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Doraemon 94

The 6 million yen painting

+ posted by raghu2345 as translation on May 24, 2011 04:43 | Go to Doraemon

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Chapter 94: The 6 million yen painting.

Pg 56:

OLD MAN: Isn’t it Nobi-kun?
Nobita’s Father: Yeah, me, me!
OM: I missed you. We met since a decade.
NF: You became very famous now.
OM: Not like that, and you’re grown up now.
OM: You’re still painting?
NF: No, Already given up completely.
N: Have you seen him?
D: Yeah, he appeared in a picture of the Shinbun Journal.

Pg 57

OM: Once in a while, please be visiting my house.
NF: Yes, thanks.
NF: The person I met? Karabara-sensei the western- painter.
D: Wow! A famous person.

Pg 58

NF: This is one of the paintings from Sensei’s journal.
N: What! This looks like a scribbled painting.
NF: Idiot! One of his painting costs 6 million yen.
N: Such great sensei, why he is with Papa?
NF: How did I get to know about him?
NF: Sensei lived in an apartment near our house. So I went there regularly to see the paintings.
Those days we were awfully struck by poverty.
Nobody really appreciated Sensei’s paintings.
It was 100 yen at first and its price grew.
It became 200, 300 yen day by day.
N: Why didn’t you buy?
D: The 100 yen would become 6 million yen.
N: He’s a fool.
D: Really a fool.

Pg 59

D: That is it.
DN: Time Machine!
N: We’ll go to Sensei’s house in the past and buy the pictures.
Savings altogether form 98 yen.
D: Now what should we do?
N: Mother ~!
Have you ever thought of getting 6 million yen for 100 yen..
M: What nonsense talks are those!
You’re insistent!
N: There was a loan of the 1000 yen during Otoshidama.
D: Now, let us go.
N: We should go to the neighbourhood of Shouwa 24th year.
D: That is, 25 years back.

Pg 60

N:Landed in the storage room. Is that our house?
D: After this, I’m undoubtedly sure what will come next.
N: There is a lot of vacant area to remain there.
D: Very good .
N: This side got changed into a bowling alley in the Shouwa 43rd year. (Possibly 19 years later)
N: This house got burnt into fire.
D: It is none of your business.

Pg 61

N: That is the apartment.
And that is the door.
Excuse me.
Sensei: if it is the rent, I’m not paying it.
N: I haven’t come for taking rent.
S: I’m not paying for the Shinbun Newspaper.
D: We’re different.
S: Noodle Shop? Rice Shop? Liquor shop? At the moment, I don’t have even a single yen.
Eh, you aren’t money collectors? What work do you have with me?
N: Hey, young indeed.
S: 12?? My picture’s buyers?
My paintings? O..Ours?

Pg 62

S: Thanks.
The first one! The first one is you.
Really, the whole fools in the society discriminated my artistic skill.
Almost no one recognized my paintings! Moreover, they told me to stop it or even think about it.
You’re the first person in sight who wants my paintings.
D: You absolutely shouldn’t resign your artistic talent.
N: Now, you could desire of becoming a great Sensei of painters in Today’s Japan.
S: I’m self-confident now.
S: Great!
Let’s go and you pick your favourite paintings..

Pg 63

N: Hey, it looks like a scribbled painting..
D: hey, it is 6 million yen painting! We could gather that money..
N: This is 1098 yen. Take it.
S: Great! I’m seeing a dream..
S: Wait a second.
This is toy money.
N: Eh?
You’re wrong. My mom gave it..
D: Wait!
The money you gave him was to be published later.
S: Were you teasing me?
D: We’ll return..
N: Bye!
I’m thinking something.

Pg 64

D: I never anticipated this event.
N: I wonder if we could have antique money.
We could take the money from Suneo’s ancient coin collection.
D: Good Idea.
Sun: Hey, do you want to see my precious collection?
I collected this collection with huge hardwork.
D: No, that doesn’t matter to us.
D: Let’s search.
S: What are you doing?
N1: There is the money published during the year Shouwa 24th.
N2: All coins form totally 800 yen.

Pg 65

N: Now we could happily exchange the 800 yen for a 6 million yen.
S: Wait a second, idiot!
S: It costs 9000 yen!
D: So much expensive?
S: Why are you astonished? At today’s price, it sells at this cost.
N: Only 300 yen is remaining.
D: The money value has increased.
DN: Kakihara- Sensei, this time we’ll buy your paintings.
NF: Sensei has gone outside.
If it is money collectors, I don’t have money.
N: You look like someone I know.
Like pop.. No.. Are you Nobi-san?
NF: That’s right.
N: he’s cute.
D: He was a child then.

Pg 66

NF: Weird kids.
D: Hey, Nobi-san, could you paint a picture for us.
NF: Sure.
My dream is to become an artist.
N: No, you’re wrong!
D: You’ll become a salaryman in the future! Understand?
NF: Who are you? Get lost from here..
N: Please draw the picture and fulfil your promise.
NF: I like to have a border.
N: Let me do so then.
NF: How about this?
N: I think this is the best ever.
D: Atleast, he did something, I guess it works.
N: Well then, Good luck.
D: Sorry for interrupting you.

Pg 67

M: Indeed.
N: Papa, see this.
NF: Ah.
Please see! My painting which was made when I was in middle school.
D: This wasn’t the 6 million yen picture.
(It means that only the Sensei’s pictures were worth 6 million, these fools didn’t have artistic ability to distinguish their father’s painting from Sensei’s. So, in the end, they didn’t get any money.)

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