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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Ate Ya no Tsubaki 3

Riddle of the Reaved Ear

+ posted by purupuru as translation on Sep 20, 2010 10:51 | Go to Ate Ya no Tsubaki

-> RTS Page for Ate Ya no Tsubaki 3

Proofread by Etherglow.
Reserved for Reddevilshn.
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Chapter 3 - Riddle of the Reaved Ear

2. Housen: Kamiyui? (T/N: kamiyui = hairdresser, but in this context it refers to a hairdressing shop)
3. Housen: This is, the only survivor of the "earless woman" murder...Nogiku's house, right?//Why did we come here?
3. Tsubaki: Whaaa??
4. Tsubaki: Housen-sensei, although your acting as a foolish kid is adorable...
4. Tsubaki: That's a lie, isn't it?
4. Housen: Mh!?
5. Tsubaki: "The ear is possessed by the earless Houichi,"// said Kagari, right?
5. Housen: Ah
5. Tsubaki: If she said that there were a lot of earless people, the topic would be different though.

1. So the "earless Houichi" points to the only person who lives after her ear was cut, Nogiku...?
1. Housen: Huh?
1. Housen: But, that would be...
2. OOB: That pitiful Nogiku,
2. OOB: what's wrong with her?
2. Housen: The ear is...
3. Tsubaki: Excuse us.
4. SFX: *sniff*
5. OOB: It stinks
6. Nogiku: What might be your business with this poor hairdresser...?

1. OOB: This woman is...
1. SFX: *thump*
2. OOB: Nogiku
5. OOB: The blood is still oozing out...
5. OOB: More than ten days should've passed by now.
5. OOB: It's bleeding from the uncontained resentment of her ear being snatched away...
6. Tsubaki: You've got it wrong, Sensei.//The blood is surging out from the reaved ear.

1. Housen: What are you talking about? This person, from losing her ear...
1. Tsubaki: Pardon my intrusion!
2. Tsubaki: Ufufu. Good evening, Nogiku-san.//I'm Tsubaki of Ateya.//This fellow is the shunga master, Housen-sensei.
2. Tsubaki: My job is to look for missing things.
3. Nogiku: Umm...
4. Tsubaki: I won't take long.
5. Tsubaki: Given that,//you'd peacefully return Etsu's ear over there.

3. Housen: D-
4. Housen: Dumbasssss!!!
5. Housen: I'm sorry! She's just a freak. She's a bit drunk, so...
5. Tsubaki: I'm not drunk!
5. OOB: Apologize!
5. Housen: Do you realize what you've done!? You've just accused her of murder!!
5. Tsubaki: I'm not mistaken!!
6. Housen: How could you declare such-
7. OOB: If you see the truth as a "reality"...will you understand it?

2. Nogiku: The ear...
2. Nogiku: I won't hand it over.
3. Tsubaki: Mh!
4. Thought: She//has it!?
4. Housen: Y-//you...
4. Thought: In there!?
5. OOB: Saying such thing bluntly,//does she know how grave this matter is?
5. OOB: This woman...
6. Tsubaki: From the beginning this person hasn't concealed anything.

1. Tsubaki: Unless the culprit had quite of a sword skill//The culprit would've snatched the ear after she killed the victim, right?
3. Tsubaki: In reality, three of the victims have been killed.
4. Tsubaki: And yet, for someone to live despite her ear being severed.
4. Tsubaki: No matter how you look at it, it's suspicious. <The procedure is different>
5. Nogiku: Is that so...?
5. Tsubaki: There she goes
6. Box: From just 3 sheets of Kawara-ban,//she could make it out this far.
6. Tsubaki: So the person herself is like this, huh?

1. Tsubaki: Bewildered by the pitiful Nogiku,//the truth becomes hazy to everyone.
1. Tsubaki: Although it exists inside her very bandage.
2. Tsubaki: This person has a good line of reasoning.
2. Tsubaki: She moves honestly according to that reasoning
3. OOB: She snatched the ear because she desired it.
3. OOB: Discarding the ear she didn't need,
3. OOB: she snatched another to satisfy her desire.
4. OOB: And,//another one.
5. Tsubaki: But such reasoning

1. Tsubaki: can't be applied to people.
2. Box: Why did she go to that extent
3. Box: for the "ear"?
4. OOB: hmph
5. Tsubaki: Men fall in love by their eyes
5. Tsubaki: Women fall in love by their ears,//huh?

1. SFX: *thump*
2. Tsubaki: A joke of the kabuki actors.
3. Thought: Rurimaru-sama...!!
4. Rurimaru: I'm counting on you again today,//Nogiku.
5. Nogiku: Ye-//yes.
5. Thought: Rurimaru-sama
7. Nogiku: Ah
7. Rurimaru: The bad habit of a hairdresser//your own hair is so unpolished, eh?

1. Nogiku: Nn
1. Thought: Rurimaru-sama
1. Thought: Rurimaru-sama
3. Rurimaru: Oh?
4. Rurimaru: This is...//very regrettable
4. Box: My unsightly birthmark.

1. Tsubaki: It happens sometimes
1. Tsubaki: due to a difficult delivery//or even while in fetus
2. Woman: Aren't you skillful? Fufu
2. Woman: It's ticklish
2. Box: Left alone by my father due to my mother's death.
4. Box: And now, it happens again due to this accursed ear...
4. Woman: Rurimaru...
5. Woman: Rurimaru-sama...
6. OOB: Want
6. OOB: I want that white ear!!

1. OOB: Your ear
2. OOB: Your ear
3. SFX: *krsh*
3. SFX: *krsh*
4. SFX: *krsh*
4. SFX: *krsh*
4. OOB: Hand over your ear!!

2. Nogiku: This ear is mine.
2. Nogiku: After the wound is healed
2. Nogiku: To Rurimaru-sama's side, I'll...

1. Housen: U-//uwaaaaa!!
2. Housen: The ear is...!!
3. Nogiku: Aa//aaa
3. Nogiku: A...gain.
5. Tsubaki: Attaching a dead flesh to one's body//is a very very difficult thing to do.
5. Tsubaki: not to mention, it's another person's flesh.

1. Nogiku: Aa
1. Nogiku: Aa//aaa
2. Tsubaki: Let's go, Sensei
2. Housen: Huh?//But...
3. Housen: This person...
3. Box: will seek another ear.
4. Tsubaki: She won't kill anymore.
5. Tsubaki: Do you think such a mummy will stink this much?
7. OOB: Then, what is this rotten smell...?

1. Nogiku: Ear...//the ear...
1. Tsubaki: Don't move!!
2. Tsubaki: Don't move from there...
2. Tsubaki: There's a limit for you to get on with your dream.//Humans aren't strong.
3. OOB: They are fragile.
6. Housen: !!//Whoa!?
6. Housen: Wh-//wh-wh-wh-wh-
6. Housen: What's up with you??
7. Housen: Hey!!
7. Tsubaki: Don't look...Sensei.
9. Housen: Tsubaki...?

3. Housen: Nogiku was buried with no one to tend her grave.

1. Tsubaki: Hmm
1. SFX: *chatter*
1. OOB: *absent-minded*
1. SFX: *chatter*
1. SFX: *chatter*
3. OOB: I still haven't shown my gratitute, but...
3. OOB: She did her job splendidly.
4. OOB: To girls who show such a terrible desire
4. OOB: I wonder how she would feel about them...
6. SFX: *grab*
6. Housen: Ah!
7. Tsubaki: Tenpura, gotcha (T/N: Tenpura >> deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter)
7. Housen: And you just got here...
8. OOB: Thanks for the food
8. Tsubaki: They say, everyone has something they treasure

1. Tsubaki: But, because people live in the same reality, they don't have much difference in their desires
1. Tsubaki: Such that the others won't have eyes on it, one would hide his precious thing
2. Box: Tsubaki, who promptly arrives at the truth,
2. Box: is more impressed//with some deep affairs than with me now
3. OOB: Well, besides the tenpura...
3. OOB: I should also give her a praise, right...?
3. OOB: admire
3. Housen: Umm...
4. Tsubaki: More importantly
5. Tsubaki: What should we do with this?
6. Housen: *Barf* Dumbass!!//What are you suddenly...

1. Box: I forgot it
2. Tsubaki: Etsu was from a wealthy family, right?//We could receive a large reward...
2. OOB: ku ku
2. Housen: You money-grabber
2&3. Box: We should quickly//return the ear to Etsu's parents
3. Etsu: Thank you
4. Etsu: Thank you
4. Etsu: Thank you
4. Etsu: My ear
5. Box: It's Etsu
5. Etsu: The precious ear from which I hear voices
5. Box: A ghost...

1. OOB: If everything is suddenly snatched away, strong emotions will remain
1. OOB: I wonder if the same goes to Nogiku...
2. Housen: Etsu
3. Housen: Because of you, I could draw a very beautiful painting//Thanks.
4. Etsu: Sensei...//in just a short time I did't meet you, you've become a great guy.
5. Housen: I'm no match for your lover, you know!
7. Etsu: Fufu//I'll visit you now
7. Etsu: Rurimaru-sama

1. Housen: She disappeared...
2. Tsubaki: That surprised me
2. Housen: Yeah, we should make sure the ear reach her parent properly-
2. Tsubaki: <no, no> Not that one. It's you, Housen-sensei!!
3. Tsubaki: What came out from that miserly lips//was a very gentle, subtle line.
3. Tsubaki: Weren't you bad with woman?//<Something like a ghost all of a sudden>
5. Box: True.//This very me...
5. Housen: Heh
5. Housen: Heh heh
5. Box: It can't be helped. I've come to understand it at last.
6. Tsubaki: Why are you laughing?

1. Housen: Women are//living their lives with all they've got, aren't they?
2. Tsubaki: Sensei, you didn't even know about that?
2. Tsubaki: You still have a long way to go!
3. Housen: Shut up!
4. Box: Just for a bit,
4. Tsubaki: Unexpectedly, you're not afraid of ghost, huh? Sensei.
4. Housen: ...when you mention that...
4. OOB: Gyaaaa!!
4. Box: aren't they lovely?//Women, that is.

This story was published as a short term serialization in Young Animal. Since it received great popularity with the readers, the story from the next pages will be a new beginning to this tale as a series. Now, finally the real world of "Tsubaki of Ateya" is starting.

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