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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou Special : Special Oneshot

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 12, 2013 14:49 | Go to Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

Reserved for Renzokusei

Kimi ha midara na Boku no Joou Special Oneshot Part 1

Page 01

A sultry night. The girl with the greatest need for intake of fluids in the universe.

Page 02

Subara and I know each other since childhood.
Day in and day out, we played together until the sun set.
Being together was natural to us.
But Subaru was from a rich family.
From elementary school, she attended a dormitory private school while I went to a public one.
At this point, we were supposed to go our separate ways.
(The super erotic comedy that’s popular in Japan. A comeback this summer for you, who agonized about it----!!)

Page 03

But I was set on seeing Subaru again…
So I studied off my ass to get into Subaru’s private school on a special scholarship.
It paid off and since last year, I’m attending the same school as Subaru.
And I also became aware of reality.

Page 04

In high school, Subaru was really beautiful and had grades at the top of her year.
Furthermore, she was the daughter of a wealthy family.
Scouts immediately called out to her when she walks down the street and she even had an unofficial fan club at school.
Everyone uses formal speech with her.
Subaru was such a perfect lady that even the boys of this wealthy school got nervous.
Completely different how she was as a child.
I knew it, but she was really living in a different world from mine.
No one knows of her real character.

Page 05

She’s a dirty queen.
It’s gotten so stiff…
You’re a pervert.
The pervert is you!
You want me to suck it, right? You want me to swallow your sperm, right? // If you beg for it, I’ll put it into my mouth.
Subaru is an idiot.

Page 06

Actually, she herself wants to swallow my sperm,
but she’s afraid of exposing her perverted side, so she wants me to beg for it.
But should I turn her down, she’ll get in a bad mood, so I answer.
I beg you. // Please suck out my sperm.

Hey, hey, let’s eat lunch up there.
Ah, Kawana-san.
Today it’s quite messy up here,
so you better eat somewhere else.

Page 07

I confessed to Subaru and we started dating, but her perversion wouldn’t change.
She won’t fawn over me, nor will she say that she loves me while she has her self-control.
Due to a promise with Subaru’s father, we keep our relationship a secret from everyone.
Subara seems against that, but since she couldn’t keep her #1 spot on the test and turned down the arranged marriage, she is in no position to oppose and reluctantly obeys by it.
Needless to say, I plan to keep it a secret.
Otherwise I would earn the anger of all boys in the school without a doubt.
Therefore, Subaru and I ride the train one stop further to our dormitory and walk back from there.
Like that, no one will spot us.
Today is Friday.
Mh? // Yeah.

Page 08

Her breasts…
are pressing on me..
I think… that the distance between us slowly decreases.
I always dreamt about walking like this with Subaru…
It still feels like a dream…

Page 09

My room in the boys dormitory and Subaru’s room in the girls dormitory are connected through my closet.
The “Obverse God” which we summoned with a chant, granted our wish.
But in exchange for it, the “Obverse God” takes one hour of Subaru’s self-control each day.
The pillow through which the Obverse God spoke with us, is now stuffed into a paper bag under my bed, since it disgusted Subaru.
I’m home.

Page 10

So slow!!
I waited for hours!!
Just how irritated do you want me to get!?
…. // What are you angry for?
The girls dormitory should be further away, so why is Subaru here first?
Could it be, she…

Page 11

Do you get it?
Today is a Friday night. // We can fuck all the time until Monday morning.
Doesn’t it get you excited?
Don’t tell me…
early Subaru didn’t cling to my arm to fawn over me, but she was merely aroused…
Hey, wait, Subaru.
I have two promises with your father.
The first is not to speak about us dating to anyone.

Page 12

And the other is to somehow make it into Toudai.
He told me I can’t ever see you again if I don’t fulfil these two promises.
I have to get into Toudai.
So that I can marry you.
Therefore, let’s study today.
We can have sex all we want in the future.

Fine then,
let’s study.

Page 13

She… was surprisingly obedient.
Well, she usually has her self-control.
When all elements of set A…
become the elements of set P…
She’s already masturbating!!
A is P’s…
subset… // Uh.. Ah…
Subaru… totally didn’t have any self-control… She isn’t even studying for 5 minutes…
Does she think I haven’t noticed?
Just what’s she doing?
Licking the screen of her phone…
This is probably… // Ah…
Below the average of set A…
Hey, Acchan… It’s no good after all…
Let me swallow your sperm first..
I beg you…

She can’t even afford to have me beg anymore.
Okay. // But we’re studying right after it.
What am I putting up a front for?
Even though I’m actually happy about it…

Page 14

The most popular idol in school
is wholeheartedly sucking me off…
Subaru’s fellatio feels really good.
So I…
cum really quickly.

Page 15

…What’s the meaning of this…
This isn’t enough at all…
Did you masturbate today, Acchan?
That’s why it’s so less?
I couldn’t help it. I had to, so I could concentrate on studying!!
Now then, back to studying.
Don’t you think it’s inexcusable
that only you get to feel good?

Page 16

Make me…
feel good too…
Ever since I confessed to Subaru…
I couldn’t tell anymore if Subaru lost her self-control by the Obverse God or if she plainly was in heat.
I also lost my self-control.

Page 17

Since our first time, Subaru and I have sex
like a limiter had been removed.
All alone in the dormitory room,
no one is going to bother us.
Feels great!!
In our youth and curiosity, we embrace each other covered sweat, sperm
and love fluids on the holidays, not paying mind to day or night.
We continue to do say day in day out until our genitals and lips are swollen.

Page 18

Fill me up with your sperm…
Set it free..
In my ovary..
Subaru calls my name when she feels good.
That again turns me on.

Page 19

I’m so happy…
My womb is so full…
More…// I wand to have…
even more sex…
In the end, I…
fuck Subaru like that through the night every day…
Good grief, please give it a rest.

Page 20

Wh- Who are you!? // Don’t just come inside…!!
It couldn’t be helped. // I was waiting for the right timing,
but you two wouldn’t stop your reproduction act, so I gave up.
Don’t tell me, you’re…

Page 21

So you noticed?
Yes, I’m the Obverse God.
You hid away the pillow like that,
so I had no choice but to come in my original appearance.
Wait… You were watching all the time!?
There’s nothing to hide or to be embarrassed about anymore at this point.
From our viewpoint as gods,
the desperate attempts of humans to hide their animalistic instincts is extremely humorous. // Even though they actually are animals and can only abide their instincts to copulate.
What are you here for!?
Today I’m here because of a breach of contract.

Page 22

I believe that I told you that I would take your self-control in exchange for granting your wish.
Yet, I couldn’t collect any self-control in the past few weeks.
You are always without any self-control.

You copulate from morning till night…
The only self-control you show in this room recently are stupid desires like // “I’ll sniff Acchan’s pants when he’s in the bath” // “How can I store this semen without getting caught?” // or “I should make semen ice in the refrigerator”.
And also “I wonder if Acchan knows that I’m licking a picture of his p*n*s that I took when he slept”.

Page 23

So in the breach of the contract,
I’ll forcefully collect your self-control.
First, all reproduction acts are forbidden for now.
Simply said:
Put it in and it’ll be torn off.
Furthermore: // So far I had been considerate to your circumstances and coordinated the loss of your self-control to times when you were at home.
But because of that, I couldn’t collect anything at all. // Therefore…

Page 24

You’ll lose your self-control at random now, even had crowded places.
You leave me no other choice.
I can’t collect any self-control in this room.
This is… crazy!
Then Subaru’s perversion will be leaked at school…
And should she lose her self-control at school and they find out about us dating… // I will never see her again…

(Subaru’s real character!? Their future…!? Self-control!! Self-control!! (Continued in the next issue <3))
(Part 2 in the next issue on sale on 22/8...!!)

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