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Diamond no Ace 122

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 30, 2013 19:05 | Go to Diamond no Ace

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Reserved for iMangascans

Daiya no Ace Chapter 122

Page 01

Chapter 122: Spark

Page 02

Tokyo, Hachiouji
Sensen High School Academy
A regular in the best 8 and runner-up in last year spring.
Besides Ichidai and Seidou, it lately raised on the ladder of famous school..

Page 03

No, no, no. We still have a long way to go… // Even yesterday is was only a close victory…
Sensen Academy Baseball Coach // Ugai Kazuyoshi
We see the match against Seidou as a generous training match from their part…
Besides, all our players are boys from all over the place that I called out to… In the first year I have to get rid of their complexes! Then I start teaching them the basics, but suddenly they graduate.. To win against other teams, I have other methods, but it’s quite hard… Doing this and doing that. Every day is a trial and error… Really now…
Tomorrow is the decisive battle over the finals…
Seidou is practicing well.
Year after year, they raise a nice team.
My players won’t even move when I kick their asses.
Really.. // Ah, they’re slacking off.
He.. sure complains…

Page 04

But, well, you won’t know how a match goes until you play it!
Nobody work hard if they knew the result beforehand.
His true colours…
Hey~ Let me hear your voices~~

He worked on various high schools all over the country and this year he’ll be a coach for 40 years.
He’s plain, but has a established reputation for raising solid teams, Ugai Kazuyoshi.
Coach Kataoka is famous for his passionate training, but…

Page 05

he puts a bit too much trust into his players…
I saw yesterday’s match on TV.
It had a doubtful commanding.
Right at the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs and runner on third, when a hit could tie the game.
He put a pitcher on the mound that made his first appearance this summer.
I don’t know if it was because he was the ace or there were no other pitcher, // but in the end, they held them down to 0 points and won the game.
That was a heavy gamble!! (Screw up and all is lost!)
That’s a point to take advantage of…

Page 06

Their coach’s youth, that is…

Page 07

Page 08

Aren’t you more fired up than usual?
Your pitches are fucking heavy!

We have a match tomorrow, so keep it low,

Page 09

why did you come to Sensen?
Instead of Ichidai or Seidou…
Isn’t that obvious. Because they didn’t ask me.
If they had, I would have joined Seidou.
Same for me.

Page 10

I also…
actually wanted to go to Seidou.
in the end… they never called out to me once…

Page 11

Page 12

Seidou High School…
I don’t ever want to
lose against that school----..

Page 13


Page 14

Subject: Best 4 // Congratulations on making it into best four (^w^) Your pitching yesterday was awesome ^-^ Just two more wins and it’s the koushien!! We lost in the first game. It’s summer break, but
Just two more and it’s the koushien!! We lost in the first game. It’s summer break, but everyone’s working hard in the new team (^w^)/
Still what the coach’s hopes lie in is..
the strength of your heart---

I’LL DO IT~~!!
Huh… Shouldn’t we stop him? Tomorrow’s a game…

Page 15

A curve from the tallest height in Japan… // I can’t really imagine it.
You idiot!
We didn’t even do any practice games with them.
I told you only light training today!! (Listen to me!)
Th- This is super light…
Hyahaha, what a troublesome guy…

Page 16

Everyone gather at the B ground!!
We’re doing batting practice against a downward pitch!!

Page 17

Eh? More sand on the mound…
Imitating Maki’s height by raising the mound, huh…
These guy made the suggestion last night…
Apparently it took them all night to pile up the mound.
We also want to be useful to the team!

Page 18

Okay, who’s first?
Hey.. You’re pitching, Coach?
We can’t really have Tanba pitch.
For real!

Page 19

Now that’s fun!
We rarely get to hit the Coach’s pitches!
Hey, Tetsu! Form a line!!
Fired up, aren’t you?
When the Coach pitches, it’ll be some good practical training…
Can I hit it all serious?
If you can, that is!

Page 20

Tetsu, hit it~~!!
No need to hold back!!
Damn! This is fun!!
Yay, the pitcher is afraid!!
It’s summer break, but we’re all working hard in the new team (^w^)/ We’ll come cheering fro you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to your pitching, Eijun \(^0^)/ Wakana ---End----

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