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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)
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Ao no Exorcist 14

A gamble.

+ posted by Queenofmuffins as translation on Jun 30, 2010 16:29 | Go to Ao no Exorcist

-> RTS Page for Ao no Exorcist 14

Reserved for J.A.C Scans! \o/
Can be used for non-english translations. :3

So, um. Guess who has a flight tomorrow morning at 9am to Bangkok but for some insane reason decided to stay up to 5am translating chapter 14? X3
Please enjoy~
I'll do the omake later...*passes out*

Text: The thing covered in flickering blue flame...
-A Human!?
-Or a Demon!?

Text: Ao No Exorcist
Text: The demon's flames are burning brightly...
-Dawn has broken...

-Now then, it's time the two of you headed home.

-Older brother! Didn't you promise that if I followed your instructions, / you'd let me play as much as I liked this time!?

-I did warn you already not to break the school.
-Besides, haven't you understood it yet? / This younger brother of ours... / there's an overwhelming difference in your abilibffgghg!?

-I haven't lost yet!


-That naughty brother of mine.

-Zwei, / Drei!

-"Kuchen Cuckoo House"!!
[Tn: Kuchen (German pronunciation: [ˈkuːxən]), the German word for cake, is used in other languages as the name for several different types of sweet desserts, pastries, and gateaux.]

-Older broooother!!

-Abra Cadabra.

-Now, / let's see...
-Shall we go? Okumura-kun? / Oh my.


Text: He's being completely consumed by his flames.

-Good grief. What troublesome younger brothers.


-Hiiih... / I can't... / breathe..

-Yu...Yuki-chan! / I'm fine now!
-Let me down...!

-You're okay?
-Yeah! / Thanks for that...

-...Shura-san, did you get rid of me because you knew things would turn out like that?
-Didn't you say you wanted to see how Ani uses his sword?!
-Is that the whole story!?

-Meh, don't be upset, yer scaredy-cat four eyes.

-What's going on...
-with Rin...?

-Please explain it to us.


-Now, that shade of blue...
-No matter how you look at it, isn't it just like that night?

Text: Scorching...
-These blue flames of fury...
-Chapter 14: A Gamble.
-Katou Kazue

-Bourguignon, restrain and take the statements of those Exwire children. / See to it that you don't forget to have their injuries treated by the medics.
-And once the fire brigade arrives, let them use holy water to extinguish the blaze. / There should be a vat of Grade A Holy water stored here. / Hurry up.

-Who's that?

-Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
-I am Arthur Augusto Angel...An upper first class Exorcist of the Vatican Branch.
[Tn: I am aware it has an "O" for his middle name- but next to the 'O' is written "オーギュスト" (Oogyusuto) which is normally translated as Auguste / Augusto. Plus, the 3 A's kinda work, don'cha think? :3]

-Though I was just recently appointed the rank of the current "Paladin".

-Which means I'm now your boss, Shura.
[Tn: Am I the only one that thinks this guy is a massive tool? XD]

-That aside, Shura, what is the meaning of this?

-It was your duty to investigate if the deceased Fujimoto Shirou was conspiring with the Head of the Japanese Branch, Mephisto Pheles.
-Yet you haven't reported on the thing they were keeping hidden, have you?

-'cause, yer know,
-I wasn't the only spy dispatched, ammarite?

-Well, yes.
-But don't you also have another important mission?

-"If you were able..."




-Oh, my. / It's been a while, hasn't it, Angel?
-Allow me to express my pleasure at you receiving the Meister in "Paladin".

-"If you were able..." / "To judge that it was something related to Satan,"
-"Immediate elimination was permitted."

-Shura, this beast spouting blue flames...
-Doesn't it strike you that it's related to Satan?

-So you finally showed your tail, huh...

-Grigori will be informed of your betrayal.
-This incident is all the crucial evidence I need.

-I haven't showed my tail. [Tn: Don't know about you, but I haven't seen his either. What's Arthur on about...?] / You're being rude to such a gentleman as I.

-Wake up.

-You don't look like someone about to have a demon sword-to-demon sword fight.

-Caliburn... "Give me strength"
[Tn: Fun fact. Apparently, this is King Arthur's sword, a.k.a Excalibur.
The name Excalibur apparently derives from the Welsh Caledfwlch which combines the elements caled ("battle, hard"), and bwlch ("breach, gap, notch"). Geoffrey of Monmouth Latinised this to Caliburnus (likely influenced by the medieval Latin spelling calibs of Classical Latin chalybs "steel"), the name of Arthur's sword in his 12th-century work Historia Regum Britanniae. Caliburnus or Caliburn became Excalibur, Escalibor, and other variations when the Arthurian legend entered into French literature. Most Celticists consider Geoffrey's Caliburnus to be derivative of a lost Old Welsh text in which bwlch had not yet been lenited to fwlch.]

-Kyaaa! <3
I'll give it to you, Arthur <3 <3

-By order of True Cross Academy's Supreme Advisor of Grigori,
-I will execute Satan's spawn.

-He...He disappeared again!
-...Kirigakure Style Demon Sword Ability...
「Tn: The kanji for Kirigakure (Shura's last name) in this sword attack means "vanishing behind a fog"]

-Form of Serpent's belly...
-Snake lance!


-Why are you protecting Satan's spawn?
-Have you gone over to Mephisto's side?

-Not a chance in hell.
-That reminds me. I'd heard you'd been asked by Fujimoto to teach this brat about his demon sword.


-Even though you furiously yelled "Don't joke around, yer bald idiot!" at him... / Don't tell me...

-You intend to comply with the dying will of your dead teacher?
-For the man who was the most incompetent out of all who received the Paladin name?

-Yer wrong, yer retard! / BALDY!!
-Yer'd never understand it in yer entire life, so just back the hell up.

-? But I'm not bald? / Ahahahaha!! What an interesting joke!

-...However, the orders of Grigori are absolute. / Even for you...



-An order has come from Grigori.
-It's been decided that I will now perform disciplinary action in interrogating Mephisto Pheles, the Head of the Japanese Branch.
-Naturally, I will also be taking Satan's spawn as material evidence.

-...Ho! I'm looking forward to it!
-I'll also have you act as an witness.

-Bourguignon! Take the Exwires!
-...Um, I'm the leader. / I'm the one in charge of this pharmacy classes.

-Got it.
-All right, ladies and gentlemen, follow your Sensei. / First we'll go to the First Aid Room...
Text: Oh yeah! Everyone's...

Text: Suguro...

-Is everyone safe?!



-...I'll explain everything... / For the moment, please calm down and come with us.

-Is your body...okay...?

-W-What's wrong?
-Are you hurt somewhere!?

-Suguro...overreacted a bit..
-As you can see, I'm not that different... no difference between me and a regular human...

-...Tch...I-I'm not bein' very persuasive, am I? Wahaha..!

-Why... / are you laughing...

-As if there's nothing strange about it!?

-Shiemi-san, you too...


-Come here!

-We'll go directly through the Opera Courthouse's "Door of the Accused". [Tn: Another damn key! :3]

-!! / Oooh...

[Evil courthouse people.]

-Kneel there.


-Behave yourself.

[Tn:.... &%!#'$!?%$#!&%#'!&"#!"'!?!?!?!?!
DID HE JUST SLICE RIN'S LEG OFF!? Goddamn I hate you Arthur. >.>]

-Oh my god...!

-It's to stop him acting violent again...Besides, it'll heal soon enough.
-Yer haven't changed a damn bit. Outside a saint, inside a devil.

-The accused, to the witness' stand.

-"The accused"?
-...D'you mean me?
Text: How exhilarating.

-The castigation and interrogation of the accused, the Head of the Japanese Branch of the True Cross Order, Mephisto Pheles,
-is now an open court!!

-The examiners are... / Myself, Timote Timowas, the Director and Enforcer of the Knights of the True Cross Order, and

-the Paladin, / Arthur Augusto Angel, a First Class Upper Exorcist.

-As well as
-Grigori's Knights of the True Cross Supreme Advisors acting as overseers!

- I'd like to the court to look at an image / of what just happened at the True Cross Academy Campus.
-...Sir Pheles, what is shown here...

-There is no doubt it is the same demon before us, correct?

-Then I shall ask you openly-
-Isn't that demon Satan's child?

-That is correct.
-Now is not the time for excuses.

-...In other words, 15 years ago.. / when Fujimoto Shirou claimed to have exorcised the child of Satan with Koumaken who Lower Second Class Exorcist Yuri Egin was pregnant with,
-Are you saying that report itself was false?

-Yes. / She gave birth to two male twins.
-However, one of them did not inherit Satan's flames.

-The one who inherited his power is right here.
-Left alone, he would have become a demon. The source of this child's power is his demon heart... / which I had sealed away with Koumaken.

-...And then he was secretly brought up by Fujimoto Shirou,
-until he was ready to accept his own powers.

-For what purpose?
-What were your intentions, Sir Pheles!?

-...In order to create a weapon to fight Satan!
[Tn: Am I the only one who thinks Mephisto wants to overthrow Satan so he can take over? LOOKIT HIS EBIL FACE! X3]

32 - 33:
-I ask everyone here...!

-Will you not make this gamble with me!?

-Will you gamble that this child of Satan will become a Demon King of Gehenna? / Or will he become the Knights... / Nay,

-will he become Assiah's savior!?

-Of course there is the condition that during the bet you must follow it through to the end.

-Don't let yourself be fooled by this charlatan! / Everyone, don't tell me you could have possibly forgotten his lineage!
-His kind specializes in smoothtalking people!

Text: Looks like you were right...

-He conspired with Fujimoto Shirou, / to bring up Satan's spawn!
-This is an undeniable fact!!
Text: ...I was too hasty to draw my sword, Yukio.

Text: Even though...
-He must have been intending to deceive the Knights of the True Cross Order and overthrow them from within.
-If you believe his words, you'll have fallen for his trick!
Text: You'd already warned me about it over and over...



-As if there's nothing strange about it!?


-He's right.
-He's absolutely insane!
Text: Goddamit!!
-Bring down Mephisto!


-You bastards since the very beginning...

-just won't shut up with ya endless blabber!!
-Don't just mindlessly judge people as you please....

-I ain't your weapon, demon king or saviour!!

-And I’m gonna become the friggin' best Exorcist you ever laid your eyes on!!
-I’ll make every single damn one of you remember it!!

-The "best Exorcist", you say?
-...Heh, in other words, you mean you want to become a Paladin? / You, the disgusting child of Satan? How amusing.
-So, yeah, do all Paladin's look like you?

-Just, 'cause, when I'm also a Paladin
-It'd suck to hafta wear such lame-ass clothing as that.

-...Unfortunately for you,

-I had these clothes made-to-order.

-Silence, everyone!
-Hold your sword, Angel!

-It is true that by their very nature Demons are our... I mean, Assiah's enemies

-But, / then again, / since ancient times
-Our Order has gained wisdom from the demons and used that against them... That, too, is a fact.

-Still, this is a unprecedented problem.
-...And the members of this assembly have not yet cleared Sir Pheles of his betrayal charges...

-Considering the 200 years Sir Pheles has served our Order, he holds a certain amount of trust.
[Tn: Okay, Rin has *got* to realise Mephisto is a demon. TWO HUNDREEED YEAAARS, dammit! >.<]

-Everyone, will you or will you not take part of this "gamble" Sir Pheles speaks of?
-Why don't we take a majority vote?

-Condition number 1
-"He must pass the Exorcist Authorization Exam which will be held in six months time."

-We had to fulfill a ton of conditions, / but their judgment was pretty tolerant.

-Whadda yer mean, "tolerant"? What the hell are we gonna do about it?
-...About that... look over there☆

-I'm begging you, Shura.
-Please teach me how to use my sword!!!

-"Didn't you say you had been asked by Fujimoto to teach this brat about his demon sword?"
-Anything I can do in half a year is fine!!

-Don't "so" me!!
-What's with everyone tryin' to command me!?


-Yer actin' much better than before, aren't yer.

-...I'll take you up...
Text: Just like his late father's wish... The two head towards their assignment...
Text: Ao No Exorcist... Continued in July's issue.

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#1. by earthforge (MH's Most High Quality Poster)
Posted on Jul 5, 2010
I totally agree. Arthur is definitely a real asshat. Cutting off Rin's leg... the nasty bastard. The puritanical exorcists seem as bad as some of the higher echelon demons. I think what Arthur was referring to with Mephisto "revealing his tail" was more that Arthur was commenting Mephisto was showing the Order his true colors as a demon. Mephisto obviously took offense (because we all know his real color is pink- *shot*).

Plus Arthur, dya' think Mephisto'd be that stupid? To reveal all of his cards so early in the game? He definitely has an agenda, but it's hard to determine since he plays both sides so often.

I skimmed through the translation because I prefer to wait this time, but it looks pretty darned good! Thank you very much for your hard work! :D
#2. by JoannaDesu ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2010
I think this translation fits with the raw so it looks good to me :) thank you so much for your time
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