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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Diamond no Ace 126

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 19, 2013 17:17 | Go to Diamond no Ace

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Reserved for iMangascans

Daiya no Ace Chapter 126

Page 01

Chapter 126/ Omen

Page 02

Top of the 5th inning.

Page 03

Page 04

Three continuous outs!!
This inning again, Seidou High fails to score.
Dun worry, dun worry!!! // It’s only a one-point difference!
…God damn…

Page 05

H- Hold out, guys!!
A chance will surely come!
Get into the spirit!

Page 06

Tanba-san is sweating like crazy…
Starting pitcher after a long while…. His pitches….
I can easily tell that the pitching is wearing him out…
Still no point at the 5th inning, huh.
Seidou isn’t scoring at all.

Page 07

Page 08

A one point difference…It’s a close game.
Sensen is playing a simple, but reliable baseball.
And that pitcher Maki…
It’s hard to hit his angle.
He’s only tall.
Wouldn’t they fare better with switching out Tanba-san?
They’re getting by with breaking balls, but…
the straights are done for.

Page 09

If he doesn’t pull out soon, he’s going to make an irreparable mistake.
See! That was really close… // Poor Kazuya has to do the leading..
Mei…I told you before,
but you’re underestimating Tanba too much.

Page 10

He’s different from before.
He’s not showing any weakness.
After suffering that dead ball…
he came back with a whole new strength---

Page 11

The ace howled--!!
Seidou’s Tanba showed a vigorous pitching this inning again.
There’s a limit to your passion…
I’ll go buy some juice!
Ah, he fled!

Page 12

Wait, Mei!
These guys are from Inajitsu. (Wow)
I see that uniform on TV before!
Are you sure we shouldn’t call out to Ei-chan?
Even though he’s so close.
(So hot~)

Page 13

He might get strangely worked up when we call out to him.
Let’s cheer for him in silence!
Ei-chan always acts though in front of us after all.
He would surely try to show off.
Besides, we don’t even know if he’ll get a chance…
If he gets a chance in this close game, I’ll get nervous.
It’s working…

Page 14

My own pitching is working even against Seidou----
I’ll win with this team…

Page 15

and prove
my own value---

Page 16

Yeah, nice ball!
Nice, Maki!!
The batter didn’t got the timing!!
Nice ball!!
His swing and the angle of the pitch…Moreover, his weight shifting…
Maki really is in top form…

Page 17

When I watched his pitching in middle school…
He showed potential, but didn’t know how to handle it himself.
I could raise him into a first-rate pitcher…
So I kept encouraging him and it paid off…
Today, he---
might transform into a fearsome monster.

Page 18

If you keep throwing the same ball just because you’re in top form,
you’ll regret it!!

Page 19

Nice batting, Ryou-san!
Don’t look down on us!
I got the timing for the curve.
Don’t get cocky, bastard.
Considering Tanba’s fatigue…
I would like to decide it in this inning----
Kominato! Take some swings and get ready.
When there’s a chance, you’re substituting in!!
Y- Yes!

Page 20

Also, tell Sawamura to be ready!
Are you read--
E- Ei-chan is coming onto the mound!?

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