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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Sekainohate de Aimashou 32

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 27, 2013 05:38 | Go to Sekainohate de Aimashou

-> RTS Page for Sekainohate de Aimashou 32

Reserved for schthaxe

Sekainohate de Aimashou Chapter 32

Page 01

Chapter 32: Yuuji's decision
Hey, Ryouma...
can you see anything?

Page 02

What are you two doing!?
No... This...

Page 03

We're going home!!
Hey, Aniki!?
I take my eyes off you for a second and this happens!!
I can't let you stay here, Yuuji!!
Aniki!! Listen to me.
I'm going out with her!!

Page 04

Going out...
You and Alicia-san are...?
Y- Yeah... We were about to take a batch together now..
W- We're all lovey-dovey.
That's why I won't return....

Page 05

My Yuuji would never be with an evil giant!!
Who are you calling an evil giant!?
I won't be fooled by such a lie
just because you don't want to come home!!
I won't allow this selfishness!!
Now I can only take you home by force!!
Wait, Aniki.
Stop it!!

Page 06

It failed?
Yes!! Even though we did something so embarrassing!!
And it only made him more obstinate.
...I understand.
As things stands, we must show him a decisive scene.
A decisive scene?

Page 07

Mistress, you must sleep together with Yuuji-sama.
What are you saying...
I say so, but I mean you only need to spend the night together.
So once he sees you two come out of the same room in the morning
even Ryouma-sama will

Page 08

This is...
your room?
Don't misunderstand. I was just too busy to clean up...
Kuh... Th...
Hey, that's...
A- Anyway, where's Ryouma?
Ah, yes.

Page 09

He keeps watch on the room.
I'm sorry, Mistress.
To involve in all this.
It's okay.
I hate Ryoma too after all.
why don't you want to go home?
Our mother is already gone...

Page 10

and my brother has always watched out for me...
I love my brother for that...
I know.
But... I can't be protected by him forever...
I want to become a man, who protects him...
Yet, I...

Page 11

Ehm, it's a bit early, but let's go to bed.
Y- Yeah.
The mattresses are in this room...

Page 12

Why is there only one!?
But two pillows!!
...Which means
I'll sleep on the floor!!
You can't. I'll sleep on the floor.
I know it was a lie.
...It's Aniki's voice.
Don't tell me...
he's peeping...

Page 13

What now!?
Even if you ask me!!
What's this?
A script?
That you two are reading this means
that Ryouma-sama is peeping into you room
and you're at a loss at what to do.
Therefore I prepared
a script for you two.
Kamira predicted so far...
Then just prepare another mattress...

Page 14

F- For now let's do as the script says.
Y- Yes.
The two of them are drinking
the glasses at the window...
There are the glasses....
So well prepared.
Yuuji grabs on Alicia's shoulders.
M- Mistress, you're so beautiful.
Y- You can't...
If the other employers saw us here...
Mistress, I love you.
Ahh, Yuuji!!

Page 15

Mistress, I'll marry you and turn this into the best Inn in Japan.
Oh my, I'm so happy!!
Jesus Christ...
Then we can stay here for free when they marry?
What are you doing here, stupid dad!!
Well... I had nothing else to do...
Sorry, me too...
But the hot spring here is amazing.
So what!?

Page 16

Sir, did you have a massage yet?
The royal Titania massage will make you 10 years younger again.
You have such a thing!?
Father approves of this marriage.
You traitor!!
Kamira too...
A- Anyway, let's continue the act.

Page 17

While gazing at each other, they kiss.
That's messed up!!
That's going to far...
Don't you agree, Mistress...

Page 18

I don't mind if it let's you stay here,

Page 19

What's up with them?
is she..
going so far for my sake...?
I thought...
she's just an arrogant and violent princess...
But she's surprisingly...

Page 20

Stop, Yuuji-kun!!

Page 21

You'll be stepped to death if you're with her!!
I won't do that!!
Yuuji-sama, stay here!!
Yuuji-kun, we're going home!!
Actually I do want to go home...

Page 22

But Aniki only sees my as his little brother.
So it's hard to go back now...
But even then, if I stay with the Mistress
and make her angry for some reason
How dare you, you traitor!!
should I do...

Page 23

Looks like this will take some time...
Sorry, but I'm returning to the castle.
I got hungry too...
Then I'll prepare your food.

Page 24

Okay, let's do this.
I'll raise your allowance by 500 yen.
Then I'll raise the hourly pay by 100 yen!!
Yuuji-kun, don't tell me...
you're still worried about that?
He came onto me when he had amnesia.

Page 25

Came onto... his own brother...
Yes, he mistook me for his girlfriend.
No more discussions!!
Yuuji-sama stays here!!
If he stays with an idiot like you,
Yuuji-sama will...
Stuff like that happens a lot.
It does not!!
In the past, Yuuji-kun mistook the postman for a thief...
Hey, Yuuji-kun
Get out.

Page 26

Or believed his teacher to be his mother.
I brought mom!!
That's different...
It's the same.
So no matter how often Yuuji-kun makes a mistake,
I will set him right.
Because I'm the only
older brother he has.

Page 27

Right... Aniki was always
protecting me...
Yet I
only thought about running away....
At this rate
Aniki aside,
I can't
protect a single person...

Page 28

I'm coming home.
You can't. I mean...
Sorry, Mistress...

Page 29

I won't run away anymore.
No worries, the next plan is already in action.
Well, that was a nice bath!!
Huh? You're done talking?
Don't give me that crap, stupid dad!!
We're going!!
Eh, let's stay a bit longer!!

Page 30

Okay then, thanks for taking care of me...
Stay well.
Take care.
Ehm... I'll come by again.
Liar... You won't ever be back...

Page 31

Yes, he'll never come again!!
You shut up!!
Now for your bill.
One night for three, that will be 105000 yen.
I don't have that much money!!
Prince, Prince!!
He went home last night.
Actually, why is it so expensive!?

Page 32

Sorry, I got ahead of myself and had a massage and the special menu... (I mean, they were supposed to marry...)
You stupid dad!!
Ehm... // well...
Excuse me. Please let me work part-time here!!
In the end, Yuuji was employed there.

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