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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Dorabase Chapter 17

+ posted by raghu2345 as translation on Oct 31, 2010 16:01 | Go to

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Ch.17- Team with a player


-batsman kuro touched Shiro devil's ball!
-that is all right!
-hyoro, a new competition’s start, relax yeah!


-you needn’t do preoccupied boast.. the batsman only touched my devil ball only!
-hyoro! no direct chances of making a blow!
-impossible once to me celebrate ball from Shiro if Shiro throw ball with actual capacity..
-Present situation inherently problematic, luckily we already achieved four points from Shiro.


-shiro began the attack! The ball with speed of 160 km / hr has defeated the opponent easily once!
-like this competition that I waiting for!
-they are certainly supporters to shiro!
-But.. team dorabase were successful to get 4 points!


- Eh! What became to your throwing previously?
-if I didn’t give them the 4 points first, no fun for us to continue to compete today!
-your preoccupied joke only..
Hirai Catcher
Sebelaj player left Shikahama
House player ke-2 Gawa Komatsu
Shiroemon pitcher
First house player senjiyu
player rumah- to 3 Gawa Kine
Player move Yogi
Player base middle Oki
Sebelah player right Horikiri

-All Right ! Our team is competing good!
-All Right!
Toraemon Midfielder
Chibiemon Right Side's Player (I Number 2!)
Player move Suzuemon
Sebelaj Player Left Almond
house player ke-3 Kuroemon (Why Emondo Number player 2 on the other hand!?)
First House Player Hyoroemon (Highest player in Dorabase team)
Pakuemon Catcher
House player ke-2 Pyokoemon
Hiroshi Pitcher (The right side player make me worried)

Pg 6
In the first stage in the second round, the attack of the team are catcher Hirai Howaita!
Although we have already collected four points Hiroshi Could throw the ball again to obtain more points?
simply throw the ball!
Continue to throw it so easy ... brands can be impossible to collect four points before this!

Pg 7

What ..?!
Alright! Download!
The ball dropped!?
What Kuro, terkejutkah?
poem when you learn how to throw so?
when you're practicing alone, too!
Pizza delivery so sore hand part is already gone!

Pg 8

Hiroshi, great!
Hiroshi throwing the ball pretty! We are already more confident!
Apparently it .. 4 points
Providing high-blow to the team so Howaita.


Hell! What it means throwing the ball down?!
Do not worry! Ni is only the second round!
Shiro! I already can not bear ...
Hirai, do not ...
You all really are useless!
I have to depend on yourself ...
Although I'm also angry rice we have to depend on Shiro to score points later ...

Pg 10

We get zero points again! Fool us this robot cat!

Kuro is usually no problem even though he failed in the exam!
bat the ball knocked out!

Pg 11

Yes! Did I know how to play baseball like this?!
I can cope with other people in the game of baseball!
Obviously you're a robot cat that is not useful!
I did not only learn, but did not know how to play baseball!
The first time I hit the target!

Pg 12

House-to-2 players!
Alright! The first time I collect points!
I'm tired! yeah! already won!

Pg 13

You can not depend on other people ...
In order to gain the victory ...
have to rely on yourself!
Like this ... throwing the ball pretty ..

Pg 14

if had such a ball throw, no one is willing to hit the ball this!
Ball demon form W! A player has been out from the team Dorabase after 3 times trying to beat!

Pg 15
Never mind! As long as we still collect points, Hiroshi!
Yes! we already have 4 points!
In the initial stage, lap-3, reached the middle of the turn the player base, number seven players named Oki!
Why is there a flower here?
Tired ..
What should I do now?

Pg 16

What .. throwing helplessly ...
Secrets of the team dorabase- Guriemon No.9
Players have the right to pursue and retreat from the baseball team dorabase.
remove the glasses, by chance ...

Pg 17

Arrived, after throwing the ball Hiroshi became listless at all!
What's that?
Forgetful flower
howaita team has adopted a kind of gadget!
SIGN: -Small Light
-Antenna Radio
- Forgetful Flower
In this competition each team is allowed to use magic device 3 times!
shiro stirred such interest?
yeah .. we are already late!

Pg 18

Now, came the turn of shikahama.
Pitcher will throw the ball further! cautious!
it does not matter!
the words are true, shiro!
be! Ball flied to left!

Pg 19

dorabase teams also used gadgets! they have had to put a radio antenna to control the motion of each object selected!
Let us also use gadgets
ah! I want to play well
This is not a toy
Eh! Komatsu! You hit the ball hard like this! You must be careful!

Pg 20

Player OUT!
after this tournament, you're already eliminated from our team!
later! shiro, a player like you should not do this!
Baseball is dependent on the cooperation of the team members is not it?
they are one of my chess!
If they do not act according to my instructions, they should be eliminated...

Pg 21

howaita forces that want victory, they must depend on me alone!
how dare you .. act so!
came the turn of the most powerful of Howaita Team, shiroemon!
If I was not able to prevent the advance of Shiro, we will quickly be overcome once!
Kuro, do not know what the weaknesses of shiro!
Like this?
What kind of throw the ball? I have to hit the ball it gets to all the audience seats!
Pg 22


Pg 23

full stroke of Shiro!
He also successfully pay back the four points that he gifted earlier!
Kuro, you tricked me!
Did not you message me to throw my ball into the middle of the field?

Pg 24

you accidentally let me throw the ball at the Hiroshi!
you are aware now!?
fun! we are not indebted to anyone now!
Em .. Our competition starts now!

Pg 25


TN: Maybe 18 will come on Nov 3 rd .. TRANSLATED BY 99890

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