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Sekainohate de Aimashou 33

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 21, 2013 10:35 | Go to Sekainohate de Aimashou

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Reserved for Schthaxe

Sekai no Hate de Aimashou Chapter 33

Page 01

Chapter 33: The Gyoza Prince
Dear watchers, welcome to “Prince’s room”.
Today’s guest is the idol Fianka-san.
H- Hello.
Your speciality is cooking, Fianka-san?
Calling it a speciality is going too far.
I expect the Prince and cooking is…
I sometimes do it.
What a surprise. What kind of dishes?
I’ll tell you.

Page 02

Chapter 33: The Goyza Prince

Page 03

Oh, so this is your country---
I always wanted to see the outside of the castle.

Prince… Are you listening?

Hello? Prince!?
Ryouma, don’t shout!!
Or I’ll be discovered.
We came here in secret, since you insisted.

Page 04

To begin with, why do I have to look after you?
But Yuu-kun and dad are busy. You were the only one, who was free.
I’m the busiest here!!
Anyway, this has bothered me for a while.
There are a signs with Gyouza all over.

Page 05

…That’s a shop specialized on Gyoza.
Eh, they have Gyouza here too!?
And they even write it the same!!

Let’s take a look.
No, wait.
I’m not hungry!!
But I’m starving.
When that crowd finds out who I am,
It’ll turn into panic!!
Mm--- Then.

Page 06

Let’s go in here.

Are we really going in?
Shops like these tend to be better.
A customer!?

Page 07

This way please!!
See the difference.
Wh- What would you like to order?
I don’t know much about this world, // but I saw Gyoza written outside.
Gyoza is it!?
Are Gyoza are the real ones!!
Real ones?
The other shops just serve randomly arranged stuff.
That aren’t Gyoza!!
After all, our Gyoza…

Page 08

Are made just like Prince Emilio taught it!!

The prince taught?
You don’t know about “Prince’s room”!?
It was on TV!! Every week they call on a guest to talk with the Prince.
It’s a national program that gets over 60% viewing ratings!!

A… A service for the masses.

Page 09

There the prince taught us how to make Gyoza.
And it became a big boom.
If it’s from the Prince, it means it’s my…
Then I’ll order Gyoza.
I see--- My Gyoza
Finally made it into a new world…
Thanks for the wait!!

Page 10

This is…
It… does look similar, but
The size and smell…
For now, let’s taste it…

Page 11

H- How is
The taste?
Excuse us for a moment.
That huge size and fishy smell, what about that is Gyoza!?
No, I properly…

Page 12

So it was no good after all---!!
Just why!?
Even if you ask, that isn’t even Gyoza…
But we made it like the Prince said!!
And I’m telling you the stupid Prince was wrong.
No, I…
We have the footage.

Page 13

Fine, I’ll teach you how to make Gyoza.
You wrap meat and vegetables in dough and cook it.
See, I’m right.

This is how it looks.
How’s the taste?
Taste? Well… a bit fishy…?
Eh!! Fishy!?
Do you even use liver?
Liver…? Well, anyway, you wrap it in…
Fish skin? Please draw it.
No. Well…

Page 14

My son, is it a customer?
You can’t get up!!
What are you saying, we have a customer…
*cough* all over
D- Dad!!
Sorry for the unsightly sight…
I tried making Gyoza to get our declining shop
Back into business…

Page 15

I made it like the Prince said,
But we got even less customers…
And then Dad even got sick…
Okay, about time we go..
Hold it.
I understand.
I’ll teach you how to make real Gyoza.
Real Gyoza!?

Page 16

After all, I was it, who taught it to the Prince!!
Is that true!?
Then let’s start with the wrapping.
I usually use bought ones.
We use fish skin,
But other shops also use bird skin.
But that’s just wrong!! // Real Gyoza has to be with…
No, both are wrong.
Do you have wheat flour?
What’s wheat flour?

Page 17

See now. It’s difficult to teach them when they don’t know the ingredients.
You shut up!!
Then instead
Have you anything that’s like white flour that you knead and stretch?
Aster flour?
Bring me that!
This is aster flour?
Then we pour water in it..

Page 18

Ryouma, if you put so much water into aster flour…
It explodes.
Say that earlier!!
Oh… You meant Garam flour.
The flour we use for bread of noodles.

Page 19

Then for the contents, first it’s garlic.
It’s a nettling root crop
And has a strong smell…
We gathered everything that fit the description.
Now we just have to try by taste…

Page 20

Ryouma, don’t, you’ll break your stomach.
No, I’ll do it!!
Ah, That’s!!
One bite of that devastates 100 adults!!
Super spicy!
Ryouma, stop it!!
Not yet~
Not this either…

Page 21

Ryouma, stop it already. You’ll die.
Why would you go so far for strangers like us?

Gyoza are my speciality.
In the past my mother taught it to me.
Everyone in my family loves it.
So I want to let everyone taste…

Page 22

Okay, I’ll help.
W- We’ll help too!!
No, you don’t know the taste of garlic!!
That doesn’t matter!!

Page 23

This is it!!
A Galley Root, huh…
It has a strong taste, but lots of people like it.
Let’s keep going---!!

Page 24

---So you wrap the ingredients in the dough.
Put a lid over the fry pan.
And when the sound changes…
It’s done----!!

Page 25

Finally done….
This are
You eat it with this sauce.

Page 26

The soft, yet crispy wrapping.
Inside the juice meat
Matches with the gallery flavour….
Mh, as good as on earth.
How’s my special gyoza!!
So good….
It certainly is good…

Page 27

But this isn’t Gyoza.
It is!!
But it’s completely different from what the Prince said!!
That’s because he!!
Then proof that this is the real one!!
We cannot accept this as…
Proof? If you want proof…

Page 28

He’s the proof----!

Page 29

That is Gyoza.
Forgive our rudeness----!!
No, it’s okay.
Hello, I’m the reporter Fianka.
Today I’m at the rumoured Gyoza Shop.
What a long line.

Page 30

I heard the Prince came here personally?
Yes… He helped us, who were troubled in making Gyoza.
Nothing less from the Prince!!
That’s a picture from that time?
…By the way, who’s that girl?
I wonder who…
She treated the Prince like a servant.
Like a servant!?
But she was a nice girl.

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