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Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjou 1

.....An average girl

+ posted by ruggia as translation on Jun 13, 2017 16:32 | Go to Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjou

-> RTS Page for Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjou 1

Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjou
Volume 1 Chapter 01:

Contact: ruggia.ehdgus@gmail.com or PM.

WEB RAW: https://www.sunday-webry.com/comics/ninjashinobusannojunjo/ep001/

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[Page 002]
Table of Contents

[Page 003]
Ninjas reside in shadows.
Regardless of what situation they are in,
They can never let anyone know their true identity.

Are you sure about this?
You can still back down….
It’s fine.

for the one exception granted to Kunoichi’s….
He is
a nice person. #person/guy.
[TITLE] 1st Scroll - 「.....An average girl. 」

[Page 004-005]
[TITLE] 1st Scroll - 「.....An average girl. 」

[Page 006]

Wait… I said stop!
< Tap Tap >

< Bump >
Ah! Sorry!

Don’t run on the hallway. #hallway/corridor

I’m not running! It’s fast walking!

< HA--- >
< HA--- >
< Puff--->
< Puff--->

[Page 007]
I finally got you….


S-smoke bomb…?!
< Cough Cough >
Damn it… she still had more tricks up her sleeve…

[Page 008]
Where is sh-

Umm…. Shinobu-san?
You really are….

A nin-

[Page 009]
[BIG] MHOUCH!! [/BIG] (translation: My head hurts! Ouch! )
I couldn’t keep it up because I’m not a ninja.

Wait, wait. Normal people don’t stick to walls like that…
Shinobu-san, you are definitely a nin-
{ Owww }


U-umm…. Is that thing on your thigh….
a Kunai*….
My thigh?

No! That wasn’t my
What I’m trying to say is...
*NOTE: Kunai - a weapon only Ninja’s use.

you’re a ninja, right?

[Page 010]
I’m not a Ninja.
But even just now!!

You just used a smoke bomb!
And was climbing walls!
(Not confirmed, but) You carry kunais and stuff!
If you are not a ninja, then what are you?!

…...Just an average girl.
I like cute animals, and love sweets.
I’m busy with a part-time job after school.

If you’ve got nothing important, can I go now?

She won’t admit it.
I knew that would happen, but.

Ummm Shinobu-san….
There is an important reason why I was chasing you….

[Page 011]
Fill out your “Student Council Survey” please!!
I need to drop it off at the Student Council by by today!!


I my not be a ninja, but….
You are a ninja.
I can use the “Substitution Jutsu” { Here. }
Huh? { What’s this? }

Ah…. it’s the survey form. You do have it.
Why didn’t you tell me earl-
< Flap >

[TITLE:] Student Council Survey { is thy name~~~}
Year: 1st ▪ 2nd ▪ 3rd / M ▪ F #TS: underlined.
Survey about the use of vending machines.
Please choose either one:
Satisfied ▪ Not Satisfied

[Page 012]
Wait Shinobu-sa-....

Wait a second….
By “substitution”....
[PAPER] Do your best.
< Flap >

She meant me!!

Ummm…. “What do you think about how the current vending machines only having water and tea?” { Mumble Mumble }
“Satisfied” I think. { Mumble }
Shinobu-san do like tea…. { mumble }

< Mumble mumble >
{ If you answered “Satisfied” …. }
Shinobu-san is

[Page 013]
Definitely a ninja.
< Cling Clang >

You’re uncharacteristically late today.
I was getting chased by a slightly perverted guy.

that’s one fearless little guy.
But don’t assassinate him.
I won’t.

don’t tell me it was

[Page 014]
{ Umm… next is… }


Oh, it’s you Takuma. { You scared me. }
What’s with that reaction.
I came here to see what’s up because we were the only class that didn’t turn in the surveys yet.

Ah, sorry sorry. I’m filling the last one out for someone else.

It’s fine if you are missing a few you know.
You are as thorough as always.
I want to do it properly as a class rep.
You’re so tiresome.

So, who’s is it?
Ah, Shinobu-san does look like someone who won’t fill these out.
She’s a mystery.

[Page 015]
I really don’t know what she’s thinking.
she won’t even admit that she’s a ninja….

…..Are you still going on about Shinobu-san being a ninja?
I’m telling you, it’s true! That’s how I ended up losing her today too!

I’m saying this as your best friend:
Snap out of it already.
Everyone’s starting to think you’ve gone crazy.
There’s no way there are ninjas.

Even you won’t believe me….
No one sane will believe you.
Something’s definitely weird.

You know, I can’t get behind
calling your fellow classmate something ridiculous like a ninja,
especially when that classmate
Is just a quiet, innocent girl.
How come I’m the only one that notices it.

[Page 016]
She is definitely a ninja…
Wait Shinobu-san!!

Don’t go dropping caltrops!!
It’s dangerous!

It was to get rid of stalkers….
I’m not a stalker…
Shinobu-san, you are the only one that didn’t turn in this week’s Literature notes...

Ah, wait these caltrops!
This is an undeniable proof that Shinobu-san is a ninja!

With this, everyone will start listening to what I-

These aren’t what you call “caltrops”.
< Grab >

[Page 017]
My afternoon snack.
Every girl carries one of these, no?

You can have the rest.
Make sure to chew properly.
Or you might bleed.

I need your literature note-

S- She’s gone….

Definitely a ninja.
She got me…

[Page 018]

….A cat?

But no collars.
I wonder where it came from….

N-No way…

[BIG] S-Shinobu-san?! [/BIG]

Ah! Stop!

[Page 019]
You’re Shinobu-san, right?!
I can’t believe it….
you can turn into a cat….

Turn in your notes already!
I’m not going to give you a pass just because you’re a cat!

Don’t give me “Myaan”!!
Argh, what am I supposed to do now.
Please turn back, Shinobu-san!!

Shinobu-san, are you listening?

[Page 020]
What are you doing.

What’s this?
Hitoyoshi’s mad #top-left
Not again.
Ah, that’s a cute kitty.

…..Takuma, how long were you there?
I just walked in here, but.
I’m speaking out for everyone that’s freaked out.
{ Takuma-kun’s so cool! }

….and so? What’s this about Shinobu-san?
Ah, no umm….

A-ah, wait!
< PING >
This could be my chance!

[Page 021]
This cat
Is Shinobu-san in disguise.

This is my moment!!


…..Well, I guess no one will believe me right now,
but you’ll soon get it…
< Fu fu Fu >

Yeah…. I got it.


[Page 022]
Something’s wrong with you.

…..I’m what?

Ah, so you had my ribbon.
What a naughty kitty.

{ I’ve- }

{ I’ve }
{ done it….!!}

[Page 023]
What do you think?
< Whisper Whisper Whisper >
Is he on some drugs?
Looks serious.

Sorry… even I can’t defend this.

My peaceful high school life
is over.

It’s not over yet!
< Back >
< Back >

I can still clear the misunderstanding!
Argh… everyone’s avoiding me….
how wonderful….

It’s a misunderstanding!
Because Shinobu-san is absolutely a ninja!

[Page 024]
What’s for today?
I can’t think of anything I missed this time.

I want everyone else to know,
that you are a ninja.

Ah… umm… I’m not really demanding you to confess it.
I was just hoping you’d showcase some ninja skills in front of everyone!
My reputation’s at a risk right now, so…
I’m sorry,
but I can’t.

[Page 025]
Because I’m not a ninja.


B-but that makes no sense! You do all sorts of things in front of me!
Yet you keep acting like there’s nothing!
Just do the same in front of others too!
What’s Shinobu-san thinking?


W-Why don’t you say anything…

This way teacher!

I’m coming, so don’t pull!

….What’s this?

[Page 026]
What’s going on?
It’s the cat. Look.

It’s stuck on the tree.


They’re right… but I can’t see it clearly because it’s too high up….
It’s the kitty from before.

[Page 027]
Eh? You can see it clearly?
Please save him teacher!
Umm… it’s going to be difficult that high up...

I can climb up there!
Hey! It’s too dangerous. Stop!

Then what can we do?
Hold on a sec! Everyone calm down a bit!!

< Myaa >


[Page 028]
you can save it, right?

….I can’t.
I’m not a ninja.
No way…

Ah, perhaps it’s because…

{ How did it get there… }
{ Good kitty… }
everyone’s watching?

This is my chance.

[Page 029]
This isn’t a time for that!
Don’t you care about what’s going to happen to that cat?

If Shinobu-san uses her ninja skills in front of everyone,

You have no choice!
Then everyone will-

the misunderstanding and my reputation will also….

Come on,

Everything will be back to normal!!

[Page 030]

[Page 031]
I am not a ninja...so…

I can’t save it.

[Page 032]
What am I doing.

< Slip >
It’s dangerous! Don’t move!

< Gulp… >

< Grip… >

…. Shinobu-san.

[Page 033]
Even if you aren’t a ninja,
You can use the “Substitution Jutsu”, right?

Hey, look.
Oh, the cat?
Sorry but I’m not that interested…
Not that, dumbass! Look!

[Page 034]
The roof!!

Isn’t that…


< Breath >

[Page 035]
I’m soooo done
with this lifeeeee!!

Eh, what?

It’s high…. And scary... b-but…

I have to do this!
You! It’s dangerous! What are you… #TS: get covered.
Don’t come close!!

I-I-I-If you get any loser…
I’m going to jump off!!

[Page 036]
A suicide attempt. #bot-right
No way?!
2nd year apparently. #bot-left
North Campus Rooftop!

Teacher, the kitty….
Student’s life is a higher priority!!

Should we go too?
Of course,
No point staying here!

[Page 037]
Just make noise!!
Shinobu-san won’t admit that she’s a ninja!

And no one will believe me!
So everyone’s attention will be focused on me!

Is someone playing hero on the roof?
Of course not.


What is that dumbass doing?!
W-wait Inoue?! { Wait! }

She eats caltrops!
The cat was a cat!
Everyone moves out for me!
I can’t take it anymore!

….What is that kid even saying?
He’s agitated.
We shouldn’t trigger him carelessly. #trigger/engage

[Page 038]
But more importantly! I-

[Page 039]
More important,
I was only thinking about myself #PR: or “I was being totally selfish”
And made Shinobu-san make such a sad face.

I’m mad
at myself the most!!
#PR or “The one I’m most frustrated about is me!!”

[Page 040-041]

[Page 042]
Climbing all the way up here….. #PR: or “Climbing this high up….
You’re quite courageous.

I am really sorry for today…
It’s fine. You tend to be too hard on yourself.
Don’t hold in too much. #PR: or “Don’t stress too much”
Yes, thank you.


[Page 043]
{ I caused trouble }
{ to so many people…. }

Woah! Takuma, since when?!
I was waiting for you, stupid.
I wanted to make sure you never do that again.

S-sorry about that.
I wasn’t really worried.

I know that you weren’t exactly serious about it.
I don’t know what you were trying to do,
But I dunno about

Ha ha… you saw through it. I’ll tell you someday.
Someday, is it?

Whatever… go home already.
I’ve got student council to attend.

And someone’s been waiting for you, too.



[Page 044]
Go and find out.


Were you waiting for me?
Yeah. Two reasons:

[Page 045]
First, I wanted to let you know this kitty’s okay.
Ah, thank goodness. I knew you’d save him…

He must’ve been frightened by the crowd.
He came down by himself when everyone went off to see you.
Eh?! No way?!

[horror font] T-then… why did I…
Second is this:

This is…
It’s my bag. I want you to carry it.
It’s won’t be for long.

I want to take him back home, but cats are heavier than I thought.
I don’t think I can carry him together with the bag.
< Pat Pat >

I am an average girl.

[Page 046]
Ninjas reside in shadows.

They can never let anyone know their true identity.
I’m…. sorry.
I won’t tell others that you are a ninja anymore.

But I’m not a ninja.

[Page 047]
People seem to think you are quite a weirdo,
so I think it’s for your own good.

She’s right… the stuff I did today was pretty bad too….
And I can’t resolve the misunderstanding if Shinobu-san don’t reveal that she’s a ninja….


Mmm? But if Shinobu-san...
Doesn’t want to reveal that she’s a ninja,
why can I...

I didn’t know…
you had such a big voice.
Huh? What’re you talking about?

for the one Kunoichi has set her heart….
…..A secret.

[BOT END] 1st Scroll: 「.....An average girl. 」[END]


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