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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Lock On! 8

More haste, more speed!!

+ posted by Runte as translation on Apr 12, 2010 14:19 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 8


Warning: English is not my strongest language, so those of you who hate bad Engrish should wait for the Proofread version

It’s terrible!!

SFX: Teary

We think a young girl was kidnapped!!

If you only “think” I can’t do much…

But... But! You can't leave this alone!!
Aren't you worried as an adult!?

If you can’t give me a clear explanation of the situation, I can't do anything....
It would help if you knew the place...

Sanada-kun is...

SFX: Tap Tap Tap Tap

Currently searching for the place

Sanada dash!!

8th: More Haste, More Speed!!

Page 02:

SFX: Here

SFX: Here

SFX: Here

SFX: Here

Oi, Sanada!
Are you sure it's here?!

All you're doing is showing that picture around!!

"Did you see this girl?" or "Where did she go?"

Aren't you going to ask any of that?!

Page 03:

I can tell

SFX: Kyuun

From their expressions!


People have different reactions when they see something they recognize and something they don't

Even when they just walk by, if they recall, you can see it from their reaction
By connecting them I can see which route Yuki went

We don't have time to ask
We have to use the "recollections"!

I definitely won't miss anything!!

You say “recollection,” but... Is it okay to trust something as vague as that?!

But.. That's all we have left
If we don't hurry, we'll be left behind...

All we can do is to trust that...
Sanada can see something we can't!

Page 04:

SFX: Stop

Business Hotel?!

Is it here?!



The "recollections" stopped a while ago

Since you can't stop a car here and the train station is far, the only reason "recollections" can stop is

That they entered a building

I come to this town a lot to take photographs
I remember the scenery

This place is the most suspicious in the neighborhood

Page 05:

SFX: Shake Shake

Thus "probably"
I'm sorry

Sanada is worried too...

Even if the chances are high, it's not 100%...

What the heck are you apologizing for?

SFX: Smack

If you weren't with us, we would have only ran in circles
"Probably" is enough!

Umm... Will we be taking them here?

That's right
Come here, Come here

Page 06:

You said you're going to set lights, so...
Isn't that bed in the way?

Ah- You must move it, right?

We won't move it

Rather, we use it in the main event


Ho... How do...

How we are going to use it?
Mister is going to teach you right away

We cannot tell you

We cannot tell you the information of other customers, much less the numbers of their rooms...

You're kidding! We're her best friends!!

Even if you say so...


Page 07:

Do you wanna live to see tomorrow!?

SFX: Crack



Wait up, dipshit!

SFX: Dash

Wait up! Just what are you doing?!

What are we going to do now...
Now we can't even be sure if she's here...

She is here


She just walked past here
The floor has bent just a little

22.5cm shoe...
It's Yuki

There were two men right next to her!

Let's go!

SFX: Rustle Rustle

Can't you do something about that pose?

Page 08:

No way, chief



SFX: Rattle

Not here


Got it

SFX: Uiiiiiin

What was that?!

Page 09:

SFX: Rustle Rustle

SFX: Rustle Rustle

SFX: Rustle

She's here!

Is she in this room?!

Are you there?!

SFX: Bam Bam


Someone's here

SFX: Ban Ban





Page 10:

Shit!! SHIT!!

SFX; Bang Bang Bang

Open up!
Open up!!
Open up, dammit!!!

Sanada, you help out too...


SFX: Hyuuuu...


How did they find us here..?!

...Well, it doesn't matter
Your friend was pretty cute too..

Let's invite her here

H.. How cruel!
You said it wasn't suspicious..

I came because you said you'd be fired if you couldn’t get any...


It's your fault for being fooled!!

Page 11:

Don't screw around

You're the one who’s most at fault

For lying and making her cry!!

SFX: Crash

What was that sound?!



Page 12:

SFX: Step Step

Y.. You're the black uniform...!


Don't come any closer!!!

You get away!!!!

SFX: Punch

Page 13:



SFX: Dash

SFX: Rumble Rumble Rumble

SFX: Shock

S.. Sorry!

We were at fault...


SFX: Grip

SFX: Crash

Page 14:


SFX: Plop


You okay?
Are you hurt?

I'm all right

I see...
I'm so glad...

SFX: Sigh

Oi, Sanada...!

You're getting too close...

SFX: Grind

Page 15:

You damn idiot...!!!

You're the one who's second most at fault!!!

You're a good girl...
Very kind...

And won't suspect anyone

But you know...

Page 16:

The world is not full of...
good people like you...!

Sanada is

Very angry...

The same Sanada who loves smiling girls...

Is good at praising others...

And hates tears more than everything...

This is the first time

I’ve seen him get angry at a girl

Page 17:

I'm so sorry



What's wrong?

SFX: Inch

No, I'm sorry too!


SFX: Jump

Sanadaa?! This is the 3rd floor!!

SFX: Wobble


I have to say it...

Because I have feelings for her... I should warn her!

But... Can I really say it?

To a girl... To Yuki-san! Can I really call her "idiot"...?! She may hate me after doing so!!!

Page 18:

I can't say it!


Even you, Yamato-kun?!

Just what happened here?!


I'm sorry... For making you worry

SFX: Lean

I was really... Worried

I was... Yamato-kun was too...
And even Sanada

You really can't trust men, after all!
Isn't that what I always say to you?


Sanada-kun and Yamato-kun are...

Really nice, right?


That's right...
I guess...

Page 19:

Yuki-san, Niko-san!

SFX: Plop

Are you both alright?!?


We're okay!

Is that so... I'm so glad!
Sanada-kun gave us a call, but since he was crying

SFX: Sigh

I think... There's a different reason for that

Umm... Are you their guardian?

Eh? Yes!
I'm an adult, need something?

Window, door and the front desk...

You shall compensate them, right?

Of course

Since I'm the adult

Just please wait until my payday

Thus this case got closed...?!

Something happened to Sanada?! Even though he's already strange, this time he seems to be even stranger...?!

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