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Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place 2


-> RTS Page for Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place 2

Touhou Sangetsusei : Oriental Sacred Place --- Chapter 2
Reserved for mr_ark.

[Page 1]
Touhou Sangetsusei
Oriental Sacred Place
Chapter 2 Behind the shrine Last part
Who’s the one making the offerings?
Author: ZUN Artist: Hirasaka Makoto

[Page 2]
Star: There’s no one inside.

Star: Let’s go!
Sunny: Infiltrating!
Luna: Wai—

[Page 3]
Luna: Owie...
Star: Oh, my.
Sunny: Jeez, you’re such a klutz, Luna.
Luna: Shut up.

Luna: Come to think of it,
I’ve never explored the inside of the shrine.

Sunny: It’s kind of creepy.
Where’s the altar?
Star: An altar inside a shrine gives me a weird feeling.
Luna: Why?

Star: Well, an altar is a tiny shrine, right?
Luna: Really?
Star: Well, appearance-wise.

Star: A tiny shrine inside a big shrine...
Sunny: A fractal shrine, huh?

[Page 4]
Sunny: Hmm...
Star: If it’s not on the earth floor, is it in this room, then?

Sunny: Ah!

Sunny: There it is!
Star: That’s it, right?

Luna: Looks like there’s nothing there right now, as expected.
Sunny: Well, Marisa just got one from here earlier after all.

[Page 5]
Star: Let’s go back to our place before the shrine maiden comes back, then.
We only came here today to confirm where the altar is.
Sunny: Yeah, let’s.

Sunny: Ahaha!
From now on, the offerings will always be ours—

Sunny: Eh?

[Page 6]
Sunny: Cheers!

[Page 7]
Sunny: Man,
So the whole thing about wine being left at the altar was true!
Star: It’s totally worth sneaking in there every now and then.
Luna: But before that

Sunny: Hmm?
What is it?
Luna: You have to ask me?
Who exactly is the one who left this wine there?

Luna: We were at the entrance,
And there was no one else in that room, right?

[Page 8]
Sunny: We were just unable to see that person, don’t you think?
That’s all it is.

Luna: But even so,
Don’t you wonder, for example, why that person left the wine there, or something...?

Sunny: Why?
It’s pretty normal to offer wine to Gods, you know?
Star: And it’s pretty normal to take a little bit of those offerings, too.

Luna: If it’s an offering, it should be for the shrine, right?
Why would it be at the altar inside the shrine...?

?: Who knows.
Well, anyway, let’s forget about it and drink!

[Page 9]
The next day

Luna: Hmm...

Luna: An altar is a shrine in normal household,
Its use and worshipping method aren’t much difference from those of a shrine.

Star: What’s wrong?
Are you studying?

Luna: Hey, as I thought, it might be strange for an altar to be inside a shrine, you know?
After all, an alter is something like a miniature shrine.

Star: Hmm... Then that must mean
It worships a different God than the one of the shrine.

Luna: In the first place, I wonder what God Hakurei shrine worships.

[Page 10]
Star: Who knows

Sunny: Owie...
Star: Good morning, Miss Late-sleeper.

Sunny: Fufufu
I’ve heard all of your conversation.
Luna: Huh?

Sunny: I’ve decided!
Star: on what?

[Page 11]
Sunny: I’m going to solve the mystery of this shrine, little by little!
After all, we’ve moved to live so close to it!

Sunny: There might be more things we can make a profit from like the wine yesterday!

?: You’re right!
In any case, we don’t know that much about that shrine maiden anyway.
Someday, we’re going to overtake that shrine!

?: All right!
let’s do it!

[Page 12]
Marisa: So,
About the wine at the altar
Is it really an offering from someone?

Reimu: No,
I really don’t know.
Marisa: How can that be?
There’s no way something can just appear out of nothing like that.

Reimu: It’s possible.
You know that, right?

Marisa: You mean the outside world?

[Page 13]
Reimu: That’s right.

Reimu: This shrine is built on both the fantasy world and the outside world.
Having something appearing or disappearing out of the blue is an everyday thing.

Reimu: The wine on the altar must be the wine people from the outside world offer to the shrine.
That’s why I have no idea who the person making those offerings is.

Marisa: I see. So it’s wine from the outside world, huh?
No wonder.
Reimu: No wonder what?

Marisa: I thought it was really clean and pure.
Reimu: That wine is supposed to be for Gods, you know?

[Page 14]
Marisa: Well, if that’s the case, Gods live in shrines, right?
But you’re the one living in this shrine,
So there shouldn’t be a problem with you taking what’s yours.

Reimu: So you do understand it.

Marisa: It’s just that...
Wine with lots of impurity stinks, and I prefer it.
Reimu: Fufu
I thought you’d say so.

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