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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 4

a Boy who sells darkness

+ posted by Runte as translation on Oct 6, 2010 16:54 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

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It is reserved for a certain group.

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Thus there are grammar and vocabulary mistakes. If you hate bad engrish, you have to wait until scanlation will be released

page 01:

It's just like "kaze" reported

Story 4. a Boy who sells darkness

It is a perfect disguise, princess

No one will ever find out it is you, Lady Lunas

Well then, should we go?


page 02-03:

a Boy who sells darkness

page 04:

Because you really wanted, I got a permission to go outside, but...
There are dangerous times, so please stay within the castle!

I got something important to do

What is it?

I have to visit a Black Magic shop

Black magic?!

page 05:

Grindell World?

a Shop of one of my friends

page 06:

Excuse us

Shut up, just what do you think the time is?


Wah, he's a cute little boy... Right...?

page 07:

Aah! It's the prince! Need something?

What is that attitude towards your regular customer?!

We're normally open during nights, you know


Who's the gal beside you? Prince's girlfriend? Wow, good for you




As you can see, he has pretty nasty personality

I... I see...

page 08:

Rather, that was really rude, Emilio! Do you seriously think the noble me would be satisfied with a woman like her?!


Who is she?

Umm.. She's my guard, the name's Pariel
Don't worry, even though the castle is broad enough, this Pariel here is my only slave

So you make your slave do some nice things during the nights, eh? Good for you



page 09:

What the heck are you blabbering some random crap about?! You damn brat, step outsidee!!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry someone like her is guarding me!!

Guess it's fine, since I'm awake now

Come in


page 10:

So, Prince. What is it you want this time?

Be glad, Emilio. I decided to start a festival!


Festival? So after the king left you can do anything you want, eh?

Prince, what was the black magic thing you talked about...?

Yeah, it was about Emilio

"Grindell World Magic & Alchemy" company
To make it simple, it's like this is the Headquarters of the Black Magic

Welcome to the "Emilio's General Store", lady

The official shop owner of the general store: "Grindell World Alchemy & Magic Guild"

page 11:

As long as you'll pay I'll sell and buy anything

I can get you the raw materials of this coffee from the far east
Or I can even drag the Rottenheim from the imperial capital if you want

Of course

It doesn't matter if it's a human
Or even a devil

So, prince. What is it this time? Something that makes skirt lifting useful? Or peeping?

Shhh! Shhh!!

Really, this man is...

Ahahaha, she's the serious type I see

But that's really bad you see
When someone like you is here, it becomes more difficult to make business...

page 12:


Put that away immediately
Don't look down on Guarding knights!!


page 13:


Ahahaha, you took it seriosuly, lady?

That was really cute

But, you were one step too slow

page 14:



What... Is this...?!

a Business design. I set a barrier on this shop, you see
The stock-in-trade you see aroun there are just a camouflage

Well then, what should I do next

Female knights are mostly people with serious personality like you
And if you get in the way of my business, I'd have to search for another tenant

page 15:

P- Prince

Haah, to think you'd fall into a trap so easily
I'm so worried that you might get fired from your guard position



Actually, if that'd happen it'd be me who'd be in trouble

It's the crisis of this kingdom

page 16:

I see

I get the picture, Prince

So that's why the festival... And to get rid of the imperial army, you'd like to use my tools?

Correct. That's why I'd like for you to prepare this into that place
As fast as possible

Since it's business, I'll gladly help, but
I heard you were stupid, but did you finally lose it?

What are they talking about...?

page 17:

The cost the goods, fast transportation fees
Compeletion bonus, consumption tax, including my consumption cash and add a little fraction...

Hot about 102,000,000?


I guess that's it

Hey, you fucking prince! Are you really going to just throw away the kind of money?! You could easily buy a big mansion with that!!

If money is enough to buy our lives, it's cheap enough

Are you sure?
In our company, human is rated as a cheaper type of goods

It's not like you are rating them

page 18:

Btw, prince. What are we going to do with this lady? Since we captured her and all...


"What are"... Are you supposed to do something something? Not just capture?!

To be blunt, I could do anything

Prince, if you want to make her silent, I have something that'll make her say "haa haa" forever and listen to your orders


page 19:

I won't forgive if you do something that's inhuman


Pri.. nce

page 20:

Her only good trait is her energy
How much do you think she would cost with that condition?

Oi Kora!!

Hmm... let's see

Checking the price

Still, nervous

Aah, no good, Prince

No good?

page 21:

This lady doesn't have enough breasts, so she wouldn't sell

You damn grownup brat!!

What the fuck, you seriously want to fight, huh?!

Pitiful Breasts

I see, so it's not good

Fuck you!!

I look slender, but my boobs are at least C-cup!!!

Her personality is quite violent too

This is too sad

I'm really sorry she is my guard

page 22:

Then I'll go stocking up right away too

I'm waiting for your next visit

Do your best, prince

Ah, that's right, Prince


Don't forget that you made a contract with us, the black magic

I hope you know what'll happen if you break this traty

The price was my head, right?
I know all right


page 23:

Prince, what was that talk about contracts? Just what did you buy?!

You'll find out soon


page 24:

P- Prince, could that be...!

Too much... That little princess is insane...!!


Ooh! It's Mahimahi, isn't it?

page 25:

Wh.. Wha.. What should we do?!

As if I know!!!




page 26:

page 27:

Why did you run away?

Do you really need an answer...?

Ah! I see

It's me, Mahimahi


No, I can see that...

Like, princess! After saying something scary like that yesterday
It's too much to as not to run away

Aaah, so you meant that

page 28:

Are you the spies of Edelweiss?

Just what is she thinking?

While knowing the existence of the enemy, why the heck is she making a preparations for some festival?

You told about us to the prince, didn't you?

Of course I let the castle know

It seems that the prince wanted to go all out
Before his father, the king will return

page 29:

Maybe he is thinking something like setting up a trap while preparing this festival

He told them?!


a Trap? As if you could scrath an armour of a dark knight with wooden decorations

How about telling a better lie

Oh well, just tell me one thing...

Why aren't you two running away?

page 30:

I told you that I'll destroy this country, so even though you know this fact, why aren't you running away?

Why you ask but... Because I don't believe it


I'm not able to believe that this kingdom would be destroyed

You saw them yourself, right? Those happy faces everyone had when they prepared for the festival
So how could I even think about something like dying kingdom?

page 31:

We're going back

Mahimahi, when will this festival begin?

After today's sunset. I think it was around 9 o clock

I see. Then my last warning: Run away before that

I don't hate you

If we meet in the battle, I won't be able to talk to you like this anymore

page 32:


Mahimahi, when will this festival begin?

a Trap? As if you could scrath an armour of a dark knight with wooden decorations

That's good

I was so scared of what would happen...


It's not like we benefit nothing


page 33:

Let's return to castle, Pariel

Princess Lunas, I'm sorry but...

I won't let you have this country,

Mismarca so easily!

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