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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Lock On! 16

Even now

+ posted by Runte as translation on Jun 12, 2010 20:24 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 16

Runte's back in the game ^^


Warning: English is not my strongest language, so those of you who hate bad Engrish should wait for the Proofread version

Page 01:

I'm going to go on a date with Utsuru-kun

And it's going to be in his house

a... a Date in his house?!

That's why you have to come along!

I can't understand the meaning of "that's why"!!

Actually, we promised to go play before
But it seems that he lives alone

Right, so you must be uneasy
Sanada is a man after all

You're wrong

I will be so nervous I'll faint!
I'll definitely faint!!

Don't say that so confidently!

How can I be friends with you?!

Sanada's house, huh... It's a little awkward after something like that, but I guess... Since we're friends after all

Page 02:

Flowers in both my hands


TL-note: a sentence Japanese men say when they're walking with two girls beside them

Let's go

How did it come to this…?

16th Even now

Page 03:


It's too hot
Well, it's already June

It's hot cause of your uniform!!

You were supposed to go on a date with Matsuri-chan, right?
At least wear your casual clothes

Is this bad?

Isn't a date the same as a guy and a girl playing around?

W... Well, you're not wrong, but...
There's a romantic side to it as well, you know

Why is he so stupid when it comes to relationships?

Your uniform looks good on you

Doesn't it?

We're here

Page 04:

This is my castle

SFX: Worn out

It's a beauty with a history of 40 long years

It's as if I'm a princess

It seems that "Love is blind" was true after all

Why is it Sanada's house?
If you want to play, wouldn't it be better outside?

I wanted to come here

Utsuru-kun doesn't talk that much about himself, right?
I don't think that he's hiding anything, but...

If I went to his house, I think I'd understand him more

Now that she mentions it... I hardly know Sanada at all

a Pervert who knows no shame

But the second I think so he's down on his knees in front of me

And he's sometimes very reliable

All I know is that he's "that kind of guy"

Page 05:

And I've heard that "One's room tells you what kind of mind a person has"

TL-note: Kanji for "mind" means heart/spirit as well

I can't wait to see it

Sanada's mind, huh...
Guess you're right

It seems a little interesting

This is my room
Sit on any box you like

Cardboard boxes?!

Sanada's mind is...

Full of cardboard?!

You transferred over one month ago!
You still haven't finished unpacking?!

Niko... Did you forget?
My shutter eye never forgets what I have seen before

Page 06:

I remember what every box has and in what order
There is no need to do any unpacking

Don't be so proud!
I'm saying this isn’t a room where you can invite guests!

It's... The first time someone made me sit on a box
It makes me a little happy

Matsuri-chan, open your eyes!!

W.. Was it that bad?

I'm not used to inviting people over

When I was living with my parents, I transferred many times

Just when I thought I finished unpacking after a move, we moved again...
So I completely quit unpacking

I didn't know boxes were that bad...!
What can I do?

SFX: giggle

Let's put these in order

Can't be helped, guess I'll help you out

Ooh! Thanks a lot!

Page 07:

Oh yeah
You don't have to open this one

SFX: Glup

Just what is inside it...

SFX: stomp stomp stomp

I'm... Going to open it!
Since we've come this far!


I suggest you don't, Matsuri-chan

I bet...
It's full of porn

I want to know every part of Utsuru-kun!


SFX: open

Page 08:

Mizuki, my love

"Mizuki, my love?!"

Like, just how old is she?
I think she's pretty young...

How about 10 years old?

SFX: Sweat Sweat

This is way more dangerous than porn!!!

You saw it?


Page 09:

Umm.. Utsuru-kun..

T.. This girl.. Who...

Sanada, are you a lolicon?

Niko-san, that's too blunt!!

What are you talking about?

Check what's inside


Ah... Sanada's little, too

SFX: flap

We're the same age
It's a photo from our elementary school

Oh, really
I almost misunderstood that
Side: phew

Sorry. This was indeed something you wouldn't want to show off...
Like "my love"...

I wasn't a photographer back then, they were taken by my parents

It's too embarrassing to look at myself in the photos

Ha Ha Ha

That's it?!
You don't care about "Mizuki, my love"?!

Page 10:

Because it was the truth

I loved her appearance... But that wasn't all

I love your appearance!

To think he would say something like this...!

Sanada can actually love something other than appearances?!

Niko-san!! You're being too blunt again!!

That time I was...


That time...

I was sure

Page 11:


It's a four-leaf clover!

What's that, Mizuki?
Is it something good?

Sanada, 9 years old

I heard you'll become happy if you find one



I'll find you more

SFX: Bling

SFX: Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop

Page 12:


SFX: Flump!


Thank you!

I thought that was love

I completely believed in it

When I knew I was going to transfer

She cried for me

I'll definitely come see you!
I'll also write you a lot!

But I couldn't comprehend the importance of that

Promise me

Page 13:

Her letters were lots and lots of pages long

I was very happy


The quantity of the pages

Decreased little by little

And the final form

Was a picture postcard

How are you?
I am very happy

What's this?

Page 14:

3 years later, I went to see her

The moment I met her

I finally

Knew the reason

My place in her heart

Had almost completely disappeared

Page 15:

What is it like to forget?

Since I have my shutter eye
I will never forget anything

About being in that time, in that place

About Mizuki, about everything

Page 16:

Even now

That's why...
I don't understand love

It's not that he’s never understood

He became unable to understand it

Just like... Me

Page 17:

That's when I started to take photographs

If I would again remember

Mizuki, My Love

Things others forgot…

I could show my pictures and make them remember too

To think that... He had such a reason to take photographs

Please take many, many more
I'll gladly be the model
Side: Sniff

Thanks, Matsuri... Huh?
Why are you crying?!

If it's like that...

Page 18:

Then I'm okay with it too

Because there are times you want to remember something, but still forget.

That's very sudden
Could it be that you too, Niko-san...?

Wha.. What are you saying?!
I just meant...


Are you really sure...?

Then, let's start!
Get closer, you two!


Your nosebleed’s not good!
It's very creepy!!

Page 19:

I just meant...

That I thought you were really awesome

Even if you get depressed... You'll try your best to overcome it

I wonder...

If I'm doing anything...

SFX: Rattle Rattle



a Hand of a thug, which disturbs the depressed heart


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