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Doubles Volume 1

Vol. 1 Conditions of Regeneration

+ posted by robokitti as translation on May 6, 2013 17:13 | Go to Doubles


Cover page
Comic Terminal Kenichi Kotani
Pg. 1

Vol. 1 Doubles

Pg. 3

Vol. Contents

1. Conditions of regeneration----3
2. Unknown Talent----------------52
3. Yui's Determination-----------97
4. Duo Breakup?------------------143

Pg. 4

Conditions of Regeneration
Pg. 5
National high school baseball championship
Kanagawa district qualifying final

Hexagon High 1
Yokohama High 0

Announcer: Blessed with a body 6ft tall freshman Rui Katagiri has propelled his school to the finals! Will he be able pull off a perfect game one last time?

It's the first play at Koshien Stadium.

Pg. 6

*Hexagon shopping district* Kanagawa prefecture

Announcer: 9th inning hexagon high has the lead!!!
2 outs 2-3 Full count!!

Rui: That Ferrari is calling me!

Man: Hiroshi you're here resting why don't you go see your son in this proud moment?
Rui's Father: If we get a victory I'll close up the shop.

Pg. 7
Umpire: I...I couldn't see it. How should I call it?
Foul...Foul Ball!!

Rui: Foul Ball!! Katagiri without a perfect game..?
Hey asshole -you messing around? It was right in the middle!

Pg. 8
Rui: This dumb ref ! I wonder if your head can turn that way!
Announcer: Hexagon high's freshman Rui Katagiri age 16 is OUT!
After a dramatic shift in the game hexagon high has suffered defeat and it’s time to say goodbye.

Pg. 9
One week later
Father: Do you understand what you've done?
Causing all this commotion-do you think you can make excuses to your poor departed mother?
Sister: Isn't that enough father, he understands!

Father: Understands? This guy isn’t thinking at all about how to live his life.
Rui: I AM thinking....I don’t want to live a pathetic life like my dad…
Father: Wha...what did you...?
Rui: A Ferrari! That's my goal!
Father: Ferra...eh?

Pg. 10
National Winner
Pro Scout
30 Million or more Contract
Guy: hey... you Rui Katagiri?
Rui: eh? A scout?
If the contract is more than $300,000 any team is ok!

Guy: uh...not baseball…sumo.
Rui: I’ll kill you!
Guy: I see....though you're big you could probably become the next "Wolf"*!
Why don't you bring this up to your parents for me?

Note:*"The Wolf" also known as Chiyonofuji Mitsugu was a famous Yakuza Sumo player.

Pg. 11
Rui’s Father: hey! I'm doing catering for a tennis club! You're just hanging around every day why don't you help out in the shop?
Who do you think you can thank for your meals?
Rui: That Ferrari is hopeless...
If only I was born the son of a doctor or a lawyer or a real estate agent...that Ferrari would come so easy.
I got no chance!

Stranger in car: Hey watch it punk!
Rui: how annoying...what I got some mud on ya?!

Pg. 12
Rui: ...P...Porsche...
I hope we got insurance on this delivery cab...

Pg. 13
Rui: a Girl!?
Girl: are you okay?! are you hurt?
Rui: Haha* As you can see I'm fit as a fiddle... invincible!
Girl: ...
Weren't you looking when you ran through! You ignored the light!

Pg. 14
Girl: I'm really in a hurry so...I think I can give the testament to the police.
*door slam*
Rui: I can live without compensation...
I survived...
Rui: My bad sorry I'm late!
That worn out road was all crowded they need to rebuild it!
Woman 1: Did you bring the fried rice?
Woman 2: You're more than an hour late after I ordered!
Pg. 15
Mr.Kuroda: So why'd you quit school? What about baseball?
Rui: I thought I'd take some time off baseball...you're really crazy about tennis aren't you.

Mr. Kuroda: Yeah tennis is number one. Are you thinking about trying it out?
Rui: I got time and even housewives do it right?

90' Men's winners
Ranking No. 1
Stephen Hamburg
Wimbledon Special Prize Winner
The Best!

Rui: Two hundred and sixty Million?!

Pg. 16
Rui: What did you say a tennis player earns?
Mr.Kuroda: well Becker is 20 –something and he earns nearly 1.2 billion so far...
Rui: 1.2 billion at 20!
Even one million....
Mr.Kuroda: Real story of a pro living on top of the world...
Rui: Even if I buy three Ferraris I'll still have some cash left over!

Pg. 17
Rui: I didn't know old hags played tennis like that...
I'd earn hundreds of millions...
Rui: it’s that girl from before!

Pg. 18
Mr. Kuroda: That girl is a promising Jr. member of my club.
A very spirited Freshman.

Yui Morio High School division of the Phoenix school

Rui: Phoenix school...you mean that little girls and boys school?

Mr.Kuroda: …she’s sort of a trouble maker so there isn’t much interest in her - it’s no use keeping an eye on her.
Pg. 19
Rui: So is this a present from your daddy...that’s nice…
So rich freshman can drive around in Porsches eh?
Yui: The club didn't tell me...Wait! What are you doi...?!
Rui: It’s automatic!
Pg. 20
Rui: I thought you were going to call the cops or something...
Yui: what's with this guy....
Rui: 30 minutes and boom gone!
Rui: It's a little different than a Ferrari...but it’s got spirit. Your parents make you drive this around by yourself...I feel for ya.

Yui: My mom and dad are gone...

Pg. 21
Rui: Do you live by yourself?
Girl: Kinda...I live with my maid.
Rui: What about your parents?
Girl: Dad is in Africa, he's crazy about his research on gorillas...and as a journalist mom is always flying around the world...they're pretty much never in Japan. The two of them probably don't even love me.
Pg. 22
Rui: haha…There are a lot of bad feelings between you guys.
At your age I didn’t think you’d bother wondering if your parents care or not.
You’ve really thought it out.… but they’ll be back. You should follow your dreams and not worry about them. It’s probably better not to have them on your back anyways.
I’m jealous.
I’m only thinking about reaching my dreams. We can forget about all the bad things.
Yui: dreams…?
Rui: yeah our dreams…
Pg. 23
Yui: Anyways I'm Yui Morio.
Rui: I'm Rui Katagiri. You free tonight?
Sister: Dad! Rui is talking to some girl in a foreign car!
Rui: I should give you a ride on my bike for you letting me ride in your Porsche
The Porsche is less thrilling!
Yui: Actually…My mom is coming home tonight! Bye Bye!
Rui: That firm ass would’ve loved it…
Stupid rich girl….
Pg. 24
Yui: I hit the garage when I was parking the car. I’d like to have it repaired but…I don’t want it to be out in the roadway. It would be bad if father knew about it. That’s okay! Dad is busy thinking about his gorillas more than he is about me.
Pg. 25
Yui: Mrs. Tomi what is with this dinner? Tonight mom is coming to Ginza…
Mrs. Tomi: In your absence I received a call from your mother…
Yui: When is she coming home?
Mrs. Tomi: There’s been some trouble she said in East Europe so she’ll be back in about 2 or 3 months.
Yui: That’s how it always is with them…
Pg. 26
Yui: Those two don’t love me at all!
I don’t care if they never come home!
I was so devoted to tennis but I’m actually relieved. I can’t really be considered a failure…
Rui’s Echo: If you’re free tonight you can go for a ride on my bike…
It’s more thrilling than that Porsche
Yui: That’s it I’ll be bad!
Pg. 27
Sister: I’m sorry were closed.
Yui: um…Is Rui home?
Sister: It’s the dumb rich foreign car driving daughter!
Rui’s Father: Him and some rich daughter?
Pg. 28
Rui: what happened to your mom?
Yui: This is the first time I've ever done this!
Rui: Isn't it awesome! It really is the best.
It's a curve -hold on tight!
Pg. 29
Rui: That's scary...we dropped to a low speed-
Oh fuck -don't move!
Pg. 31
Yui: What's happening...?
Rui: our...our bodies are getting sucked up...
Pg. 32
Yui: Who is that?
Stranger: I am Mizusaki your heaven guide.
Due to your sudden death you are now in the spirit world.
Guide: Look-quite a stunning death!!
Since I'm your guide please come with me...
Yui: did you say heaven?? just...just wait a minute!

Pg. 34
Guide: Coming here was a favor from god...you should be thankful you're not going to hell...
Yui: I'm only 15! I don't want to go to heaven yet! I haven't experienced love yet- I want to wear my wedding dress!
Rui: I have dreams! This is a joke right?!
Pg. 35
Rui: If...If I'm really dead then let me live one more time...
I'm begging you! I have dreams to achieve!!!
Guide: What is it that you must accomplish?

Rui: He probably won't understand about the ferrari...
In short I won't just get handed a ferrari I'll have to earn it.
Outloud* Tennis...
Pg. 36
Rui: Victory at Wimbledon!
Guide: Wimbledon...
Yui: no way...he does tennis too?
Rui: It's been my purpose in life ever since I was a little kid!
Pg. 37
Guide: Wimbledon eh?
That brings me back...
Actually before I came here I dreamed of being center court at Wimbledon...but unfortunately death chose me and I had to throw away my dreams...
Yui: So you did tennis too!!!
Guide: Reaching for that kind of dream, to be frank, it is nearly impossible, it’s a bitter and painful path.
Pg. 38
Rui: I can endure hardships for my dreams no matter how painful! So bring me back to life!!
Yui: ...you played tennis too...you should understand how he feels...

Guide: I will bring you back to life, but you must promise not to violate these three conditions. Let me think......
Pg. 39
Guide: Condition number one- No matter how difficult you must fulfill your dream of winning at Wimbledon. You must learn to support each other as winning requires cooperation. This is condition number two.
Actually this child also came to me a little while ago because of the carelessness of its parents. This child also has no sins and my heart wants to see her resurrected.
Condition three- you two must raise this child with responsibility and affection! Can you promise to these three conditions?
Pg. 40
Yui: Hold on! How can we raise that kid?!
Rui: We…We agree to everything now hurry up and bring us back to life!!
Guide: If you don't keep your promise I'll bring you back here do you understand?
Rui: We understand!!
Guide: well then- Good luck!
Pg. 41
Pg. 42
Yui: Here...is...
Rui: We’re back to life!!!
Yui: yeah..!!
Baby: papa mama
Pg. 43
Rui: It’s that brat the ghost bastard was carrying!
What is it doing here?
Yui: It’s like he said! "Condition three- raise this child with responsibility and affection..."That's what he wanted.
Yui: This is all because you said OK without listening to the conditions!
Rui: That definitely wasn’t the situation.
Pg. 44
Baby: Papa
Rui: I'm not your papa!
Okay Run!!!
Pg. 45
Rui: It’s not like we're really breaking our promise...we can't just raise that brat...
Man: You two are students eh? Meeting some dirty friends at the hotel did ya?
Rui: Why don't you sober up you drunk?
Yui: Your...Your Leg!
Pg. 46
Rui: Ahhh!!! Our legs are disappearing!!!
Yui: We broke our promise now we have to go back..!!!
Rui: Is this ‘cuz we left that brat?!
Pg. 47
Baby: papa mama
Rui: It can walk?
Yui: are…are you okay? are you hurt?
Were sorry for leaving you like that!
Pg. 48
Yui: Look our feet are back to normal.
Guide's Echo: Condition three- raise this child with responsibility and affection.
In not keeping your promise you will have to return.

Pg. 49
Yui: When it comes to it I'm not really aimed at Wimbledon.
Katagiri...I haven't heard that name what're your game records.
Rui: Record?
In middle school my total was 95 home with a series of 25 strikeouts following 15 perfect games...
Yui: What's that?! Tennis?
Rui: Well actually...I played baseball...I'm a pitcher.
This will kinda be my introduction to tennis.
Pg. 50
Rui: Let's go buy rackets together tomorrow!
Yui: What was all that about your dreams of winning?! YOU IDIOT!! IS he joking around- I just don't know...
The kid is YOURS to raise.
Rui: Hey! Wait! Are you leaving me with this brat?!
Pg. 51
Policeman: Hey!
What are you doing out here at midnight?
What's with the baby?
Rui: Ummm....this is my little sister we were just going for a stroll...
Policeman: She pooped...you'd better hurry home and change those diapers...
Pg. 52
Rui: Why do I gotta change this little brats diapers?
Baby: Papa
Rui: I'm not your stinking papa!

That ghost bastard forcing this little brat on me...

How could it have turned out like this!!

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