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Hellsing 95

Hellsing Final Chapter 95

+ posted by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi as translation on Oct 14, 2008 01:25 | Go to Hellsing

-> RTS Page for Hellsing 95

Hi guys,

I have thought about this for some time and decided to translate the last Hellsing chapter.
I am in a quite comfortable position here. The great guys at Hiranomoe work their asses off every month go get you HQ scanlations of any chapter, no matter how unspectacular, and I only take the "juicy bits", the final chapter everybody wants to read. They deserve all the praise and the page hits.
Therefore this translation is not free for scanlation unless Hiranomoe agree to let you do one.

I hope no one of the Hiranomoe guys (and gals) will have any hard feelings towards me for this.

I'll start with the rough work, and maybe do onomatopoeia when I'm done.

Also note, that I'm not back to translating, I still study at a German university. Not learning enough could mean getting kicked out for good.

Enough comments.

Page 3

1: This is it!

2: It's over

3: Master Integra has won

Page 4

Top left:
but now more than ever
unmistakably beautiful

London, 2030 AD

Page 5

Maxwell (?):
1: Quite a site to see

Your strength is not weakening one bit

1: The Vatican's section 13...
2: I remember asking you to wait in the guest room

1: Well, you see
I never liked just waiting

2: Also I grew weary of sitting around
without even a cup of tea

Page 6

1: Move around too much in a match and you'll get corned
Go home

1: Yes, yes we're leaving

Page 7

1: Technical Officer Makube's defenses where a sieve as always
2: Right now I would win

Heinkel (spoken without lips [no sharp phonemes]):
1: 'ratsh (Brats)
2: zer eyesh are 'lind (their eyes are blind)

{btw: "Heinkel" is not a German name}

1: No, not yet!
2: The Vatican has lost too much in the ninth crusade
3: I can wait
We have waited for 500 years
4: Another 100 or 200 years are nothing
We'll do the next crusade right

Page 8

1: That's it for today

2: Good work, everybody
You are dismissed

3: Good work, Mr. Penwood

4: Your sword skills are coming along quite well

1: Yes, yes
not yet...

2: thank you very much

3: Well.. has...
has my honourable grand... no

4: I wonder if my grandfather ever learned sword fighting?

1: Your...
...honourable grandfather

Page 9

1: He slashed and slashed the advancing Nazi troops to shreds
like Britain has never seen it

2: When he was done with the advancing enemies
he took a bomb around his whole body and blew an enemy airship into bits

1: ...
That's not... true, is it?

1: Oh, it's true
every word is very true

Left of her head: He's Great Britain's patron saint
Under the bubble: I lost my left eye in that sword fight

2: It's true
Also, I need money for a new helicopter

Penwood: Again??

Integra: Pretty please

sfx: *stare*

1: Yes, yes
2: Buhuhuhu
Left of his head: so mean!

Integra: I'm counting on you

Page 10

1: He and his family are really trouble
Left of her head: Aren't some of them mafia?

1: Don't worry
Don't worry yourself too much now
{qualified second opinion welcome}

(pictured as alucard)
2: If I where to die, Hellsing would go down with me
when that happens these people have to carry responsibility

3: From then on politicians have my duties
nowadays no government body is ruled by only one family

4: Also
I'm a little tired

Seras: Eh?
You don't look tired to me...
Left of her: Don't say things like that

Integra: I looked in the mirror this morning and my wrinkles are getting deeper and deeper

Seras: Eh...

Integra: You know what happens when I see wrinkles?

Page 11

Integra: I remember Walter

Walter: Fight, my lady.

Right of her head: What's with her?
1: Don't let it get you down
please don't

Are you still not over him?

2: Don't say things like "when I'm dead"
Just let me suck your blood

3: Cheer up, I'm even mimicking my master for you

4: What did you kick me for now??

1: Don't even say that as a joke IDIOT!
2: it's been decades and you just don't grow up.

Page 12

1: What's taking that idiot Alucard so long anyways?

2: I think he's gone for good

3: Hey you!
I told you to come back!!

1: He'll come
2: I know for certain
cause he drank my blood

1: You've been telling me he'll come for 30 years
2: 30 years!

Page 14

Integra: Maybe it's ok to you as a vampire

Seras: Because I don't get any wrinkles

Top right: You're a naughty kid!!
Bottom right: Is this mouth or that mouth talking
{prolly something from the context of raising a kid in Japanese, don't ask me}

Top left: I... I'm so sorry
Bottom left: Sorry sorry

Page 20

1: What's going on?
2: Master!!

Page 21

1: What a rough welcome
2: And noisy as ever

Seras: MASTER!!

1: You came back late, Alucard
2: What took you so long?

1: I went on killing
2: Inside myself
3: killing my life

Page 22

1: 3424867
2: Except for 14
I killed all and every last one of them
and came

3: Now I am here

4: Now I am nowhere and everywhere
So I am here

1: You're late
bloody late

You're late, Alucard

Alucard: My apologies

Page 23

Integra: You wanted to suck blood
my blood

1: Yes
2: I haven't eaten in 30 years
I'm so hungry

1: I'm a granny now
2: That's what I am

Alucard: I like that

Page 24

Integra: Welcome back, count.

Alucard: I'm home, countess.

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#1. by The Boff ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
a sincere thanks Rikki.

much appreciated!
#2. by Alan Smithee ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
Yup many thanks just having this to read will be enough for most as they wait for the hq scanlations.

Side point but I love the name <3 my favourite Kipling story they just don't write childrens lit like they used to!
#3. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
thx for the trans!
#4. by -Khriz- ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
Thanks a lot!
#5. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
I got frontpaged ^^
#6. by MacTavish ()
Posted on Oct 15, 2008
#7. by tailender1 ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2008
thanks dude that gr8
#8. by Mythsoul ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2008
awesome...thanks....I'm happy that Alucard is alive....but sad that such great manga is over....thanks a bunch for translating

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