Don’t get cocky because you scored once!
It’s not over yet.
At least you made it interesting now.

Page 16

Hamaji’s tactic was exposed and didn’t succeed again.
Kyuuto, low on members, couldn’t switch players…
And they couldn’t hold their ground against Sudou High, whose player reached their peak…
And thus…
They lost with a wide gap.

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