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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Lock On! 7

Black Uniform Cameraman

+ posted by Runte as translation on Apr 3, 2010 15:14 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 7

Reserved for the Red Hawks

WARNING: I translated this during 2AM, so my English is probably all messy here and there. Those who hate bad engrish, wait for PRd version.

Note to Proofreader: If you want, you can suggest better sentences too and not just correct the ones I wrote. I think it would make the chapter a little more colorful




7th Black Uniform Cameraman

So popular it makes your nose bleed!!
Thanks for the color page: Now increased to 23 pages!

Tsuchida Kenta

Page 01:

Excuse me
Can we take your photograph?

Two flashy fellows...?!

We'll make sure to take beautiful ones

They want photos… What should we do, Niko?

We refuse!

Page 02:

Aww maan~ Don't be so harsh

I bet that kind of trash will do something terrible if you just obey them

I.. Wouldn't be so sure about that
But Sanada is doing that kind of job as well, right?

Maybe he's here too!

Hahah... That's not possible...

Excuse me...

Would you let me take your photograph?

Page 03:

SFX: Cutesy

Are you a middle-schooler?

Such a small and cute girl

SFX: Piki


Little brats...

SFX: Rumble Rumble

I am an adult!
Here, this is my license!!

I am already 24 years old!!



I... I'm very sorry about that!

SFX: Bow Bow

No, umm... I too am very sorry

I thought she was younger than me

Page 04:

I forgot to introduce myself
I am an editor in "PoPonTeen" and my name is Makino Machiko

Here's my card

Niko, it's a woman!
Let's take one! We might even appear in magazine

Y... Yeah
Since it's a woman, I guess it's okay

Is it really okay?!

Thank you very much!!

Heeeeeyy, Sanada-kun!!
Over here!

SFX: Shake Shake


Page 05:

Niko! Yuki!
What a coincidence to meet you two during the holiday!



Yamato-kun! They really were here!

Huh? You know them?

They're my classmates

What are you doing? And why are you in your school uniform?

Street Snap -filming
And no matter what I wear, it won't be in the pictures!

Yamato's here as well... He's helping me...


Page 06:

This is the worst...
No... Meeting Yuki-san is the best, but...

If they see me working for Sanada, I...
...Have to commit a suicide!!!!

Yamato... We got work

Shut up, I’m going home

Don't you want this?

SFX: Pull

5 very special pictures of Yuki


Yamato-kun, good day!

SFX: Pop

Yuki-sa... Shirai-san!

So you're helping Sanada-kun out?

You're very kind!


I AM?!

Page 07:

Can't really help it

Well then, let's start!

Wa- Wait up!
I didn't hear anything about you taking pics!!

It was embarrassing as hell the last time you took what you wanted

I don't ever want to feel that again!!

Eeh?! You won't let us shoot you?!

I'm sorry, but I don't like men
Or actually he's a pervert, so...

Is it because I'm so childish?!

That has nothing to do with this!!

SFX: Whoosh

I guess I already said OK once...

SFX: Sag

Page 08:

SFX: Snap Snap

SFX: Rustle Rustle

So beautiful!

Page 09:

The school uniform is great too, but...

The casual clothes are brilliant as well!!

To think that this is a job... And I get paid, too!
It almost makes my nose bleed!!

It's already bleeding!!
Here, tissue!


Yuki-san is so close...

I'm... I'm so glad I came here!

Page 10:

Yamato! Too close!


What is that, Yamato-kun?

Ummm.... It was Ref-something

Reflex Board
It's a tool which reflects the light of the sun into a model

Reflex (lower small square)

Direct Rays (Upper small square)

a Light will hit the shadows which become a little brighter

You'll get a little softer impression than if you'd only use direct rays from the sun
To make it simple: You'll get more pro-like photographs!

Well, normally I shoot alone, so I don't need it, but...
I just wanted to try it out once!

So you mean you don't need me after all?!?!

Page 11:

Isn't that boy the Sanada Utsuru guy?

SFX: Chatter Chatter

"Black Uniform Cameraman", right?

Somehow people are gathering here...


There are lots of girls!

SFX: Chatter Chatter

Would it be okay if I took a few photos?


SFX: Snap Snap Snap

SFX: Wai Wai

SFX: Chatter Chatter

Th... This is pretty amazing

Page 12:

So Sanada really is famous...

There was once a special article about him in our magazine
It was a small article, but I was the one who wrote it

The subtitle was "Black Uniform Cameraman"

He's still treated like an oddball, but..

He will evolve one day

He has the ability to do it

The ability...?

The ability to praise

...Is that really an ability?

It is a splendid ability

Page 13:

"So beautiful"
Sanada-kun is naturally saying something

That people don't usually use even for flattering

And you can see he really means it

Well, yeah... Since his nose is bleeding

There are many cameramen who are good at talking
But there is no one who would mean what they say as much as Sanada-kun

Page 14:

That's why all the girls who are shot by Sanada-kun

Are smiling very delightfully

To make a pro editor say something like this...

I guess Sanada... Really is awesome

He really is a professional

Page 15:


A shot of Sanada-kun

This may be the first time Niko is interested in men!

I should leave them alone

SFX: Tap Tap


Oooooh~ It's the same girl

She's not with that scary blonde anymore?
This could be our chance

Page 16:

a photograph?

Ah, it's the two we met!

That's right, we have taken a spot near here

Of course it isn't any suspicious filming or anything
We just have some special lighting to make it beautiful

It'll be over in a cinch

Hmmmm... I'm not sure about moving elsewhere...

Niko told me not to follow men around, so...

I'm sorry!

SFX: Bow

Haha... Guess you're right

SFX: Haha

Well, we must be pretty suspicious...

Must be nice to be able to shoot like that black uniform kid over there

There's also a great crowd of people

Page 17:

Nobody's cautious against someone so young

SFX: Haa

Maybe we should wear a school uniform as well... haha..

If we get 0 again today, we'll probably...

SFX: Haaa

we're FIRED without a doubt

Is that true...?

Can't help it since it's a slump

SFX: Haaaaa

Maybe we should... Start searching for new jobs....

Page 18:


It'll be over very fast, right?

Of course!

SFX: Smile

Thank you!! You're our messiah!!

Let's go! It's right there!

I can hold your bag

Eh? No need...

Don't worry about it

Th... Thank you

It's okay

Vibrate mode ON

SFX: Click

Such a nice girl

yeah, very nice

Page 19:

Such a stupid girl

Yeah, very stupid

Excuse me, would you let me...


Ring Ring Ring

Ring Ring Ring

It won't connect...

Where did you go, Yuki...?

Page 20:

If I take any more than this, I'll die from blood loss

SFX: Flip Flip

I sure broke a weird sweat... To be surrounded by girls...

SFX: Haa Haa

What’s wrong? You look worried

I can't get hold of Yuki
Usually she answers within 3 seconds...

Eh? Yuki-san disappeared?

Then what I saw really was her...

She was walking that way with two men who had cameras...

Men with cameras...?

That's weird
There is no need to move while filming street snaps

This doesn't feel right

Wh... What?

What doesn't feel right...?

Page 21:

This is only a rumor, but...
I've heard that there are people who say they're normal cameramen...

And bring girls to private rooms to take suspicious pictures

I hope this isn't the case...

SFX: pale

If it was them, then...!



Y.. yeah!
If we search separately, then...

SFX: Grip

You won't find anything by just running around

Page 22:

Then just how are we...

Trust my eyes

For the sake of friends... Sanada opens his eye of truth!!


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