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B.Ichi 1

Straight for the heart. [For society, for people, for you]

+ posted by Queenofmuffins as translation on Dec 12, 2009 13:36 | Go to B.Ichi

-> RTS Page for B.Ichi 1

I got asked to do this by an Italian group for their international release. Not sure if anyone else would want it, but if they do, feel free to use it! ^^
Since the first chapter is 80+ pages long, they told me it was fine to start posting my trans, even if it was only half finished. But don't worry, I'll keep working on it! \o/

[Note: I read somewhere that the name of the manga is a pun- as ‘itchi’ in English is ‘One’ so B.itchi can be read all together as ‘Bone’.]

Page 6:
Straight for the heart.
[For society, for people, for you]

Toykyo Chase
[TOYkyo Hard boiled」

Change the world
[Run for the tomorrow you believe in]

-Side text: Table of contents

-Master’s who have transformed
the [way] of human [evolution]…

[Tn: the kanji used for Dokeshi is made up of the words "way" and "evolution"]

-Hey, hey…Have you heard?
-A normal person can only use about 30% of their brainpower…

-The people called “Dokeshi”, right…They can use more than that!
-They can use about 50% – 60% of their brains to do special magic.

-But, ya’know, in exchange…

-If they don’t meet,
-that “condition”…

-If they can't meet the condition that is relative to their power…

-They will be forced to part with something precious from within themselves…


-For society, for people, for you.

-This is Japon’s capital city,

So this is Chinjuku, huh…
(Tn: pun on the town of Shinjuku in Tokyo)
-It’s so busy and bustling…

-I’ve heard that this place is pretty dangerous and full of tricksters so…
-I guess I’ll just have to be careful to not get ripped off!

-Either way…

-I’m sure it’ll be fun! <3 / Heheheheh….

-I came here because a fortune teller told me too but still… / now that I think about it he was dressed kinda weird…!

Sign: Space fortune telling

-I’ve been traveling around according to fortune teller’s recommendations… / So I was wondering if you could possibly tell me where I should go next…?


-Oh well, I’ve heard there’s a fortune teller in Chinjuku whose predictions are nearly always right…
-…There are so many people here…

-I wonder if…I’ll be able to make any friends?

-Then…I’ll be able to make a ton of commendations!!
Text: The most important thing!


-Charisma Justice!!
-Has come!!


-I, Charisma Justice, cannot overlook your evil deeds! No, I simply cannot!
-You’re dead, dipshit!

-GO CJ! You can’t lose!!
-I can’t see the TV ‘cause you’re standing too close.
-Sorry, sorry.

-Guess Toykyo has its share of idiots after all.
-Oooh! Oooh!
-Go die in a hole, villan!

-CJ’s gonna do his special move, the “Justice Blade”!
-I know, I know. He always does it.
-It’s been like that forever.

-Man, looks like he’s obsessed…
-C’mon Justice Blade!!
-‘J’ on the left for JUSTICE! Jashun! ‘C’ on the right for Charisma! Karuum!
-Here it comes! My special move!!

-Justice Blade!

-Note to self: avoid idiots like that…

-The idiot flew…

-Hey, you! Are you okay?

-Your knee!!
-What about his head!?

-Justice Blade!!
-We did it!!

-Waaaaait, Shotarou!

-Justice Blade!!


-It’s those kids again.
-What are their parents thinking, letting them run wild like this…

-Who cares about parents? / I have you, Shotarou!!
-And I have you, Emine!




-You monster!!

-How can you call the person who gave you first aid a ‘monster’!?
Box: She’s the person who hit him.

-I apologise for the rudeness of my actions.
-No, no, same here.

-Still, I’m glad I was carrying this first aid kit around.
-Ooh, the bandages stopped the bleeding!

-Who’s “Emine”?

-Your name?

-I’m Shotarou.
-Emine is my friend’s name!

-On a journey to find Emine.

-That so?
-So you’re on a journey to find your friend, / must be hard…
-I’m Mana.

-My balloon!!

Text: Bird Bone!!

-Hyufufu / Here you go…
-You’re something, mister. In a lot of ways!
-You got that right.

-Hurry up, we’re going!!

-What did I tell you about not talking to those Dokeshi?

-What’s with her attitude?
-You’re…a Dokeshi, right?

-It can’t be helped, though. The number of incidents involving Dokeshi just keep going up.
-Everyone’s being more cautious now.

-But all that aside, you can fly Shotarou-kun!?
-I’m jealous.

-By biting on an animal’s bones I can draw out that animal’s powers.
-And my ‘condition’ is that I have to do ‘one good deed a day’!!
-“One good deed a day”!?
-The more power I take out of dead bones the more I have to give back to the living.

-Oh, so that’s why you got that kid her balloon back.

-Falling on my dick has nothing to do with it, though.
-I know that!!

-Well, whatever. There are good Dokeshi like you, and then there are also the bad types who want to kidnap the Governor.

-Kareoke Time!
-Arrrrgh!! / My bike!!

-C-C'mon, Shotarou-kun! / Use your bird powers to catch the thief!

-Uwaaa! / That ants tryin' to carry a butterfly!
-In English, "Ari" is ant!
Note; Ari means ant in Japanese.
-Are you even listening to me!? / You're so useless!!

-Screw you!! / Waaaaaaaaah!!
-Gooo, Muhammant!

-It started out as this massive battle between him and I, with a few laughs thrown in. A game of cat-and-mouse. And then, after all that, I can't believe all he did was cry like a little girl...

-Huh? / What happened? You're out of breath.
-Oh, I was just playing around with the locals.

-This place is pretty rough, isn't it...
-...Plus, there's that problem with the Dokeshi too...


-There's a rumour going around that it's Dokeshi responsible for this crime.
Newspaper title: The Governor of TOYkyo has been kidnapped!!

-It's been all over the tv!!
-Oh, I don't watch much TV. Just "Justice".
-It's been in the newspapers too!

-Oh, I just look at the TV guide to see if "Justice" is playing.
-...You watch it so much but you don't even remember what day it comes on?

-I just get so excited / when I see in the paper that "Justice" is playing.

-You do know... / It plays at the same time, so you don't have to check it every week.

-Ooooh! You mean you can predict when it's on!?

-Whooo! / Whooo!! / Whooo!!

-What's all the commotion?

-Charisma Justice has caught the kidnapper!!
-Sorry for making you all worry.
-The Govenor's perfectly safe!!

-What!? Charisma Justice really exists!?
-You didn't know that? / They base the TV show on that guy!

-I'm gonna go look!!
-Man, this crowd is huge...


-Snake Bone!

-Wow! It really is CJ!!

-Who are you!?
-You're a Dokeshi, aren't you!!

-What's happening?
-They said something about a Dokeshi...
-Ew, his face is so damn creepy...
-Why haven't they caught him yet?

-It's because of trash like you that the world is like it is.
-I can't stand the sight of you!

-Wait just a goddamn second!

-Since when do you have the right to say that being a Dokeshi makes someone evil?
-Yeah! Yeah!

-Huh, so you're a Dokeshi too?

-They might behave themselves now, but you'll never know when they'll use their powers for evil!
-Yeah! Yeah!
-He's talking about you, moron!!

-Now, now, calm down Missy...
-The Vice Governor feels uneasy about this incident too..

-I don't want to back down but... how do I say it...
-Understood, sir.
-I'm the mature one!

-I'll clean the streets of trash like you!
-You still got somethin' ta say!?
-Well, I got plenty more too!! How do I say it...
-Oooh! Justice...

-Godammit... / It's because of guys like him Japon is doing so badly...
-I can't believe Justice really exists...

-Why don't you feel fustrated too, Shotarou-kun?

-I'm used to it.


-You shouldn't be used to people saying things like that.
-You mean people telling me "wrong!!"?

-No! Stuff like what that crusty old man was saying!!
-Hey! Listen to me!

-But...you just said not to listen to what people say, right...?
-Oh, shut it! I've had enough!

-Crap! I'm late!

-I'm in a "stop with that obviously fake expression!" competion!
-See ya!
-What the hell is that...?

-TOYkyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Sign: Governor's Room



-So, this is what it feels like to be sitting in the Governor's chair...
-It's pretty damn comfortable!

-The city belong to you now,
-New Governor...

-Why thank you, Fake Justice.

-Hey, hey, don't call me a Fake.


-Mr. Superhero.
Box: Tast Brother (Older)

-We, the Tast Brothers, kidnapped the Governor... / Then transformed outselves into the Governor and Justice to capture the "culprit" we had set up ahead of time.
-It was a breeze with our abilities to transform ourselves with our "water-swelling" powers together with our plan!!
1. Kidnap
Text, Left - Right: Older Bro Govenor Younger Bro
2. Replace
-"Culprit" was already set up (and has nothing to do with this.)
-Fake Governor (Older Bro)
-Fake CJ (Younger Bro)
3. Unveil
-Sorry for making you worry!
-Older Bro
-I had nothing to do with it!
-Fake Culprit
-Younger Bro
4. Hooray!
-Older Bro
-Younger Bro

-Here, have some dried meat. Our condition is the more we manipulate the water inside our bodies, the more dried food we have to eat.
Box: Tast Brother (Younger)

-By the way, Nii-chan...

-What should we do about the real Govenor?
-Our plan is already complete.
-We can't afford to let him live.

-We still need to kill that Dokeshi-hating Vice Governor.
-So you can then transform into him and it'll be all over.

-It'd be a pleasure to kill that damn Vice Govenor!
-Can we go kill him now?


-How can this be happening...?

-No-one will find out it's us, right?

-Don't worry about that. / Even if we are found out... our "water swelling" powers make us...

-The Government of this city is ours!

-Thanks for all your help!
-No problem!
-Something that big would be heavy for anyone to carry!!


-Hmmph. / That cranky old coot again?

-...I need to talk to you...

-Woo-hoo! I came first again!
-That's another commendation in the bag! / HUH!?



-He's probably dissing Shotarou again!
-That boy's just too damn nice!

-Hey! You better not be teasing Shotarou!
-Oh, Mana-san!
-You're too stubborn for your own good!

-We have to hurry. There's no time! / Both of you, get in!

-Ow! Hey! My scooter! Ow! / Arrrrrgh!
-We'll have it sent later.

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#1. by progste ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2009
great! thanks queen, keep up the good work =D
#2. by kazu-EH ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2009
Wow! I really wanted to read it!
#3. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2009
Really? Yay! :D

This has inspired me to get moar done soon!! ^^
#4. by progste ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2009
can't wait for it!^^
#5. by b0mb34man ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2009
The drawing reminds me of Soul Eater when I took a peek.
#6. by b1px ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2009
Wow! New series! Congrats Your Muffin-ness ^__^
#7. by sapphire-pyro ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2009
I've been so curious about this after I got addicted to Soul Eater xD I'm so excited to see this done and translated. Thank you for starting this :D
#8. by gabranth_judge ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2009
thank you, queen! good luck for the remnant^^
#9. by Diwrno ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2009
#10. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2009
Holy crap, people want to read this? :O
I better get my ass into gear then. XD
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