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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 144

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Chapter 144


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 144

I figured that after the anime, Kenichi's popularity sorta died down a little bit, so in order to bring Kenichi love back, I'm going to start translating after where the anime finishes, which is from volume 17 onwards. And believe me, it only gets better.

Though my translations are nowhere near as detailed as richvh's Kenichi translations, I suppose they're passable? Anyways, if anyone else wants to jump on the translating newest Kenichi bandwagon, feel free to. I'll just be translating whatever the current chapter of translation would be up to.

No problems with scanlators using my translations, as long as I'm credited. And like usual, if people see notice something wrong, please let me know. I didn't really qc it to any degree.

Without further adieu, here's the trans.

Edit: Slightly improved trans. Thanks richvh

Chapter 144: Kenichi

Page 1:

One's own strength.

Page 2:

Ryouzampaku, is a place where masters who have taken martial arts to their limits gather.

Page 3:

In their midst is just one, extremely ordinary high school student.

Kenichi: GAAAA!

Kenichi: OHHHH!! I-I CAN'T GO ON!

Shirahama Kenichi (16) A previously bullied child. He is in the midst of training to uphold his beliefs!!.

Page 4:

Eldest: Hey, this is another new training machine, Akisame-kun.

Akisame: Yes. It's a machine which trains his running Ability, his punch's power and strengthens his willpower all at the same time.

Akisame: It's called, "Press forward, regress hell."

Kenichi: My arms!!

Akisame: It endlessly pulls you back, and if you pause in your advance even a little...

Kenichi: GYAAAA!!!

Akisame: The plan is that a shock from the metal plate will revive you. This electric power itself, because of the "Kenichi-kun Generator", is an excellent thing that costs nothing.

Eldest: Ohh...Akisame-kun, your inventions have also reached master level

Page 5:

Eldest: By the way Ken-chan.

Eldest: Is your body better?

Kenichi: Oh, that's right...

Kenichi: To be honest my ribs...

Akisame: Have complete recovered.

Kenichi: No, but...

Kenichi: Those bad bruises I had all over the place...

Akisame: Have already cleared up.

Kenichi: I hate it that my masters know my body better than I do.

Eldest: In that case, could you gather everyone?

Akisame: Hmm...then...

Eldest: Yes...

Eldest: Ryouzampaku's Masters Meeting.

Page 6:

Eldest: Yami is moving.

Eldest: Ogata Isshinsai, who calls himself Kensei, has declared war on us.

Eldest: It seems he's joined forces with the Darkness. All of you should also be aware he was the man who was intended to be the Number One Disciple of Ryouzampaku before Kenichi. This is a little bit troublesome.

Page 7:

Prodigy of Swords and Weapons:
Kousaka Shigure

Sakaki: Geez, it's beginning to become more than just one quarrel.

Brawling 100th level. Karate-ka
Sakaki Shio.

Philosophical Jujitsu-ka,
Kouetsuji Akisame.

Akisame: That Ogata...despite the implicit understanding between "Yami" and us...

Kensei: If they come here in full force, I predict that...

Master of All of Chinese Kempo
Ba Kensei

Page 8

Kensei: Our 'History's Strongest Disciple' will be in danger.

Apachai: Apa! What?

Death God of the Muay Thai Underworld
Apachai Hopachai

The Eldest of Ryouzampaku. Furinji Hayato

Eldest: Their aim is for the title of the Strongest. Now that they know about the existence of Ryouzampaku's disciple...

Eldest: It wouldn’t be surprising for them to think of destroying our disciple first.

Akisame: Then Eldest, what do you think?

Eldest: Hmm, I think we should go with the usual plan.

Sakaki: Heh! Thought so...The same plan.

Page 9:

Eldest: The Giant Dealing With it When It Comes Plan!!

Eldest: Meeting adjourned.

Apachai: Apa.

Miu: Can you call that a plan?

Kensei: Eavesdropping isn't good <3~

Miu: It looks like this has exceeded the level of just a child’s fight.

Miu: Ahh...Kenichi hasn't noticed this at all, I wonder if he'll be alright.

Page 10:

Kenichi: Ahh, for some reason it seems like it's been a while since I've been at school.

Kenichi: But it couldn't be helped. After that, I wasn't allowed to set foot outside of Ryouzampaku until my injuries had healed..

Kenichi: UEEGH, what did you make this medicine from.

Kensei: It's better if you don't know <3

Miu: What are you doing. You're going to be late, and at this rate you'll be repeating the year.

Kenichi: Ah, C-Coming...!!

Afterwards, After School.

Page 11:

Miu: Everybody’s been worrying about Kenichi for the whole time.

Fuurinji Miu (16) Ryouzampaku's Eldest's Grand Daughter

Niijima: Ah, is that Kenichi, he didn't die?

Niijima Haruo
Shimpaku Rengou's Marshal

Niijima: Hahaha! With Ragnarok gone, Shimpaku Rengou's position is secured!

Niijima: Once again something happened that made me happy~

Kenichi: Quit fooling around!!

Takeda: Ya~ It's been a whiiiiile!

Page 12:

Takeda: Well, looks like you have healed up much better than we have.

Ukita: Oy oy, wasn't your ribcage broken? You monster, you have some healing power.

Matsui: Commander Shirahama! BANZAI BANZAI!

Matsui: General Niijima may say those things, but he's actually been worrying heaps.

Kenichi: It's a lie, definitely a lie.

Takeda: Speaking of that, I've was just a li-i-i-ttle worried...

Takeda: But it was a big surprise a nice guy like you could forget a childhood promise you made to the First Fist.

Kenichi: Oh, the guy who said we’d fight over the badge again.

Kenichi: What happened was...

Page 13:

Ryuuto: Ken-chan, next time we meet, once more..

Kenichi: Eh, what? I can't hear, Goodbye!

Box: When we were leaving, my father was a bit overwrought...

Kenichi Mom: Dear, don't go so fast

Kenichi Father: No! If we go back and they meet, splitting up will be tough!

Kenichi: I didn't hear, and I didn't really remember but Honoka remembers that time very well….

Takeda: I thought it was that sort of thing! Ahahahahaha!

Uchita: Hey, you're laughing a bit too much, Oy...

Kenichi: Oh, now that you mention it, what about Tanimoto-kun?

Niijima: As usual he's like a lone wolf.
Try going to the rooftop at lunchtime.

Page 14:

Tanimoto: What the hell, you're still alive?

Tanimoto: Tch

Kenichi: Why is everyone thinking that!!? I'll end up crying!!

Tanimoto: If you've come to find out where Odin is, I don't know either.

Tanimoto: But there's a rumour after you beat him, Kensei came and carried him off.

Kenichi: Is that so. Since Ragnarok, which he led, broke up, there isn't a way to find him.

Tanimoto: Your body’s fine now right, Kenichi?

Kenichi: Yes, well, thanks to...

Page 15

Kenichi: YOUUUU...!?!

Kenichi: What's with that all of a sudden!?

Tanimoto: Fmm, practice some more!!

Tanimoto: Just like that Alien, you don't understand anything

Tanimoto: By defeating Ragnarok.

Tanimoto: Do you have any idea what kind of dangerous people you've summoned!?

Page 16:

Kenichi: Fuuu, if it's something to do with the Shimpaku Rengou, I don't know anything about it.

Kenichi: I should just forget~ Ahhh, watering flowers always calms me down.

Miu: Kenichi-san...

Kenichi: Ah, Miu-san, Are you going to Rhythmic Gymnastics club?

Page 17:

Kenichi: Wh...

Kenichi: What are you doing!!?

Miu: Hmm, looks like I hit after all.

Page 18:

Miu: If that was Tanimoto-san

Miu: You would have dodged that attack.

Kenichi: She's gone crazy

Miu: Kenichi-san, you've gotten stronger...

Miu: But..

Miu: With the interference of your restless heart, it takes too long for you to utilise your power.

Miu: And that's fatal for a martial artist.

Page 19:

Miu: A true warrior maintains his readiness to deal with attacks, whatever time they may come.
In the famous story, Miyamoto Musashi hated leaving an opening so much that he never took a bath.

Miu: The way you are now, if a fight suddenly broke out in your daily routine, the probability of you being easily defeated is high.

Kenichi: N-No, but I'm Ryouzampaku's Number 1 Disciple, I can't lose that easily.

Miu: Ooohh? Ohhh? Is that so?

Kenichi: Just now, I was just a little unprepared.

Kenichi: I'll show you I can deal with being attacked by any enemy in any situation!!

Miu: Then what about if Tanimoto suddenly attacked you like before?

Kenichi: Eh!?

Miu: What about Siegfried and Thor together?

Kenichi: Ah, no, that's...

Miu: What about Loki plus Freya minus Kisara times Ukita underwater?

Page 20:

Miu: Here and now...

Miu: If I seriously attacked you now, do you think you could deal with it?

Kenichi: Eh!?

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Kukuku maybe Princess will start editing soon too? :p
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Great, thx :)
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Thank you ;) Used it as trans-base for my german translation.

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