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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 335

Get Stronger!


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 335

Proofread a bit more. Not perfect though, fixed up a few mistakes here and there.

Kenichi 335

Page 01

Battle 335
Get stronger!

Page 02:

Box: Oburi Ni Ou (Upgraded)
TL Note: Two Piggyback Kings

Box: Iron Shigami Ni Ou
TL Note: Two clinging kings


Akisame: It’s tripled because you ran out right in the middle of your training. I was planning on making it five times worse. / But I’m a kind person.

Kenichi: Wasn’t it just like the other Underworld Field Trips!! / And I can’t even clean at this level!!

Akisame: Eh? But didn’t you make a promise to clean?

Kenichi: Demon!!

Page 03:

Sakaki: You idiot, just when we allowed someone apart from you to fight Yomi,

Sakaki: Ma’s daughter went to the front lines for you!

Apachai: Exactly! There’s no meaning if you go!

Miu: I-I was the one who brought him along, so please don’t attack him too much!

Elder: Is that so, but I heard that Ken-chan was the one that took Miu out first?

Kenichi speech: Haaa Haaa

Kenichi thought: Demon!!

Kenichi: Damnit, this was all just a massive misunderstanding…

Akisame: Now, hurry up and finish the cleaning so we can get started on your training!!

Kenichi: Tohoho…

Kenichi: I can’t believe I mistook Yomi’s Duelling Challenge for a present from Takeda…

Kenichi: In the end, I never gave her the present, it got all crumpled up and I sealed it away in my desk.

Page 04:

Miu: Please tell them Ma-san!! Kenichi-san was putting his life on the line trying to disarm the bomb!!

Ma: Yeah, that’s true. If you keep that pose up a little longer I’ll try to do something…

Elder: You’ll do nothing!

Elder: Everyone’s doing this for Ken-chan’s sake, I heard that Juujutsu fighter has a disciple in Yomi, / We must speed up the training.

Kenichi: More speeding up!?

Ma: You really do know her?

Elder: A little bit in the past…hey what’s with that grin?

Elder: “Urukiboshi the Bewitching Fist”, her name is Kushinada Mikumo!!

Elder: She looks like she’s 20, but she’s a women who’s been enveloped in the world of martial arts longer much longer than you have Kensei.

Page 05:

Kenichi: K-Kushinada!!?

Akisame: Now, dash while only sliding your feet through the garden!!

Kenichi: That woman is Chikage-san’s Master!!?

Miu: Anyway, that female master’s techniques…was that Jujutsu?

Miu: Even though her opponent was on the ground, she took him up like she was manipulating his body…

Akisame: I wonder if it’s an Aiki type…I have many techniques where I use my Ki to throw my opponent without touching them, but it could even be a style that mainly focuses on those sorts of things…

Shigure: Martial arts that were designed to defeat armed opponents,

Shigure: Are ones that especially severely take your…space.

Page 06:

Sakaki: That’s true…

Sakaki: Tsch, that woman taught that brat that martial art huh…this is probably the worst opponent possible for Kenichi as he is now.

Elder: Soon, Ken-chan is also going to realise,

Elder: That the path he has chosen for his beliefs is difficult.

Kenichi: Eh!?

Page 07:

Elder: Ken-chan tries his hardest to not inflict any damage upon female martial artists, and has decided to force them into a submission match. These are the chains upon the Martial Artist known as Shirahama Kenichi.

Akisame: Now it’s time for the new fun thing~

Elder: However, there are also the chains of us Katsujin Ken, where we must defeat the opponent without killing them. In order to win against the enemy, “Power” is absolutely necessary.

Kenichi: That’s it!! I have to hurry up and get…

Kenichi: A strong enough power to defeat Yomi and other strong people I haven’t seen yet!!

Kenichi: Yes…

Page 08:

Renka: Get stronger quickly, Fighting Youth!

Kenichi: Renka’s wounds…

Kenichi: Were all for this moment!!

Sakaki: Heheheh- Don’t hate us for this~

Page 09:

Kenichi: Owowowow…thanks you very much for that Renka-san!!

Miu: He’s more beaten up from the training. / Renka: I-It’s not like I did it for your sake.

Renka: I just felt like I wanted to get violent!

Kenichi: Yes, I’m really really grateful.

Kenichi: Thank you.

Kenichi: Really, thank you!! Renka-san!

Page 10:

Kenichi: Eh? Huh? What’s wrong, your face is red!?

Kenichi: Hey? What’s wrong?

HW right: It’s nothing
HW left: I said it’s nothing

Box: 2 days after that Rachel Stanley didn’t go to school because of a cold.

Niijima: That’s a pretty plain lie for someone who likes standing out so much…

Flag guy: Maybe it’s actually true?

HW Renka Right: It’s surely because

HW Renka left: I scared her!!

HW Kisara: You’re in a good mood…

Box: The school was safe…

Box: …but it didn’t seem that way.

Kenichi: Is there something behind me?

Miu: It looks like the younger brother Ethan.

Box: Besides that there was something that was a little good…

Page 11:

Box: This girl was beginning to be more honest with opening her heart.

Gardening Girl: Ah, Shirahama-kun, Chikage-chan suddenly made a flower bed!

Kenichi: Oh!!

GG: Chikage-chan’s really interesting, though she knows heaps of things,

GG: This is the first time she’s planted flowers!

Page 12:

Kenichi: Hehhh…

GG: I’m going to go water the flower bed over there!

Kenichi: Alright, I’ll do the one out the back then!

Kenichi: Ah, Chikage-chan, that’s enough water.

Chikage: For the first stage of a seed, you need a lot of water.

Kenichi: Y-You shouldn’t overdo it!!

Chikage: Really!?

Kenichi: Uwah…her glaring eyes changed…she really didn’t know…she doesn’t seem to have any ill will about her…

Page 13:

Kenichi: Honestly…I didn’t think you’d be so passionate about looking after flowers.

Kenichi: Have you been coming early each morning to water them?

Chikage: Time is important.

Chikage: Oy, bandaid.

Kenichi: Bandaid?

Kenichi: What?

Chikage: When will this flower bloom? / Tomorrow?

Kenichi: No, it won’t be that fast…is that a joke? But you even know the scientific name for this flower…

Chikage: This flower’s scientific name is Myosotis alpestris. I know it’s a flower that blooms after 4 months.

Chikage: But those were seeds that were sowed on their 4th month right?

Chikage: So if I sow it now it should bloom the day after tomorrow!! Surely!!

Kenichi: Pfft!!

Kenichi: I can’t laugh…

Kenichi: I can’t…

Chikage: What’s wrong? Did a bug get in your mouth, bandaid?

Page 14:

Kenichi: Flowers sprout after tens of days, and then they slowly get bigger,

Kenichi: Then a bud develops. It generally takes up to 6 months for a flower to bloom.

Kenichi: Her intelligence was forced in so quickly…

Kenichi: Did she get any experience with any unrelated information!? Damn Yami…

Chikage: That’s an enormous amount of time…

Kenichi: That’s right, that’s why you shouldn’t only plant flowers, but seedlings and cuttings would be good as well.

Chikage: No,

Chikage: There isn’t that much time…

Kenichi: Eh?

Page 15:

Miu: Wait…

Page 17 – 18:

Miu: I’ll take this!!

Kenichi: No…you can’t Miu-san…

Kenichi: I wanted to do this way…

Page 19:

Kenichi: But when the time comes where it's impossible to do that…

Kenichi: I believe that fighting is the next thing to do!!

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#1. by alazim (Registered User)
Posted on May 2, 2009
thanks manz

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