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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Lock On! 17

Kick away!!

+ posted by Runte as translation on Jun 18, 2010 18:45 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 17

I have worked manual labour 8 hours today. I'm tired as hell, I feel terrible, I'm sick and I'm doing this for free. So be grateful ^^


Warning: English is not my strongest language, so those of you who hate bad Engrish should wait for the Proofread version

Page 01:

Butt of a weak maiden...?!

SFX: Grope

17th Kick away!!


I don't think so!!


SFX: Scratch

Damn molester!!!

SFX: Smack


Page 02:


SFX: Twitch
SFX: Twitch

You forgot this

I just tried to return it to you...

Page 03:

I desperately searched for you

SFX: Bling

Searched for you

SFX: Crawl Crawl

Searched for you

And when I finally found you

SFX: grope


Hey, what is...

SFX: slip

Damn molester!!!

SFX: smack


I got hit
The second I tried to see who was doing it

I'm really sorry

Page 04:

I'm really no good...
I just suddenly lost my temper

I just hit the first person I reached...

Don't be so down

Be glad it was me you hit!

It's not that... I hit because I want to hit

I just hit men because I'm afraid of them

I became completely afraid of men after molesters and stalkers started to gather around me
So I learnt Karate and acted like I was strong

As long as I make a scary face and act brutal, men won't get near me
I was scared no more

Before I thought that'd be okay

But now

I know it's a little lonely

Page 05:

I could show pictures

And make them remember too

After listening to your story
I thought I had to try harder too

That I want to become stronger
To at least be able to face men normally

SFX: Snap

I bet that's wonderful

Because that was a wonderful smile
You just had, Niko

And? Specifically, what are you going to do to become stronger?

He really says it without any shame...

Well... That is...

I guess
I'll go to a dojo after such a long time

Page 06:

Glass: Karate Dojo

So this is the doujou that taught Niko karate!

You know... Why the heck did you come along?

Because I wanted
To see you in dougi!

TL-Note: Dougi = Clothes which many martial artists wear

I'll kick you out of here if you're going to be an eyesore

Close your armpits

And hands like this

That's right

Page 07:

That was pretty good

Thank you very much, Sensei!

Sensei, please watch me next!


Is that your teacher? He's pretty young

There are few teachers, but I guess he's the best
He's very enthusiastic and popular, but...

He does a lot of touching
SIDE: That's why I don't like him

He's the type to teach very attentively

But… He was the one who taught me Karate, so I guess
That makes him my savior

Though, I didn’t think so in the past


Page 08:

Niko-chan, been a while

I... It's been a while


Wh.. What is it?

Before, you were on your guard every time I tried to teach you

And now you come with your boyfriend! You sure have changed, Niko

Wro.. That's not it!!!

He's just a normal friend, called Sanada-kun!

I'm her normal friend, Sanada!
Pleased to meet you, Sensei

I thank you for teaching Niko such a beautiful kick!


SFX: Grip

Pleased to meet you too

There is something I want to ask

Mm? What is it?

Page 09:

Do you like buttocks?


Sanada.. What are you..

This hand...

I've seen it before

It's the same hand that was groping you yesterday

What are you saying?!
There's no way sensei'd do something like that!!!
What do you mean by "I've seen this hand"!?




All I did was tell the truth...

But there is a chance I was wrong since I made you girls angry!
Forgive me!!

You run away?!
You damn coward!!

Page 10:

Poor Sensei

Everyone makes mistakes

Sensei's too kind

Still not going home?
It's already late

Nowdays there are a lot of perverts

Want me to give you a ride

...Sanada says
A lot of things that are better left unsaid

He does many things he shouldn't do, too...
But.. He's a good guy

Oh, you mean what he said?
Don't worry about it

I'm not wor-

Sanada never

Page 11:

Sees wrong

He also won't say lies to hurt other people

..What? So you believe what he said?
But you won't believe me?

That's cruel

Even though it was me who taught you karate

You taught very enthusiastically even when my attitude was bad
I'm very thankful for that... And I'm reflecting

That's why I want to believe you

Could you take off

The taping on your right hand?

I scratched the hand of a criminal yesterday

With all my strength

SFX: scratch


Can't be helped
If you wanted to believe

SFX: slip

Page 12:

You should have just kept quiet and believed


Because I like you

It was really fun to teach you everything step by step

But then you suddenly stopped coming to dojo

But then I, by chance, saw you yesterday

And my hand started throbbing

Stop messing around!!

That's not...
That's not what you call “liking” others!!


That so?

Page 13:

I do like
your body

Your body only

If you'd lose your body
There'd be nothing left of you

I'm not interested in you overall

If only you were a birdbrain
Like my other students

SFX: Step

I would have touched you more gently

D... Don't come any closer!!!

I'll kick you!!

I dare you try

Page 14:

Just who taught you that kick?

SFX: Rumble

SFX: Pale...


I'm scared

My hands...
My feet...

Won't move

I'm scared



Page 15:

SFX: Flash

I see

So that's why!

To catch me you used a woman as bait
And hid to get incriminating photos, right?!


You think you're some kind of hero of justice?!
How very naive!!

SFX: Grip

Give me the camera
Do you think I can't break a human with my bare hands?

Page 16:

Incriminating photos?

I don't want to shoot crap like that

I don't want to shoot
Dirty guys like you

Or scared Niko either

I want to shoot the beautiful Niko
When she kicks a dirty guy like you away!


I know best how awesome your kicks are

Page 17:

Don't be afraid

You won't lose

To scum like him!

All you needed to do was to save me
SFX: Sigh

Should I?

You already stopped shaking


What the hell are you mumbling about?!!
I'm telling you to give me that damn ca...

Page 18:

SFX: stomp

SFX: Pain Pain


SFX: wobble

This is the kick
You taught me

Page 19:

SFC: Kick

The wrath of a maiden... Flash!!


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