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Dorabase Chapter 16

+ posted by raghu2345 as translation on Oct 30, 2010 04:13 | Go to

-> RTS Page for 16

Ch.16 –Gifts from Shiroemon


-quickly get ready! I'll throw you the W Demon Ball!
-poko, poko, you would throw me the W Demon ball?
-if you are able to hit a normal ball, surely you can hit the devil balls of W!
-Could I hit precisely?




-Demon Ball of W!
-Here! Shot Put Ball!
-The kind of way you practice it!


--Full Moon Shot!
-woe! again!
-Let me throw the W Demon Ball again!


-Poko, what has happened to you?
- I ran out of energy after I threw the W Demon ball!
-Shiroemon, it would get tight before this training .. because he can throw the ball with the devilness in the W Ball!
-It is not so..


-if you can make a shot at the full ball, of course you can celebrate
by hitting the W Ball!
-in my opinion, if you wanted to celebrate the ball from kuroemon, of course you will be able to hit the ball
-OK! I will be at the exact second when the ball is thrown by Shiroemon later
-only then it is really exciting! I’ll try.
-thank you, Pokoemon.
-When you start the match?
-Huh, It will start 12 pm
-At the last 12 this afternoon
--If you leave now, I'm already late!
-This is not the problem! Its 22nd century right now!

Pg 7

-Anywhere -door!
-Quickly go!
-Poko, thank you
-Because I'm late, they have lost a lot of points!

Pg 8

-Oops! the ball was already out of the ring!
-What .. results now ...
-It is true! Their teams are four points ahead of us..
-Mini secrets about the team dorabase (toraemon no.8)
 The player runs with the most rapid speed
 Favourite: Fishing

Pg 9

-Dorabase team has achieved outstanding success! They have acquired a beautiful full blow!
-Dora .. What? Dorabase team lead now?
-Supporting the dorabase’s team and players the other team cheered their success


-He .. is Shiroemon?
-he is the enemy we are acquiring
-The brilliant victory in the last competition?
-throw the ball so strange
-I wonder whether they succeeded in throwing the ball , Shiro


-Player No.3- Miss Mika
-if you throw the ball so weak shiroemon, I will also able to hit the ball!
-Later, Later!
-You could come at this!
- great isn’t it? once we have already got 4 points!


-Kuro when you trained yourself when in remote areas, we also practiced hard!
- raise its defense power!
- throw the ball set to raise up to 160 kmph speed!
- We already increased our capacity!
- we will not be lost in the hands of Shiro!
-You’ re not the only one who wishes killing shiro!

Pg 13

-em .. let us see your ability to hit after so long practice!
- try, Kuro!
-OK! I will try very hard
- As a successor to Mika, batter now is Kuro!
- He appears at the end!

Pg 14

-Kuro, shiroemon is not so great! Of course you can hit the ball from Shiroemon!

Pg 15

- fast!
-What is this?
-What surprised you?

Pg 16

- this is throwing the ball pitch speed .. This differs from the prior pitch!
- 4 points is a gift from me to a useless team like your team!
- We accidentally let the ball at you! It was like an insult ,right!

Pg 17

-if so! I believe my heart! If you want to give a gift to us in that way, I also have no objections ..
- Let them see your true greatness now!!

Pg 18

- let's play!
- shiro seems to show the greatness of the true desires today confronted with intense enemy kuroemon!

Pg 19

-how to throw the ball like this?!
- I mean, you should remember all this ball movement from the movement of your hands for me, I hit the ball!
- I'm not waiting for such a ball ..
- throw the W Demon Ball!

Pg 20

- We do not remember, Shiro!

Pg 21

-Here! W Demon Ball!
-Waah! It’s the W Ball!
-This right!

Pg 22

-Full Power Shot!!

Pg 23

-out of line!
-Woe! Smooth hands!
-Impossible for a player that can hit the ball such a way!

Pg 24

-Next time, I’ll hit the W Ball!
- you're the first person to be able to hit my ball even with the bat slipped from your hands!
- seems more fun at the next contest!

Pg 25

(No Text)


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