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Senryuu Shoujo 1

5-7-5 Girl

+ posted by ruggia as translation on Jul 15, 2017 05:55 | Go to Senryuu Shoujo

-> RTS Page for Senryuu Shoujo 1

Senryuu Shoujo
Chapter 01:

I did this mainly for fun. Not sure how much I'll continue, but open to proposals if there is a group that is interested.
Contact: ruggia.ehdgus@gmail.com or PM.

Chapter 1 Web Version: http://www.shonenmagazine.com/smaga/senryushoujo

= = = = = = = = Legend = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
/ Connected bubble/box
<> SFX
{} - handwritten words in the bubble or outside of bubble/bubbles
# - TL comments (for proofreader/typesetter)
// connected bubbles or new line.
Bold words are the ones that need emphasis.
Italicized words are words with special terminology
A blank line between each panel, two lines to separate a page.
&& need more work
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Senryuu Shoujo v01 #Translated from volume 1 RAW

[Page 002]
Table of Contents
1st Haiku: 5-7-5 Girl
2nd Haiku: 5-7-5 at the Club
3rd Haiku: Let’s go BBQ
4th Haiku: Protect Me
5th Haiku: Stop the hiccup
6th Haiku: Want to be Pretty
7th Haiku: Busujima-kun’s Attraction Level
8th Haiku: Let’s go to the Amusement Park (Part I)
9th Haiku: Let’s go to the Amusement Park (Part II)
10th Haiku: A haiku with Lunch
11th Haiku: Nanako’s Diet
12th Haiku: Christmas
13th Haiku: A haiku with a Pet
14th Haiku: A haiku with the Exam (Part I)
15th Haiku: A haiku with the Exam (Part II)
16th Haiku: Busujima-kun’s Stalker
17th Haiku: Campus Girl
18th Haiku: Shopping Together
19th Haiku: Busujima-kun’s Birthday
[*NOTE] This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. // Composed of chapters from: Weekly Shounen Magazine 2016 Issue 47~ 2017 Issue 10.

Page 003
I hope everyone of you get to have a wonderful three years of….
[SIGN] Karai High School Entrance Ceremony

Hey, that girl is cute.
You’re right. Where’s she from?
I went to the same middle school as her,
but I never saw her speak.
[TITLE] Senryu Shoujo

Huh? Does she write out notes or something?
Umm, well…

Guess it’s kind of like….notes….

[Page 004]
1st Haiku: 5-7-5 Girl

[Page 005]
[TOP-RIGHT] I speak in 5-7-5
Okay, next problem… Umm…
Yukishiro- Yukishiro Nanako, can you come up and solve it?

Ah, that’s right. Sorry. Sorry.
< Drip >
You weren’t comfortable speaking.
< Drip >
< Drip >

You can write the answer on paper,
so show it once you’re done.
{ Phew }
< Scribble Scribble >

well, to be honest // I did not get any of // the last five problems // - Nanako
You should’ve spoke up 5 problems ago then!!

[TOP-LEFT] I speak in 5-7-5 (2)
Literature Club Member: Yukishiro Nanako (15)
She is a girl that communicates in haiku.

Nanako-chan, why do you write things out?
‘Cause I have trouble // organizing all my thoughts // when I try to speak. // - Nanako

I guess it can be easier to sort things out when there are some restrictions. #PR: restrictions/rules
< Nod >
Then what do you say when you want to go to the bathroom?
< Grip~~~ >
Ah, right. Right.
She use plenty of body language too.

[Page 006]
[TOP-RIGHT] At the School Cafeteria
Did you decide on what you want to eat, Nanako?

Gyudon? Okay.
< Point >

Ah, what size do you want? Upgrade to extra large is free.
There’s an option to only add more meat too.
< Blah Blah Blah >
How about the egg? Want the beni shoga* on the side too?
You can have extra sauce too.
[*TL NOTE] beni shoga = thin strips of ginger pickled in umezu.

< DASH >
Umm… just regular for her please.

[TOP-LEFT] In guys’ eyes
{ It all worked out. }

Yukishiro’s so cute…
She’s nice and calm.
I wonder if she has a boyfriend…
Maybe I should try talking to her….

< Poke Poke >
Mmm? What’s up?

I just remembered // that I do not like eating // things that have onions // - Nanako
{ Geez }
Want to trade with my omurice?
That slightly clueless part of her is nice too.

[Page 007]
[TOP-RIGHT] Basketball
< Whoa~ Whoa~ >
Pass! Pass!
One more! One more!

Come on, pass! Come on! // I am totally open // this is our big chance! // - Nanako
< Woosh >


Hey, where’s our health rep!!
< Kyuuu~~~~ >
Did you see how fast she wrote that?!
When did she write all that?!

[TOP-LEFT] Can I borrow your pen?
Nanako, sorry can I borrow your pen?
< Here >

Ah, by the way did you see yesterday’s episode?
What did you think of it, Nanako?

< STARE~~~ >

Are you waiting for the pen?
Wait, you shouldn’t be lending out your last pen!

[Page 007]
[TOP-RIGHT] Busujima-kun
Busujima-kun’s hurt again….
Did he get into a fight….
< Whisper Whisper Whisper Whisper >
He’s so scary. It’s hard to approach him…

< Poke >


is it time for the club already?
< Grip >
[BOX] Busujima Eiji (15). Literature Club member.

[TOP-LEFT] Busujima-kun’s Haiku
Mmm? Oh, this one?
It’s from playing with my little sister yesterday.

She’s at the peak of her cuteness right now.
< GRIP~~~~ >
Ah! I made a good one based on that so listen:

My little sister // super-duper-hyper cute // unbelievable! // - Eiji
How is it?
“Unbelievable” at the end is a nice touch, right?

Ohh, I knew you’d understand, Nanako!!
Nanako-san loves Busujima-kun’s haikus.

[Page 009]
[TOP-RIGHT] Encounter
During middle school,
Busujima-kun used to be feared by the delinquents as the “Demon of West Middle School”

So strong…. So this is the demon of the west….
Who is a demon!!
You are the one that picked a fight on me!!

I told you, I’m tired of fighting!!
“Shut away your fist. // By exchanging smiles instead, // you can spread the joy”!!

Didn’t that sound super cool?
It had a nice rhythm to it too.
< Bu-dump Bu-dump >
Busujima-kun meets haiku.

[TOP-LEFT] Absolutely No
Busujima-kun, are you really quitting?!
Yeah, I hung around out of habit,
but I finally found something I truly enjoy.

Something you truly enjoy?
I never felt this good in my life.

I can’t help it. I’ve been throwing up* everywhere these days.
[BOX] <Fun Fact> Act of making Haikus is sometimes described as “throwing up (Haku - 吐く)”

…...Busujima-kun, are you doings drugs?
[BOX] <Fun Fact> Vomiting is a common symptom of a drug addict.

[Page 010]
How I became a delinquent?
People like to pick fights on me ever since I was a kid.
They all say “What’re you looking at!!”

These eyes were like this ever since I was born. It’s pretty sad.
{ How are you doing? }
There’s nothing I can do about it.

How about you try, // softening up your poor face // with a nice big smile // - Nanako

[TOP-LEFT] First Impression
Ah! Nanako, heading to the club?
Good luck!

Must be Nanako’s old friend… I better say hi….
First impression is important… smile smile smile….

…..Very nice to meet you.
I am Nanako’s friend, Busujima.

he’s coming for me!!
Worst first impression ever.

[Page 011]
[TOP-RIGHT] What do you want to eat?
Oh, it’s a message from the president.
Sorry, stuff came up, so today’s club is canceled!
Club’s canceled today.

What should we do? Wanna go eat somewhere?
Any suggestions?
Something cool and chill, // something that is refreshing, // something that is nice // - Nanako

Then how about….
We drink water from fountain at the playground!

Just kidding~ I’m joking!
Wait, you’re okay with it?!
Your bar is way too low!

[TOP-LEFT] Grrrrr
Then let’s try the family restaurant!
< GRRR >

Hmm? Did you say something?
< Shake Shake >

! Ohh, I see…
you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.
< Fidget Fidget >

It’s only natural for humans to fart.
< Punch Punch Punch Punch Punch >

[Page 012]
[TOP] His impression
< Clang >
Welcome back, Onee-chan.

How was school? Doing alright?
< Nod >

Oh yeah, I heard a Yankee joined the literature club.
Is he okay?

{ Mmmm…. }
Not so good with words, // whenever he tries to smile, // the girls runaway // - Nanako
Is he okay…..

Smile…. This is hard.
< Yikes >

<< END of Chapter 1 >>>

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