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Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta 3

First Experience

+ posted by ruggia as translation on Dec 21, 2011 09:59 | Go to Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta

-> RTS Page for Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta 3

Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta
Chapter 03: First Experience

Translation by ruggia
Contact: ruggia.ehdgus@gmail.com or PM.

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Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta c03
Page 01
{ School life revives… }
Kamimura Yuuka wa
Kou Itta.

< Open >

B1: Ah
B2: Good morning, Shirasaki-kun.

Page 02
B1: Come on! If you want some, come at me!!

Chapter 3 “First Experience”
Story/ Sakurai Tsutsushi
Art/Kawakami Masaki

B1: ….Fwa?

Page 03
B1: ……
B2: Shirasaki…..-kun?

B1: Shira….saki….-ku…?

Page 04
B1: ….Hee…hi-ha-ha-hi-fuh?
B2: …It’s soft….

BOX: …Ha, that’s right. It’s some sort of a mistake.
BOX: There’s no way I’ll get attack all of a sudden…

BOX: And look at this feel. #feel/texture
BOX: It’s warm too….

B1: ….Ahh, sorry about that Class Rep. I was just…..
B2: Wah…. Wa-fu-hi-fo ho-ho-fu-haha fwa-feh-feh fu-he-ha-i-ha-ha?

Page 05
B1: ….Geez,
B2: If you bully me too much… even I’ll get mad, okay!?

B1: Do you also hit people if you get mad? #hit or “beat” or “kick and punch”
B2: Eh?

B1: I won’t… hit people….
B2: ….I thought so.

B1: ….Ummm? Do you…. want me to?
{ If you really want it…. }
B2: …Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of a hobby. #or maybe “fetish” will work better.

BOX: Yeah, there’s no way a robot will give such delicate expre-

Page 06
B1: Morning Shuushi!
B2: It’s great to see you look so lively today too!

B1: Morning Take….
B2: That’s right, you….

B1: …Nah

BOX: What was….?
B1: …. // You’re no good. // Your reaction won’t be helpful at all.

Page 07
B2: Which part of me are you not happy about!?

B1: Let’s see. I’m not particularly happy with that excessive skin-ship.
B2: What did you say!?
B3: …Fufu

BOX: …That’s right.
BOX: There’s… no way we are robots.

BOX: That’s what,
BOX: that girl, Kamimura Yuuka, said.

Page 08
BOX: Yesterday on the rooftop.

B1: Let’s go on a date.

< Fufu~~n >
B1: ….Ha?

B1: No, that’s not it.
B2: I command you:

B1: Go on a date with me, // and be lovey-dovey.
B2: …. // You…

Page 09
B1: How does that conversation,
B2: God.
B3: progress into dating? #progress/turn

B1: How?
B2: So you’re going to follow if there’s a reason?

B1: Then how about this! The reason is, // cause “that’s my wish”!
B2: As a robot, you have a duty to fulfill all my wishes.

B1: …Ha, that’s bullshit.

B1: We’re doing it tomorrow! // Make sure your heart’s ready for it!

Page 10
BOX: It’s a well-established fact that Kamimura’s a bit ______.
BOX: So I was prepared for any crazy demands….

BOX: But… I have no clue what that has to anything with all the strange things that have been happening arou-…..

B1: HEY YA~~~~

B1: How’re you guys feeling, lousy Robots!!
B2: And,

Page 11
B1: My beloved honey!
B2: Ouch
< Slap >

B1: ….-ch! You,….!
B2: Hmm // Looks like you’re still fine. Good good….

B1: Then shall we,
B2: hurry up and proceed to the date?

Page 12
B1: …Right now?
B2: Yeah, right now.

B1: To be honest, it would’ve been fine to go right after yesterday’s conversation,
B2: But I’m a girl you know? I want to get ready.

B1: …..
B2: I groaned the entire night…..to strap my stomach too…..

B1: ?

B1: C’mon.

Page 13
B1: LET’S GO!!
B2: Wai-…

B1: Hey, Kamimura!?
B2: Are you serious!?

B1: No! I know very well that you’re weird! // But how about class!
B2: Class? That thing’s totally meaningless. // I give you my word. #or “I’ll insure you”.

B1: …You #partially cut off
B2: More importantly,
< Turn >

Page 14
B1: Why’re you still wearing that school uniform?
B2: …What else would I wear to go to school.
B3: This is a date you know? A D-A-T-E.

B1: School uniform’s such an anti-personal and safe choice… // Unacceptable.
B2: ……

BOX: …She’s giving me this attitude after telling me all those incomprehensible stories…. #incomprehensive/confusing
BOX: although it’s true that I never get bored being with her…

B1: Oh I see. // There’s no way you guys have any concept of “normal clothes”.
B2: Huh?

Page 15
B1: Don’t be stupid, I’ve got my own….

BOX: …Huh…?
BOX: Wait a minute… Did I ever wear….. anything other than….?

B1: Alright then!

B1: It’s decided that we’ll first start by buying your clothes!
B2: You’ll have the honor of receiving my escort!

Page 16
B1: …..Mmmm…..
B2: …H…a… Urr…gh….

B1: …..
B2: …Grr….
B3: Ha!...Ha!.... // Grr…gh!

B1: …Kamimura…. Umm…. Wanna switch?
B2: No problem!

B1: HA!
B2: I will! …..*cough*. give you… an escort!

Page 17
BOX: …What…?

BOX: …No one’s looking this way?

BOX: Isn’t this unusual? A girl’s pedaling a bicycle with a guy sitting at the back.
BOX: ….No, no. They’re all probably very busy…

{ “You guys are robots” }
BOX: …Huh! There’s no way….

Page 18
B1: …Ha, *cough*. // Let’s… phew… drop by here for a sec.

B1: Weren’t we going to find some clothes for me?
B2: Detours are the best of dates.

BOX: …Well, I can’t be complaining on every single thing she does.
{ Ha…. }
BOX: Guess I’ll go along with her a bit.

Page 19
B1: Ah

B1: We gotta buy clothes!
B2: …You totally forgot, didn’t you?


B1: Mmmm….
BOX: Male-wear

B1: …Mmm?
BOX: Female-wear
< Glance >
B2: !?

Page 20
B1: Huh, it looks surprisingly good.
B2: ….Are you content Kamimura….
< Snap snap >

B1: I thought it’d be more comical. // Then shall we get it?
B2: Shall we not?

B1: It looks good sir.
B2: Miss…. You don’t need to follow-up on this.

Page 21
B1: Click…

BOX: Gave in

Page 22
B1: Ah~~~ Indoor’s awesome~~~
B2: ….You are relaxing too much.

B1: You should relax too.
B2: There’s no need to be concerned about others.

B1: Putting this on makes me pretty far away from being relaxed.

B1: Fufu~n This is why amateurs are
B2: Excuse me.

B1: Today’s daily special is No.3.
B2: …Huh?

Page 23
B1: …. U—m, there’re two people here.

B1: Don’t worry,
B2: those are for robots anyway.

B1: You should just order anything you want. // I’ve got my own proud lunchbox.
B2: …lunchbox…?
B3: See, looks good, right?

B1: …. // What’re those
B2: things that look like trash!?

Page 24
B1: Trash…. // …you called the lunchbox I put all my heart into….
B2: a trash….
B3: ….

B1: It can’t be helped.
B2: There’s no way this will look like food in a robot’s eyes.

BOX: ….She ate it….

B1: …Are you… // sane…?
B2: Or don’t tell me…

Page 25
B1: you are the one who’s not human….

B1: Ahaha

B1: When faced with a situation they can’t comprehend,
B2: this is the first thing humans think:

B1: “I’m the one who’s right,”
B2: “and they are the ones who are wrong.”

B1: You certainly are like a human….
B2: just like my old self.

B1: …. // But unfortunately,

Page 26
B1: there’s no guarantee
B2: that world revolves around the way you want it to.

B1: …Ha, // but that doesn’t mean…. what you are saying is right.

B1: Huh? I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced quite a lot already.

B1: Wasn’t that enough?
B2: …Kamimura… You are just joking… right?

Page 27
B1: You’re telling me I would make stuff up?
B2: ….I’m asking because I think you would.
B3: Where’s all my trust.

B1: …..For example, let’s see

B1: That waitress.
B2: Did you notice that she’d been waiting this whole time because you aren’t making any orders?

B1: Normally, wouldn’t you expect her
B2: to back away for a bit and go do some other work?

B1: …The reason she doesn’t is because

B1: this THING
B2: is simply executing commands.

Page 28
B1: …Huh? Don’t be ridiculous.
B2: Then try talking with her.

B1: This thing standing here,
B2: will only respond to specific actions.
B3: ….

B1: I get it.

B1: This waitress is your friend, // and she’s just working hard cooperating with you to trick me.
B2: Well, nice try. // The reactions I observed from my classmates were definitely far from simply executing commands.

B1: ….There are some robots like that too.
B2: ….but even if I say that, you won’t believe me.

B1: Then how about this.
B2: Thud…

Page 29
B1: Kill me with this bare hand of yours.
B2: Just by applying a tiny bit of strength, // you’ll be able to kill me very easily.

B1: tch…You….!
B2: I won’t hold any grudges. // I’ll be content if I can be killed by you.

B1: I’ll prove to you whether my words are right or wrong,
B2: using this body.

Page 30
B1: …..Stop fooling around.
B2: I don’t feel like testing such a stupid idea.

B1: Even if it’s my wish?
B2: It’s because it’s your wish!

B1: ….I see // U—m… then what should we do.

B1: What if

B1: there are suddenly huge explosions all over the town,
B2: ….

B1: or there’s an alien invasion, // and the school transforms into a giant robot….
B2: will you be satisfied if you witness such “abnormality” with your own eyes?

Page 31
B1: But that’ll be hard.
B2: Such things never happened so far, and….

B1: even this world is….

Page 32
BOX: ….?
BOX: What is this…?

B1: ….Did a stone come flying or something?

B1: Haha….stop it Kamimura.
B2: Don’t bring in any more strange tricks….

B1: ……

Page 33
B1: !

B1: …Hey… I told you…
B2: cut it off already….

Page 34
B1: .What…?
B2: is this….

Page 35
B1: -uch….
B2: What the…!? What the heck is this!? // What in the world…

BOX: …Wh-…
BOX: Why….

BOX: Why isn’t…anyone… why aren’t they….responding…

Page 36
BOX: everyone…

B1: Ahahaha….. // In the end…. they do come to eradicate me…
B2: …After making me… have some strange hopes…!

B1: ….Eradicate…!?

B1: Hey! Do you know anything about it!?
B2: No before that, aren’t you the one who called that thing!?

B1: ..Hey..!
B2: Kamimura!!

Page 37
BOX: …Luckily, his movements are slow…!

B1: …Let’s escape.
B2: …Hey….

B1: …Ahh, that’s right. // You want to be killed, right!

B1: Aren’t you lucky! Your wish will be granted!
B2: Right there, you’ll be…

Page 38
BOX: !

BOX: Dodg-…

B1: ….Tch!!

Page 39
B1: …Grrgh…
BOX: …Are you… a dumb ass?! #hopefully this sounds like he’s addressing to himself.

BOX: No matter what you try…! There’s no way a mere human will be able to…

Page 40
B1: …You’re so dumb…

B1: I’m his target, so…
B2: you just should hurry up and escape already.

B1: …Ha, I wanted to do that, but!
B2: If I let you die here, you’ll probably just come back haunting me as a ghost, right!

B1: ….Ahahaha you really don’t trust me do you.
B2: …..Are you hurt at all?

B1: I’m fine…but you….

Page 41
B1: Your hand… the wiring is all exposed….
B2: doesn’t it hurt?

B1: …Huh…?
B2: Huh..? Wh…what…the…?

Page 42
{ “The one that’s messed up is this world, // including you” }

B1: …Haha…
B2: This is… also your scheme…. right? // ….Hey….Kamimura…

B1: It’s all real….

Page 43
B1: That body of yours,

B1: that thing in front of us,

B1: the fact that I was born in this world and everything.

B1: Yup… the world doesn’t revolve around the way you want it to….

<< To be Continued >>

### END of Chap 03 ###

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2011
Thanks for informing me beforehand that you're picking it up!
#2. by ruggia ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2011
well, I told prinny like 5 times over and over to tell you that I'll be picking it up, so I assumed he did contact you.

guess he didn't *shrugs*
#3. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2011
I really appreciate it that you're taking it over. I don't like it enough to work on it (specially with so much text to TS-.-)
But I could have avoided wasting my time with half-cleaning, half-translating the chapter...

/me goes off to scold prinny
#4. by ruggia ()
Posted on Dec 22, 2011
yea I was afraid of that....
but others kept telling me that you definitely dropped it....

well, sorry about that ;p

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