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Suzuka 166

Suzuka 166

+ posted by Reiu as translation on Sep 18, 2007 23:56 | Go to Suzuka

-> RTS Page for Suzuka 166

No Japanese text this time, as I don't have time before heading to the airport...

The ringing of the chapel bells... yes, today is their...

Yamato, your tie is loose! Wear it properly!
I know!

I can't believe you two have already been married for a year
You must have really worked hard to have saved up enough for a wedding

Well, we couldn't get enough for a real wedding reception
but I at least wanted to let her wear a wedding dress...

Chapter 166: Suzuka

(right) I may be hopeless, but I love you with all my heart.
(left) I love you. Now, and forever...

Wow, you look so beautiful, Suzuka-chan!
Th...thank you

It makes me fall for you all over again

Summary: Yamato Akitsuki, who moved to Tokyo on his own from Hiroshima to become a high

school student, and fell in love with Asahina Suzuka after seeing her practicing track! Along the

way (...) anyway, they got married.

Thank you!

Wow, you've grown up a little, Yamato!
Being able to say that so easily
Sh...Shut up

Thank you!

Suzuka, Yamato-kun, it's almost time
Please get ready
Ah, okay

Oh, what's wrong... all of a sudden...

Oh, sorry, Mom. She must be heavy
She must just be a little startled since there are so many people here she doesn't know

She's so cute! What's her name!?
Fuka, written as "summer breeze"

Fuka-chan... Thank God... she doesn't look like you
What you saying? Her eyes look just like mine!

Yamato said he wanted a boy...
but ever since Fuka was born he never wants to leave her side

What a doting parent
Wh..what's wrong with that?

I have to protect her
to make sure that no one strange bothers her

But she really is cute
It kind of makes me want to have one

Oh? I'll help you anytime
...from people like you
Unlike Akitsuki, you haven't changed a bit...

What are you doing? Hurry up
Ah... sorry

Ah, Yamato-kun... can we talk for a bit?
Ah... o...okay

We'll be right there, so you can go head, Suzuka

What was it you wanted to talk about

...you've done well

The past year... you've worked hard
To be frank, I expected you to come crying.

I'm sorry.
Hmm? Why are you apologizing?
I thought I understood your feelings

But having a child...
because she's so precious to me I understand.

I finally understand...
how many hopes you had for your daughter's future
and how hard it must have been for them to go away because of me

It's true that I was looking forward to her future more than anything else

And that's why I really wanted to punch out the 18 year old punch who robbed me of that

that might just be a parent's ego...

It was something she decided and accepted... and not something for me to interfere with
No matter what path she chose... all I ever wished was for her to be happy

And you've fulfilled that wish
Looking at Suzuka, I understand that

...and that's why
I actually should thank you

I feel like...
I can safely entrust Suzuka to you


C'mon, it's your wedding! My daughter's going to be watching, so you need to look sharp!
Ah... sorry

Please take care of them.
...yes. I'll work hard!

Dad, what did you talk to Yamato about? He seemed tense when I just saw him...

It was just a man-to-man talk... don't worry about it.

What's that supposed to mean...

They're coming out!

Ah... I caught the bouquet...
Oh... looks like it's your turn next!

I'm jealous, Honoka-chan... invite me to the wedding, okay!?
Huh!? Huh!?
Ah! I'll go too!

...thank you, Yamato-kun...
Hmm? What for?

Because I am the way I am, I was selfish and did so much to cause you problems
But even so you kept chasing after me...
That made me so happy

C'mon, why are you saying this now?
Of course I did.

But now it's my turn to chase after you

Because I...
couldn't live without you, Yamato-kun

Huh... why are you saying that all of a sudden?
Why? I just thought it...

Hey! You two! Sorry to intrude, but it's time for the wedding picture

C'mon you two, you need to be in middle
You're big, senpai, so you need to be in the back
I'll stand next to Sakurai!
Please take the picture, Ayano-san

Are you ready?
Okay, I'm taking it!

How long are you going to watch TV for, Yamato-kun? You're going to be late.
Ah, sorry

But those two are amazing
Representing Japan in the 100m and 200m

You need to concentrate more on working hard yourself.
Do you want Kinugasa-senpai to get angry at you?
You know he said he'd be watching at the next tournament!

Okay, I'm leaving

Why are you still embarrassed to say it? What a strange Papa...
Stop teasing me!

What is it?

You're not going to kiss me goodbye?


What? I mean, after what you said yesterday...
Oh? What ever could you be talking about, I wonder...

Mama's being a meanie, so I'll give one to Fuka

H...hey, Fuka... you're hurting Papa!

C'mon, let's go, Onii-chan!
Ah, it's your aunt, Fuka
You're going to make Miho-chan angry if you say that

Okay, I'm going
Ah... I'll walk you down the stairs
If you stand still...

nothing changes.

C'mon, hurry! It's already 8 o'clock!
Wah, that's not good!

Goodbye, darling!
Take care, you two!
If you take even a step forward

Give it your best, Yamato-kun!

Yeah! Leave it to me!
I have a feeling something will change

something good will happen!

(right)I don't know about Yamato and Suzuka's plans for a second child, but Seo Kouji-sensei's

next project will be arriving next Spring. Look forward to it!

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#1. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2007
hm,nice story,anyhow,thanks Reiu..
#2. by Fisherman Horizon ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2007
Thanks Reiu for completing the series
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2007
is this the final chapter?? ehhhh, finish so soon!!! thanks anyway for the trans!!!!
#4. by Obxist ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2007
yayyyyy its finish,.. lol,..
that yamato could have a beautiful wife like suzuka ,.. what a lucky bastard

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