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Death Note 103

Death Note Page 103

+ posted by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi as translation on Mar 30, 2006 19:43 | Go to Death Note

-> RTS Page for Death Note 103


This is one of my first manga translations and I'm not an english native speaker, so bear with some mistakes.

As with Japanese I think I have a good textbook knowledge of the language. (I can also speak but that's less important for translations)

Also note, that the trans is quite free, since translations from japanese are imperfect by definition. Translating just the words and the structure does not make an english text.

The translation is free for redistribution, but If you have an IRC channel, I'd like to get a voice (or better) there, if you use it for a scanlation.

I'll update as fast as I can translate it (I'll add the text page per page).
/edit: translation done!

I'll care for a proper formating after you got your fix...
/edit: formating now...
/edit2: njoy! And give me feedback, please.

I’m terrible at names, so correct them please.


What’s happening in the dark Warehouse? Don't do as much as to blink!

_________________________________________________Page 1_________________________________________________

Mikami: 36, 37, 38, 39

Yagami: Near, victory is mine!

Near: !....

_________________________________________________Page 2_________________________________________________

Mikami: 40

_________________________________________________Page 5_________________________________________________

Matsuda: We… we didn’t die … one minute went by … we didn’t die

Near: I told you, you wouldn’t die many times

Mikami: Wh … why???
Why are they not dieing…
G…god… I… I did as you ordered me…

Yagami thinks: Mikami………..

_________________________________________________Page 6_________________________________________________

Yagami thinks: But … but … what is the meaning of this…

Near: Rester, Gevani get Mikami

Mikami: G… god…
*click* (handcuffs)

Near: Gevani, the notebook
See with your own eyes!

_________________________________________________Page 7_________________________________________________

Near: The first four are without a doubt our, the SPK’s, names.
And the only name that is not here is Yagami Light
Furthermore, Mikami referd to you as “God”…
This is a clear case

It’s …

_________________________________________________Page 8_________________________________________________

Yagami: It’s a Trap
This is a Trap!

It’s a trap near made up to make me confess something!
Isn’t it strange you didn’t die because of the notebook?
That proves it’s a trap!

Matsuda: Hu?

Near: Couldn’t it be that we didn’t die is because there is a trick with the notebook?

Yagami: N… No! Y … You have…
Yagami thinks: The one you replaced was the fake one. Mikami brought the real thing…
Yagami: ……..N… No!
It can’t be…….

_________________________________________________Page 9_________________________________________________

It’s a trap… I don’t know that person

Aizawa: Light

_________________________________________________Page 10_________________________________________________

Aizawa: It’s too late
Near has won
You said “victory is mine”
It’s the same as a confession

Matsuda: Light


*click* (handcuffs)

Yagami: S...stop it!

_________________________________________________Page 11_________________________________________________

Yagami: S… stop

_________________________________________________Page 12_________________________________________________

Near: Yagami Light…

You have lost.

You have declared your own victory earlier and really…
You have actually won.
I have lost.

You made Mikami use a fake notebook all the time
To us it seemed real
When I wrote a name in the fake notebook, the person didn’t die.
So I predicted your trick and moved accordingly

We read your thoughts and made another copy of the fake notebook.

_________________________________________________Page 13_________________________________________________

Near: It was my plan to replace the pages so that we won’t die even if our names where written down and then have evidence.

And I purposely let you read that plan…
to have Mikama bring along the real notebook for the first time and kill us all… that was your plan.

I said from the beginning I doctored the notebook. And by that I meant the real one.

In other words, the fake and the real notebook, I manipulated them both, a part of the fake one and the whole real one.

Yagami thinks: Impossible!

_________________________________________________Page 14_________________________________________________

Near: This is the real notebook.

Gevani has spend one night copying it for me. It was crucial that he did it on time. Although he had experience because of changing the pages of the fake book, it must have been hard. But Gevani told me he did it on time.

He used the same pen as Mikami, he even perfectly faked his handwriting. He faked the outside and the inside flawlessly.

_________________________________________________Page 15_________________________________________________

Yagami thinks:
……He faked the real one and replaced it…
It’s a lie…
He couldn’t have done that.
Mikami always hid……

But, then why didn’t the people whose names where written down die…
What’s going on…?

Near: It’s because I touched this real notebook,

that I could see a reaper ever since you came here.

Mr. Reaper, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Near.
(Mr. Reaper sounds as strange as shinigami-san in Japanese, so I think it’s a good trans)

Ryuuku: He he
Nice to meet you

I’m Ryuuku

_________________________________________________Page 16_________________________________________________

Near: Ryuuku…
Until today, I always believed reapers have skull faces and carry scythes

He he … there are ones like that, you know…

Yagami thinks: ……He can talk to Ryuuku…
The fact that he can see him means he really…

Near: When you look closely at this notebook, you can see, that a number of pages have been removed…
When you write names on these cut out pages, will they die?

Ryuuku: Yeah, they’ll die alright.

Yagami thinking: ……Ryuuku…

Near: One can even use a cut notebook…
That generates a lot of ways to use it
No, with this everyone can kill and you fooled us all the time…

_________________________________________________Page 17_________________________________________________

Near: Yagami Light, you are Kira.

Yagami thinking: ……not… not yet…

_________________________________________________Page 18_________________________________________________

Some… something about this trick…
I always made Mikami use the fake notebook. They couldn’t have replaced the real one ……!...

C…could it be that Mikami has betrayed me…?

No… it’s improbable that Mikami double-crosses me… he’d rather die… that’s how Mikami is.
If he was cornered…

Near: You’re wrong!

It’s thanks to Mello.

You’re smart, so you’ll get it even if I say no more.

Next time: “Answer”!

Why didn’t Near die? ... “It’s thanks to Mello” – what does that mean? ... Next time: The Truth!

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#1. by Miso ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2006
Wow - many thanks for this! :ossu
#2. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Thanks a lot for doing this, the first DN translator on this forum! *don't mind me hating you for spoiling myself by reading T_T, do you? i don't want to hate myself, you see... j/k * :p
#3. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Quote by Khaludh :

Thanks a lot for doing this, the first DN translator on this forum! *don't mind me hating you for spoiling myself by reading T_T, do you? i don't want to hate myself, you see... j/k *

Hate me to your hearts content. :)

@every1: I'm your humble servant and thank you very much for the feedback.
#4. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Btw, MnK will probably scanlate with this, just so you know ;) thanks a lot again :thumbs
#5. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
It's an hono(u)r.

Feel free to reword it as you like.
#6. by xallisto ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Awesome stuff :)

much much much thanks since we are in desperate need of a DN translator :)
#7. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Btw, awesome new name :) better then policeman :p
#8. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
I fixed some minor issues... should be ok now...

Quote by Khaludh :

Btw, awesome new name :) better then policeman :p

Yeah... there is nothing cooler than Kipling's mongoose... :smile-big
#9. by gto0o ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Man u r huge !!!!! Yesss :smile-big

Just a while ago i found a translation posted by Policeman ??? and i 'm almost done with the scanlation.

I'll fix whatever i can using ur translation ... and post it as soon as possible :) man many many thnx !!!

It's great to have a translator here for DN

U'll have ur credits of cource
[br]Posted at: 31 March 2006, 00:11:42_________________________________________________I guess i used this translation before getting fixed .. but i'm not sure
#10. by xallisto ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Yes he changed his name from policeman to what it is now :)
#11. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Policeman was the name I made up when I joined my first forum, years ago. I don't want to get famous under that name... it was kinda lame...

Also, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is easyly abridgeable as RTT. I like it if it's like in the PSP Homebrew scene now, that ppl know who I am by just three letters... like Nihonjintailor here.
#12. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Hey, hey, change your sig to : "The Artist formerly known as Policeman" :D :D :D
#13. by gto0o ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2006

I've just posted the scanlation ..

Thanks again for the translation!!!

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