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Doraemon 102

The Loch Ness Monster

+ posted by raghu2345 as translation on Jan 16, 2012 12:04 | Go to Doraemon

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102: The Loch Ness Monster

Mom: Are you preparing for the presentation?
If it’s Dorami helping you, it can’t be better
Good luck!
If you get good mark, I will give you a reward
Dorami: Your research is intensive now
Nobita: I will definitely beat Suneo in today’s discussion
Dorami: Of course. Suneo will be no match for you
Good luck!
(last panel): The discussion: Loch Ness Monster – truth or myth?

Giant: Silent please!
Today I will host the discussion
Nobita, who believes the Loch Ness monster exists, will present first…
… then it will be Suneo’s turn. Afterwards, I will be the judge and decide the winner
Suneo: I will definitely win
Giant: Now, Nobita, why do you think the Loch Ness monster really exists?
Nobita: First, please take a look at this map
This is the Loch Ness Lake
Do you notice the Xs that appear along the lake? That’s where the monster were spotted up until now
Giant: Can you be more specific?
Nobita: In year 565, which was more than 1400 years ago…
…the writer Andersen mentioned of a dragon that appeared on the lake’s surface via the testimony of an American witness
Then in 1933, when people were building the walkway around the lake, they saw a bizarre monster going up and down the lake
In 1934, a fisherman named Khenben was believed to have seen the monster. He told people that its body was hundreds meter long and its neck alone was big and long like a giant snake
In that same year, people took the first picture of the beast. The author of this famous picture was a British doctor who was touring Scotland
In 1936, another witness named Arasen saw the monster, and told that it was like an ancient dinosaur
Suneo: Stop! Enough!
Even if you continue, no one will believe what you say
Nobita: Why is that?
Suneo: Because all you have been saying are just collected from vague and unreliable sources
Suneo: …what if they were all mistaken and took something else for the monster?
Giant: Right. What if they were all mistaken?
Nobita: Wait a sec
I have the proof. Here are all the pictures of the Loch Ness monster up to date
This is Schwart’s, taken in 1935
This is K Wilson’s, taken that same year
This one is P. A. Mecknep’s, a Turkey journalist
This one is Okona’s, taken in 1941
PPl: Wow, how did he find all these picture?
So the monster must be true then
Giant: Suneo, do you admit defeat?
Suneo: Not yet, just let Nobita finish
Dorami: I’m nervous
I wonder if Nobita can beat Suneo
Let’s go and check
I heard that Suneo is very smart and full of tricks up his sleeves
Although Nobita did a lot of research
He is clumsy and way too honest
Nobita: The Birmingham University decided to use radar detectors to scan the bottom of the lake
The result was very interesting and unexpected: There was indeed a giant monster at the bottom of the lake
PPl: The monster must be true then
Yeah, there’s no more doubt
Giant: If so, I announce that Nobita is the winner
Suneo: Hold on!
Actually, there were lots of different opinions on the result of Birmingham University’s research
Some said that it was the monster, while some insisted that it was only a log, or a sunken ship
Dorami: I will use this exploration ship…
…to find out whether the monster is real or not
I hope that it’s not just a myth…
Suneo: now I will analyze the Nobita’s pictures
I will divide these into 2 groups
Group 1 will be the fake ones using the cut paste and overlay technique. We can easily figure this out if we examine the picture carefully
Group 2 are the ones that do indeed seem real
This one for example
It has been analyzing very thoroughly by the biologist Morris Bain on the news
When we look at the picture, what we see is a giant dinosaur with its head on the surface
But in reality, with low distance and small angle of shooting as the diagram below, then it is safe to assume that monstrous neck is just .. 0.6m, nothing more, nothing less
When we compare this to a diving beaver, it fits perfectly
And finally, this is very incredible
Nobita claimed that the monster appeared in year 565 and live until now
Is there anything that can live for more than 14 centuries?
PPl: Yeah…how can it live for more than 14 centuries?
It’s not believable
I agree with Suneo then. The monster is just a myth
Giant: I then decide Suneo is the winner
Nobita: Wait! I’m not finished yet!
Giant: What now? The whole class agreed with Suneo. Do you have any complain?
Nobita: I keep on insisting…
…and finally Giant gave1 week more to find more evidence
Dorami: Great!
Nobita: What’s so great about that? Giant made me promised that if in 1 week...
… I don’t have more evidence, then I will have to apologize to Suneo, and then let him kick my ass
Dorami: Don’t worry. I will find the evidence for you
Nobita: What? You will take the monster here?
Dorami: Yeah. I found out a path that linked the Lock Ness Lake and the lake behind our school
I let the exploration ship to go to Loch Ness Lake
And scatter food as bait
When it finds the monster, it will take the monster with it
And go back the path it made
Nobita: And so it will be in our lake?
Dorami: Yeah!
Mom: Why do you wake up so early today?
Nobita: I have some work to do
Nobita: I’m no nervous
So this is the path that the exploration ship made
But I don’t have the strength to swim to Scotland
I can only wait
Suneo: Remember you only have 5 days left Nobita!
Dorami: Don’t worry. The ship is very fast. It will bring the monster here in 3 days
Nobita: I will let the whole class se the monster so they will believe me
Dorami: You can’t! You will be in trouble
Suneo seeing it alone is sufficient
If many people saw it, they would panic
Nobita: Yeah, you are right
Suneo: So Nobita today is the end of the week
Where’s your proof? Let me see it
Why do you lead me around the lake?
Nobita: wait a bit more
Suneo: I’m going home
Nobita: Just wait; there will be proof soon…
What now, Dorami
It’s enough!
It dark now, I have to go home!
No more talk!
You lost, get it?
But there’s still 3 hours left isn’t it?
Stop! You have to see the proof!
There must be something wrong
Dorami: Let me go and check
Dorami: The monster is here!
Hurry up!
Go fetch Suneo!
Nobita: Great! Finally…
.. he will have to admit that the monster is real
.. he will have to apologize and let me kick his ass
Hey Suneo, wake up
Wake up and see the proof yourself!
Giant: Who is that?
Nobita: It’s Giant’s voice, I knocked the wrong house
Giant: You little..
…show yourself..
.. .you destroyed my sleep!
Nobita: Suneo! Wake up! Wake up!
Suneo’s mom: Suneo is not home tonight
Dorami: Why so slow? Where is suneo?
Nobita: He doesn’t sleep at home tonight
Dorami: So it will all be in vain..
Nobita: Arrrr..why now?
Dorami: Should we take pictures of the monster?
Nobita: He won’t believe it
Dorami: Not good. Someone saw the monster
We will have to take it back to Loch Ness Lake, or we will be in great trouble
Nobita: Can’t we keep it here?
Dorami: It’s too tight in this lake. It will die
Besides, it’s used to Loch Ness’s food and climate. If we force it to live here, it will go on rampage!
Nobita: So it’s in vain, but there’s no other way..
.. tomorrow I will have to apologize to Suneo and let him kick my ass
Dorami: I’m sorry, we tried our best…
Giant: It existed, don’t you get it?
Dorami: Stop Giant
Nobita: What’s the matter?
Giant: Yesterday I was sleeping sound when someone knocked the door and force me to wake up
Then I go back to the bed, but I couldn’t sleep so I took a walk around the lake
And you know what? I saw clearly with my eyes a monster exactly like the Loch Ness
… and Suneo claimed that it didn’t exist
No! No! I changed my mind!…
I really do believe that the Loch Ness monster exists!...

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