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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Psycho Busters 21

Covert Plan

+ posted by Queenofmuffins as translation on Dec 2, 2010 13:33 | Go to Psycho Busters

-> RTS Page for Psycho Busters 21

Reserved for Muda-Scans. ^^

I start my new job tomorrow! ^^
I'm working 10pm - 5.45AM. Killlll meeeee. ;A;

-I also...
-like you, Kakeru.

-To be honest,
-I didn't really think you'd be much help at first.

-But you did your best to protect me,
-You always helped me whenever I was in trouble.

-Will you keep on protecting me?

[Tn: Annnnnd this is why I dislike manga girls. Goddammit, stop being so helpless. -___-]


Text: Wait...
Who are you?

Text: Why are you crying?

*dramatic waking up*

-Th...This is...

-I see... / I...
-failed to protect her...

-I can't believe Kakeru got his ass whooped like that...
-Is this "Todoroki" guy another Psychic from the Greenhouse?

-If he was, we would know of him...
-But is it even possible for a Category 4 to turn into a Category 1 overnight?

-Nah, there's no way a flea could turn into a wolf in such a short time.
-What the hell are we gonna do then!? We need to hurry up and rescue Ayano. I'm gettin' worried...

-Either way, we're going to have to deal with Todoroki eventually...

-When we found Kakeru, nearly passed out...
-He was mumbling something.

-"My powers are useless." is what he said.

-As if everything he did was being manipulated by the enemy.
Text: Hang on...

Sounds like what happened when Kakeru beat us...

-My theory is that Todoroki and Kakeru
-are in possession of the exact same power!

-Isn't there only ONE Category Zero!?

-I did hear some rumours when we were still in the Greenhouse...
-Rumours about the existence of Psychicers who were neither Wild types nor Cultivated types.

-Like you already know- at the Greenhouse, we were seperated into two different groups; Wild and Cultivated.
-But what if there was someone who didn't fit into either of these two groups...?
Top left: Wild Type
Text: Psychicers whose talents were developed through the use of special drugs.

Top right: Cultivated Type
Text: Natural Psychics who "awakened" to their abilties after some traumatising event.

-What are you talking about, Joui?
-I'm saying, what if there were people who had their powers from the very beginning...?

-You don't mean...

-Someone bred specifically to be a Psychic...

-What if they had collect all of our data,
-and used it to create the perfect Psychicer?

-N-No way...

Text: If he is nearly unstoppable...
Text: What should we do...?

-What's that noise!?


-Kakeru!! What are you doing!?
-You're not well enough to be on your feet!

-Haha...I have to go...Or Ayano...
-I must... save Ayano...
-For the moment you must rest!!

-You can't do anything in that conditon!
-First we need a plan on how to beat Todoroki!!

-Kakeru, this is crazy.
-Do what Joui said, get some rest.

-But I still have to go!!

-If I don't, Ayano will...!!



-Did that knock some sense into you, Kakeru?


-For the moment, follow Joui's orders.
-If you don't, you're only going to end up dead.

-And if you still want to go right now, then prove it!

-Beat me... right here, right now!
-If you're gonna beat Todoroki then kicking my ass should be easy!!

-What on earth will your death accomplish?

-Remember what we saw? The end of the world?
-The only one who can stop that is you.

-Aren't you the who whose supposed to save the world!?

-Save the world...? Me...?

-Do you really think
-I have the power to do that...

-What did you...just...say...?

-I'm not gonna win. I've already lost to him.

-When I was a kid... all I wanted to be was a Hero.
-A big, strong guy with super powers who would protect everyone.

-I can't do a single thing!!
-But even so, I still have to go!!

-Stop it, Kaito!!
-You disgust me! I thought you were better than that!

-Well, fine then! Go ahead!
-Whatever...I'll just...

-Forget that coward! Let him go!

-You went too far, Kaito!
-This is not the outcome we...

-I also know that occasionally, there's more to it than just freakin' logic.
-But, y'know...

-No matter who determined you are, there's a fine line between being brave and being foolhardy!!
-What's the point if he ends up dead!?

-That's...right, it happened to you...

-Todoroki, that's enough playing around.
-Didn't I tell you to capture the Category Zero?

-S'all good.
-The end result is still the same... they'll die right here.

-...Don't look at me like that...
-Alright, alright, I'll do as you've asked.

-You don't have to say it again. I'll...kill him...

-Just not right now...

-The more I watch her, the cuter she gets.
-I can see why he likes her.


-by little...
-I'll take away everything he holds dear.

-And when he's wallowing in despair, that's when I'll strike.



Text: What am I

-Ain't you supposed to be the one who saves the world!?
Text: Of course I do...
Text: But...
Text: How am I supposed to beat him...?


-How's that? Drier?


-...You didn't dry it, you burned it.

-Hahaha, my bad!

-Does it still hurt?
-Your cheek.


-Well, I ain't sorry!

-Once apon a time...
-Just listen!

-There was a brother and sister who lived in a Refugee... er, I mean, a lawless area.

-Their parents had died in a car accident...
-So they were shuttled around uncaring relatives until they ended up there.

-That town was really dangerous.
-Drug dealers, robbers, murderers... Only the strong survived.

-So the Brother decided he would become strong,
-He thought that if he became strong, he could protect and provide for his little sister.

-The Brother became the town's top dog.
-In order to protect the many friends he made, he became even stronger.

-He sister said, "Stop doing such dangerous things!"
-I guess in her eyes what he was doing was pretty dangerous.

-Then the sister was kidnapped.
-Survival of the fittest, after all. Whoever shows their weakness, loses.

-The brother recklessly charged in by himself, without thinking.
-In the end, he was helpless against so many enemies. He was finished.

-The sister died protecting her idiot brother, who was supposed to be the one looking out for her...
-The End.

-Is that...

-Listen up.
-Once you're dead, game over.

-And if you're dead, who the hell is going to save Ayano?

-When that happens...
-there's no point!

-Aw, dammit.
-Only 2 skips that time.
Text: I'm getting worse...

-Let's head back.
-And come up with a plan to save Ayano, ASAP.

-Ain't that right, Kakeru?!


-What's wrong?

-The ripples?
-What about them?

-I've gotta go... to the Greenhouse.
-Weren't you listening to a thing I just said!?

-I've got it.
-Got what?

-The way to defeat Todoroki!

Text: Yes...
Text: I did it...!!

Text: With this I can face him,
Text: Maybe even save Ayano...!!

Text: I can practically here Ayano calling for me already...

-Listen, everyone!


-What's wrong with you all...?

-your right...your right...!!

-My right...shoulder...?


It's been a long time since I last translated!~

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