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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Kami Sen 25

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 6, 2013 08:56 | Go to Kami Sen

-> RTS Page for Kami Sen 25

Reserved for Vortex

Kami-sen Chapter 25

Page 01

Chapter 25: Resurfacing memories

Page 02

Are you here, Great Lord!
I, Konoha, has come by!
Show yourself!
I can hear you, even if you don’t shout.

Page 03

That you came here, // means you made your resolve?
Don’t kid yourself. // You knew I would have no choice but to obey you when you took Koutarou a hostage.
Hostage sounds so negative.
It’s not like I let him die.
Anyway, you better keep your promise!
You’ll revive Koutarou when I converse and disappear.
Of course.
I swear on my name that I’ll keep the promise. // Rest assured.
Now then, let’s start.
The conversion ceremony to give birth to a new god!

Page 04

---This is the purification spring.
I already set up the necessary spell for the conversion.
We just have to hold the ceremony in the spring now.
go change and get into the spring.
…In the end, my memories didn’t come back…
Well, it might be that I don’t want to remember them…

Page 05

might have not be a good god..
But… Koutarou…
Thanks to him I made some good memories in the past months.
The old geezer can just die!
Farewell, Koutarou.
Stay well.

Page 06

Uh // My body is stridulous…
The binding finally got off.
Uwa!? Makoto!? What are you doing?
(Cant hear)
She’s warming up your body with her skin. // Konoha would snap if she saw this.
Ah! Konoha-sama! // Where’s Konoha-sama!?
Mh…She went to the Great Lord to save you.
Why didn’t you stop her!
I said I’m fine like this!
You can’t afford to be so leisurely.

Page 07

a close look at your spiritual form.
Spiritual form?
M- My body
is getting transparent!?
It started to go to heaven.
In two days, you will be unable to return into your body.
The best choice is to leave it to Konoha and resurrect you.
That’s what she wishes for as well.

Page 08
going to the Great Lord!
The Great Lord made it so that I can’t be resurrected, right?
So I just have to convince him!
Are you even listening to me!?
If you screw up and anger the Great Lord, // then for sure you won’t be able to resurrect.
didn’t do anything wrong. I won’t let Konoha-sama disappear!

Page 09

Ah, // wait, Koutarou!
There he goes…
Geez..He’s always so reckless when it involves Konoha. // Just like his ancestor Kounosuke!
Didn’t do anything wrong, huh…
Even if you’re correct, // that correctness alienates you…
That again is a fact, Koutarou…

Page 10

---How’s it going?
Konoha’s conversion?

Page 11

What are you doing?
She said she want to hold the ceremony in her favourite garment.
So she has been trying on clothes like this the whole time.
Who cares about the clothes!
Just get into the spring!
I carefully want to choose my last garment.
Konoha will beautifully disappear in wonderful clothes!
Make sure to capture it on film!
Film!? You’re even doing that!?

Page 12

Of course!!
It’ll become a Hollywood movie, I’ll become an eternal idol and continue to gather followers!
But I can’t really decided on one piece. // I need to see it on someone else.
Hey, you two.
Try this on for a bit.
I don’t want to wear such weird clothes!
I don’t want Konoha to throw a fit here, // so play along.

Page 13

Guess I should return to Izumi and design some clothes..
I understand!
I’ll wear it!
Geez, causing trouble until the very end~
How’s this!

Page 14

Mh, so-so.
N- No other choice~~
Here’s some great service.
How’s this!
Or this!?

Page 15

These clothes!
That colour! The encroaching bottom! // The more I look---
The models are just bad. It’s not helping!
I have to do it myself.
What the----!!
I’ll just wear so many until you’re satisfied.
Ohh! Just try it!
Great Lord!
Koutarou is here?

Page 16

What’s the matter, Koutarou?
We’re still in the middle of Konoha’s ceremony. // I’ll lift the curse once it’s over.
…give back…
Please give Konoha-sama back!!
Konoha-sama is selfish // and just causes troubles for others,
but she always wants to help me. // She’s a really good god!

Page 17

Please don’t steal my precious guardian spirit!
I beg you!!
Good grief…
You don’t seem to understand anything.
To get his hands on Konoha’s powers has been the long desired dream of this land’s god…
It’s a wonderful way to make this land wealthy.
seem to consider Konoha as a mere poverty god.

Page 18

It would be problematic if you
interfered now and changed her mind.
Fine. I’ll tell you.
Who Konoha really is.
Who she really is…!?
Konoha-sama isn’t a poverty god!?
See that for yourself.

Page 19

When you know who she is..
will you still want to protect her?

Page 20

Ow!? // Ouch…
You’re awake, Kounosuke!

Page 21

!? Kounosuke?
!? What’s with that outfit, gramps?
? What are you saying?
It’s because the stone hit his head full on.
No wonder.
What!? You don’t remember at all?
Because of a poverty charm from Konoha-sama, a stone came flying at the inn!
What you mean poverty charm!

Page 22

I didn’t put up any charms!
Eh? But the guys outside said so…

Page 23

I said it wasn’t me!
They just want to badmouth me.
Rest assured.
Shirohime disposed of all charms, besides the buried last one!
Buried charm…
She means that treasure picture!?
What’s going on!? The house seems different from normally too…
(Brother, look at this porn and cheer up)
Besides, when did I return to the house…
! Don’t tell me!

Page 24

I’m in the body of my ancestor.
No, in the memories of him!?
The Great Lord said I should see for myself.
That means---
the Konoha-sama here…
is the Konoha-sama
before she lost her memories!?

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