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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 3

Targeted little nation

+ posted by Runte as translation on Sep 15, 2010 16:57 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 3

Do not use this for your scanlations! I repeat,
Do NOT use this for your scanlations!!

It is reserved for a certain group.

I started translating with every SFX translated as well, but it totally killed my motivation, so I quit. That's why only some first pages has SFX tld.

And of course, THIS HAS NOT BEEN PROOFREAD! So don't whine about grammar or vocabulary mistakes ^^

Page 01:

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Scribble Scribble



SFX: Inhale

Page 02:

Uh... Prince, you can't...

It's too early...

Prin... ce...

SFX: Gazey

SFX: Snap


SFX: Slam

SFX: Suddenly


That's right, the prince!

SFX: Stand


Page 03:

Story 3:
Targeted little nation

Page 04:



SFX: Tap Tap Tap

Dining Hall

SFX: rattle

SFX: Chatter Chatter

What is this crowd...

SFX: Chatter Chatter

SFX: Ba-dumb Ba-dumb

Mahiro Prince!!

Page 05:

Everything is my fault...

SFX: Damnit

It was so grave mistake I can't even have any excuses...


He must be really concerned about the empire...

Prince! You can't give up yet!

SFX: Clench

It's not over yet! There is still ti-...


I was...! I was such a chicken!!

Page 06:

I'm as chicken as grilled broilers!

[300km/h STILL unattained]
[Regretting Party]

SFX: Daaang

Only if I had a little bit more courage, we would have succeeded in gaining the unprecedented 300km/h!!

SFX: Chatter Chatter

SFX: Rustle Rustle



Page 07:

Please don't say that, prince
It was awesome enough

After riding at the speed of 290 km/h, you are definitely the best there is


Did you accelerate at the usual forest? I'm telling you it's bad enough you went over 200km/h in a place like that

SFX: Down

Not again

Just when I worry about him, this is what I get

But you sure were close

Don't say it...


HAH! Not good!

SFX: Twitch

This isn't the time to be standing around!

Page 08:



SFX: Chatter Chatter

Why is it so normal out here?

SFX: Depressed

Could it be...!

He was so concerned about his bike so he completely forgot to tell everyone?!


SFX: Twinkle!

Alriiight! Now I'm gonna go on a revenge!

SFX: tap

Don't stop me

SFX: turn

I'm going to go to the fields again!

Page 09:

You're going?

SFX. Rumble Rumble Rumble

I am... Not

SFX: Gush Gush

SFX: Doooon

Miss Pariel, so you were awake...

SFX: Falling back

She doesn't hold back againts the prince...

He's the current king!
Is supposed to be...


What is this supposed to be?! Is this really the correct time?!!

SFX: Beat up

Page 10:


You ask "what", but can't you really see? It's a regretting party

SFX: pain

SFX: grind grind grind

Give up! Give up!

This isn't the time!! Did you forget that there is an Empire army right at that mountain?!!

SFX: yell


Page 11:

SFX: jolt

SFX: sit up

Just what kind of dream were you seeing, Pariel?

Prince, it is you, who is sleeptalking...!

SFX: Yell

Really, how can you say something like that after being unconcious at my back while crying and drooling

I wasn't drooling! Only crying!

Wait a sec!!

SFX: Rustle Rustle

Page 12:

Huh? Huu~h?

SFX: Stare

Your eyes are hurting me, guys...

Think about it. It's me, not my father, but me!!

You, right~

Do you really think I could get back alive after raiding a place like that alone?

SFX: pon pon

H.. Huh?! So was I really sleeping...?

SFX: haste haste haste

What the heck!

Don't scare me like that!!

You're right.. Prince is really fast at running away, but there is no way he could run from the Empire


Page 13:

We were in the garage for a whole time, but it sure was hard to rip completely hardened you off the prince
Like, maybe it was your fault prince couldn't achieve the 300km/h?!


Just how much you weigh?

They're right! You don't even know how hard it was for me! Because you hardened in a weird pose, changing your clothes was hard too...

SFX: Twitch




Civil clohes



Page 14:

SFX: blush

W... Was it prince who changed my clotghes...?!

SFX: Straight answer

Of course

SFX: Ha aahn


Page 15:

What are you doing, pariel?

Did you also change my underwear...?

After releasing liquids from all over your body, I just couldn't stand looking

So of course I did

No, that place is...!!

Page 16:

Actually, the truth is, it was Edelweiss who....







Page 17:

Is there something wrong?


Is there something wrong?

Wait Wait up! You're going to ignore me?!

It's an emergency. Can I have some of your time, Edelweiss-sama?

Page 18:

I told her everything what happened today

About the existence of the third imperial princess of the midlands

That's why we have to hurry and close the gates and guard the castle!

That is unneccessary

It was his highness himself who told me that you two were in the mountains
He also told me about princess Lunas

He also ordered this to be a top secret

Page 19:

Then are you telling to let them have our kingdom?!


Pariel, let's imagine that in the future you'd be promoted
And you would take a platoon of soldiers to attack some castle

a- and?

What would you do if the enemy wouldn't take a move to protect themselves and let the gates completely open?

I would attack them before they manage to guard...

Of course

Page 20:

How about if they wouldn't do a thing

even after they would see you and your platoon coming closer?


Umm... that is...

Correct. Everyone would be confused. "What if there is something?"

As long as the ruler isn't a complete birdbrain

But you know, our kingdom currently has that kind of birdbrain as a ruler!!

You shouldn't talk like that of your master, well, you are right though

Page 21:

How about the opposite?

If there was a famous tactician in that castle?

It could be a trap

Let's see

Yeah, but our castle doesn't....

Page 22:

... We DO have!!

Page 23:

Is that the report from the Kaze?
TL-Note: Kaze = wind

Let me see

No sign of gates closing or any kind of messengers yet

The girl riding in the back was yelling the name of "Edelweiss"
The chance of a trap is extremely high

If ordered, that woman will protect this town even if it were to be reduced to ash

Giggle... It seems you understand as well

Well then

Page 24:

We will postope our attack



I am your leader. So I care all of you a lot

I don't care if you were to die in a fair battle
But since the enemy is an Edelweiss, there is a chane you all will suddenly meet a deliberate death

Page 25:

But it is very unthinkable that a fate of a whole country would be left for one maid

EVen if the situation at hand was her strategy, for what?


To crush us of course

To crush...

You mean us?

Reiner. Since you are also from the imperial guards, you know Noir Rozen very well, don't you?

Do you mean the Imperial High Grade Chamberlain Coprs?


Page 26:

These two are from there

If the guards of the fortress, the imperial guards are "the defence"

Then the Imperial High Grade Chamberlain Coprs are "the assassination"

They won't stand out as much as imperial guards
But they are being educated to be the last fortress of the royalty

Page 27:

So, does the Edelweiss in question come from Noir Rozen also?

She does not

She's the one who personally proposed the general idea of the Imperial High Grade Chamberlain Coprs to my father, the king, and founded the whole Noir Rozen

Her strength is that of a demon itself and her personality is the worst
If a person like her were to protect one country, a hundred or two hundreds of citizens are not even in her sight

But we, the imperial guards are master swordsmen. We are confident we can protect the royalty

I know that


Page 28:

a man like you can't possibly enter my bedroom, can you?

I see

Remember that, Reiner

The existence of the Edelweiss...

Page 29:

The pruning is horrible. I have to tell the gardener

Yes ma'am!

Not that, Edelweiss-sama!!

You are using loud voice again


Aaah really.. Both, the prince and her

They're going on their own pace

Page 30:

If the one leading the enemies is princess Haruka, then there are no problems. She's a stereotypical warrior

She's not the kind who could think of abnormal strategies nor does she just charge in like some idiot

If we do nothing, she'll probably wait and see for some time

whether our king returns soon or not

Don't tell anyone about this. The prince doesn't want anyone to worry

So that's why he didn't...

Page 31:

I wonder if prince had already decided this since he had heard about Empire being close by

For the sake of everyone, ignoring his own safety

Just what kind of dream were you seeing, Pariel?

Even so, I was the only one panicking
And unable to trust him


Page 32:

But that doesn't change the fact that prince is too kind, does it?

I can't dany

That's right! I'm his guard

So I have to always be beside and believe in him...!

Truth to be told, I still can't decide, whether he's only a kind prince wearing feather

Or a complete birdbrain

(From Runte to PR: Original text had nothing to do with birds. This is my original. If it's no good, let's think about other one"


Page 33:

Do you find it more worthy to guard now?


As expected, you're awesome. You see right through me...


I will do my best for the sake of our prince!!

Page 34:


So you were here. I searched for you


a Perfect timing! There was something I need to tell!

Ooh! I had something to tell for you two as well!!

Please, say it!!


page 35:

Let's do a festival!!

And make it a grand one, including the whole kingdom!

Of course!

..... Eeeh?! Prince, what did you-?!

Take a look, Pariel. a Collection of beautiful decorations I designed

Page 36:


This isn't good

This will be great! Ahaha Ahaha Ahahahahah!



"More worthy", Pariel, more worthy

What is happening, prince?



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