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Doraemon 98

The Girl with the red shoes.

+ posted by raghu2345 as translation on May 28, 2011 04:08 | Go to Doraemon

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Chapter 98: The Girl with the red shoes.

Pg 89

M: I always told you to keep your room clean and arranged.
M: Make sure all the junk is cleaned.
D: Hurry up, all the things are scattered around, clean it..
Simply because, if Mom is in a good mood, she won't abuse us..
D: What the heck..
Why don't you clean?
D: That.
D: What are you seeing?

Pg 90

N: This shoes..
Brings back memories.
N: Now, the memories are barely unforgettable.
D: Whose shoes are that?
N: It was Non- chan's, who was a foreign girl who had maroon coloured hair.
N: We used to play that house game. She was the mother.
We used to play together daily.
This story happened when I was in kintergarden.
N: I've got to go to work.
I'll come soon.
No: Take this..
N: My lunch..
I'm not hungry, Non-chan.

Pg 91

No: Good! Now take this.
N: Thanks.
No: Return soon.
N: See you then.
S: Hey!
S: You shouldn't be playing house.
G: Yeah!
G: He loves Non-chan so much.
N: It's a lie.
G: He became blushy.
N: I don't like her so much.
S: If that is true,
G: Then bully Non-chan.
No: Welcome Back.

Pg 92

No: Today's dinner is steak.
G: Quick.. Quick..
S: You have her shoe in your hand.
G: Good.
S: Now you're a real boy..
No: W-a-n!
N: Later, one day I didn't feel to play.
N: Every night i used to come out of the house nervously.
N: I used to think that for sure, Non-chan wouldn't mind my teasing at that incident.
N: I used to be thinking that all the time.
N: Everyone said Non-chan.
N: I didn't mention Non-chan to anyone.

Pg 93

N: The following day, I was outside of her house.
N: She had illness.
N: A week or so..
N: She didn't return to school.
M: Non-chan 's family has transferred.
N: She went to meet her grandpa from America.
N: They went in a ship from the Yokohama Harbour
N: And she went to America.
N: I could never meet her family and herself again.
N: But why they had to do such a silly thing?
N: I had to apologize when I returned this shoe.
N: I want to bid her a good farewell again.

Pg 94

D: How would you apologize to her now?
N: Hmmm, I can't. The story was in the past.
N: Yeah! That is it!
N: We'll use the Time Machine.
N: Go to the day Non-chan was transferring.
N: Ah! Nostalgia!
Rdm: Non-chan is there.
N: There!
M: We have to start out soon, Non-chan.
No: But..

Pg 95

No: Nobi-kun had to..
No: Bid me a farewell..
M: But Nobi-chan is at the kintergarden.
M: Grandpa's car will be here soon anytime.
N: Non-chan!
Pardon! Pardon!
No: Who are you, brother?
N: I am, Look, I am!
No: Mom!
M: Who it is?
D: It is of course awkward.
D: Bidding farewell had to be done by Past Nobita, not you.
N: Oh! Then I can't meet Non-chan for the moment.
D: You could use The Time Cloth.

Pg 96

D: While you go inside, I'll revert back the time.
N: I can't stand it because my clothes are too loose.
No: Nobi-chan.
N: These are your shoes found the other day,
And eat these candies inside the ship.
No: Take all these tools.

Pg 97

DN: goodbye!
D: They went.
N: I'm happy, as I met her after a regretting long interval.
N: These things that Non-chan gave me, will be precious.
M: How come did the garbage increase again?
N: Hey, which is here a garbage?
(He meant that it isn't garbage but 'priceless antiques')


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