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Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou Special : Special Oneshot Part 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 4, 2013 09:46 | Go to Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

Reserved for Renzokusei

Kimi ha midara na Boku no Joou Special Oneshot Part 2

Page 01

(This world lacks self-control)

Page 02

(Subaru will lose her self-control in public!? ‘That‘ will finally be exposed in the open!?)
You’ll lose your self-control at random, even in crowded places.
You leave me no other choice. In this room I no longer can collect your self-control.
This isn’t funny!! // Don’t screw with us!!
Technically I’m a god, so could you stop talking to me so rudely?
You’re saying, because you’re god…
you can make people your plaything like this?

Page 03

Listen here, // YOU sold your soul to a god.
What’s more, you two yourself renewed the contract on the second time. // It should be all in your consent.
One more thing:
I’ll leave this here so you have an estimate.
The sand in this hourglass only falls when self-control is collected.
When all the sand has fallen, the contract is fulfilled.
Then you can reproduce all you want. // Though I’ll revert your rooms back to normal.

Until then, resist your urge to reproduce and pile up some self-control. // Got it?

Page 04

He’s gone…
Just what’s up with him…
Reproduction this, reproduction that…
Can’t be helped… It really is our own fault.
It was abnormal to begin with that we live together in high school…
We have to endure it for a while. // I’m fine with just being in the same room as you, Subaru.

Page 05

No No No No No!! I can’t stand having no sex!!
Hey… // Subaru…!!
Impossible!! Impossible!! // I’m already only capable of thinking of sex!! // I’ll die!! Without sex, I’ll die!!
Subaru…!! // Your self-control!!
Put it in.
EH!? // He said it would be torn off!!
That’s just a bluff!! There’s no way it would tear off!!
Blood!! It’s bleeding!!

Page 06

In Subaru’s long-awaited “reproducing” weekend…
we didn’t have sex at all.

Page 07

Due to Subaru trying to force mine inside, it tore a bit and started bleeding.
Thanks to that it hurts every time I get hard.
And Subaru vowed not to masturbate, so that the self-control would pile up quickly and we can have sex again.
(No masturbating)
For Subaru, that was like hell.
Because she originally masturbated 10 times a day and even thrice a day when she had the influenza.
What bothers me is…
that the sand in the hourglass isn’t falling at all…
Just how much…

Page 08

…Kawana-san, // what’s the matter?

Therefore she’ll lose her self-control at random, even at crowded places.

Don’t tell me…

Page 09

Right now?
Right here!?
It hurts~
It hurts~
Wh- // What’s wrong, Kawana-san?
It hurts~ // It’s so painful~
Looking at Acchan~
makes me all wet~

Page 10

Look at all this sweat!!
You’re totally soaked!
You must have a fever!!
Kawana-san, are you okay!? Do you feel like throwing up!?

Page 11

Teacher!! I’ll take Kawana-san to the infirmary!!
H- // Huh?

…. // What was that?
What was up with Saitou? // He got totally lucky there.
Damn, all alone with Kawana-san… // He sure pulled it off…
Usually he’s all low-key, but at a time like this he takes the initiative…
Okay, everyone, be quiet. // I’m continuing class.

Page 12

I wonder if that…
really fooled them…
No one’s here..
Let me swallow your sperm~ // My throat is so dry~
Ow // It hurts!!

Page 13

Stop saying lewd stuff!! My wound opens up again!
Besides, sperm doesn’t work against a dry throat!!
Anyway, just sleep!!
No, Acchan~ I want sex~
Put it in~ Put it in~
AWW!! // Not listening! Not listening!
I want to lick it~ // I want it inside me~
Damn!! No!!
If I leave her alone, she will stay without self-control for one hour and if someone comes by, the cat will be out of the bag.
But she faints as soon as she comes…

Page 14

At this point I have no other choice but to put her to sleep by making her come!!
Subaru, // I’ll lick you, so take off your pants.
I want it inside me~ // Fill me up~
No! When I put it in, I’ll essentially die.

Page 15

Ow, It hurts, Ow!!!
The wound opened up again!!
It’s bleeding!!
Calm down… Clear your mind…
I have to do cunnilingus with a blank mind…
Don’t think…
This is just a game… about moving my tongue…

Page 16

Hurry up and lick me~
Shut up!! // Don’t make my heart falter!!
When I think of you licking me..
I already became this wet..
Hang in there, Acchan!

Page 17

Just what happened?

Page 18

Are you okay?
Seems you suddenly fainted…

I see!!
Where’s Subaru!?
Ah.. I mean Kawana-san!!

Page 19

stayed by your side the whole time.
I’m on class duty today, so could you stop giving me so much trouble? // It’s really troublesome.
C’mon, school is already over. // Hurry up home, you two.

Page 20

Is this…
going to continue every day?
I don’t think we can keep it a secret…
The same excuse won’t work twice..
Just how should we…
Reminds me, it hurt so much, // so why am I…
That’s because…

Page 21

I licked it so it would heal faster.
All the time while you were out…
Do you feel better now? // You should be grateful to me.
You just wanted to lick it for your own desire. // Be grateful, my ass.
Huh!? No!!
I felt sorry for you, who was in all that pain, so I give it my all licking your originally tiny one, which got even tinier when you fainted!
…Stop with the tiny…

Well, whatever.

Page 22

Anyway, we overcame this day.
This should pay the god a good portion of self-control.
That tad is all!?

Page 23

With all these hardships, just this bit…
You didn’t have any hardships!!
Is it broken?
Actually, we should just break it.
No, no, wait!!
This looks a bit…
dim for the future…
Will I…
be able to keep protecting Subara while she loses her self-control?
… // Well, nothing we can do. // That aside,

Page 24

Your wound still isn’t better yet. // Take your pants off, I’ll lick it all better.
It’s not… like I want to lick it or anything…
To help you… that’s all I can do…
The wound finally closed!! // Now it’s bleeding again!!
Hey… // Don’t get hard from just this!!
(Leaving aside if they‘re happy, their lewd days are continuing <3 Look forward to their next appearance <3)
(Look forward to their next appearance…!)

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