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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 5

The heart of the royalty

+ posted by Runte as translation on Jan 14, 2011 17:07 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 5

Bwahahahaha! At last!


These translations haven't been proofread yet!
So of course there are grammar and vocabulary mistakes etc. Be patient, it will be out sooner or later.


Page 01:

Story 5: The heart of the royalty


Pariel, it's fine already! You have to run away!

However, prince!!

The castle of Mismarca...

Will fall any moment now...

Page 02:

Story 5: The heart of the royalty

Page 03:

Few hours ago, evening

The big round table of Mismarca

As your highness had ordered, the trap is now completed
We are currently gathering the people to the northern plaza, which will be the main stage

The plan to hide the trap within the decorations of the festival does indeed make sense

I'm sorry I haven't been able to explain the reason behind my orders, Kaien
It really helps to have a prime minister who understands

Page 04:

I hope you will give us a reasonable exlpanation, your highness

You, who inspected the midlands near the castle yourself

Should know the best the situation this country is in right now

Mismarca's prime minister Kaien Gremnam

Truth to be told, the retainers can't hide their confusion, me included

If they were to attack now, the people would be the first to get hurt

Nope, that won't happen. When I went to the town before, I was able to narrow down the time when they attack

What did you say?

Page 05:

The time of the festival from then!!


The other party knows the schedule of the festival as well

The number of her soldiers and their leader, princess Lunas
Tells us that they are not here to oppress us, but to give us a surprise attack

If that's true, the enemy should not like a mayhem
Besides, even though princess Lunas loves to war, it's not like she's a pervert who loves massacres

You are right


Page 06:

We will use that!!

Prince, this is...?

The whole map of this country?

Listen, everyone MUST join this festival
If there are injured people, give them a cane and bring them, if there are sick people, put them on a stretcher and bring them

Gather all of them on a northern plaza

Page 07:

Not int the castle?

That's right. Bring every soldier and maid from the castle to the northern plaza
If there's not enough room, use even norther space

[the northern plaza]

If they take up positions in a place like that, they probably won't attack using the northern defence gate

[Empire forces]

I hate violence

That's why I will sacrifice anything if it is to protect my people

I see. So that's why
To think you's use that conviction in your actions so boldly

The title of "festival" sounds more fun

I see. What's about to start isn't a festival

This is just a titled festival

Page 08:

Well, you guys

It's Festival time!!

If we go and yell to evacuate, everyone will fall in panic. There are tens of thousand living in the town

But if it's a fun festival

Page 09:

Did the prince think this far when we found about the empire army...?

If that is so...

Prince, I got really moved!!

Really? Hehehehe

Huh? Prince, what are these lines?

They are secret passages I have found within these many years

With the help of these I could peek on the chamberlain changing clothes whenever I wanted

a Little while ago a girl that is really my type started working in the workshop of the town, and that was really...



Page 10:

Fucking prince!!


So that's you are after all!!


How do you see the plan of his highness?

It helps to evacuate, but that's all

The castle will 100% fall, so are you fine with that?

Page 11:

That's right... If we evacuate everyone

The castle will be empty

Who cares



If I have to choose between my people and my castle

I will choose my people without hesitation

Page 12:

In front of Mismarca's southern defence gate

Princess Lunas
Your regular report from the Kaze has arrived

Almost everyone has left the castle or town
And are currently gathering to the northern plaza

I see

a King who makes the wrong choicess will always perish...

You've chosen a wrong master, Edelweiss

Page 13:

Hey, did you hear? It seems we're also allowed to go to the festival

Prince sure did a nice thing

Let's head off to the plaza before prince changes his mind

After I've visited the General Staff, I'll lead the soldiers to the plaza
How about you, Edelweiss-dono?

Likeweise, I shall check the last of the chamberlain and head to Plaza

Pariel, you too. Evacuate together with Edelweiss


Nope, I am the guard of the prince, so I will be with you until the end!

You know...

Could it be that you're worried?

Of course


Page 14:

If you're here, I can't hide within the chamberlains and evacuate with them

(outside the bubbles)
From behind
P- Prince.. <3

If everything goes fine
Fufu... Fuhahahaha

Don't bite me! I told you not to bite me!!

Page 15:

I'm sorry to bother you, but I have to tell you!

I think I ordered everyone from the army to gather around the plaza

Yes sir! Kaien-sama ordered us to bring the news to the prince!

Monsters have appeared near the southern town!!


It is thought that all of them are only low class, but already at least hundred mosters have been verified

Monsters... Why?!




Page 16:

This is bad...
It's too soon...


Listen. Don't think of fighting back! Just concentrate on going to the northern plaza. Do I make myself clear?!


Page 17:

Please, wait up! Prince, where are you going? That way is the southern building

Since the Empire army will attack from the southern part of the town, I still have time

However, the monsters that appeared in town might catch up to you!

That's why

Page 17:

I will buy some time


Please, wait a second! Then prince won't have enough time to run away!!

Don't worry, there's a perfect hidden passage I can use

You know I used to mess with you by suddenly disappearing and appearing here and there


I order you, Pariel


Page 18:

Run away

What... Is this...?

Please get a hold of yourself!

I refuse

I don't want that!


Page 19:

Isn't this our home?! Isn't this our kingdom?!
You don't have to do everything alone! We're here to help you!!

Please call everyone back!

Please order us to fight!!

Page 20:

If it's for your sake, we can...!!



Well, you know

Page 21:

Even if I look like this, I am a royalty

Since this country have been left in my care, I have this one kind of responsibility

You can forget that, prince!

Please open up!!

Pariel, there was one thing I wanted to say to you


You don't have any restraint towards my humour

Page 22:


I couldn't have thought that you'd actually start biting me

Well, even if we have a different social status, I was glad of your friendship-like relation


No, prince!! I don't want to hear those words!!

Please open up, Prince!!

The next time rather than someone like me, you should serve my father

That is better for your sake also

No... This is just like

...a Farawell

Page 23:

This is where we part

Page 24:

Pariel! Where's his higness?!


Prince Mahiro...






Page 25:


Page 26:

Stand up, Pariel

Edelweiss-dono, we shouldn't blame Pariel too much
Looking at the situation, it's not her fault

She is my subordinate, please keep out of this mister prime minister

Pariel, if I remember correctly, you have a large scar on your back, no?

One from when you were small and got attacked by a monster


That time, you were with a boy who had a very strong sense of justice, right?

Why does Edelweiss-sama know about this...?

Of course I know. Since I was that boy's... Prince Mahiro's wet nurse

Prince... That boy was...?

That's right

Page 27:

That day, his higness used his powers to save you

He was probably very afraid of hurting someone with that power

Thus his highness came to hate violence to the core
And the King had no choice but to seal his great powers

If you didn't exist his powers would have never gone berserk and thus never got sealed
He would have grown to be a brilliant prince

So brilliant that just a few hundreds of soldiers from the empire or monsters wouldn't even stand a chance

Page 28:

The boy from that time was a prince...?!

I didn't know! Prince has never told me anything about it...!

Pariel, even when you won't be able to protect, or are able to protect but as a result sacrifice yourself

Make sure you won't regret anything


I thought that was the reason I appointed you as prince's guard


The me right now... The true me...

...Make sure

Page 29:

Not to regret anything

I will go after the prince!!

Page 30:


Page 31-32:

I wish
You don't stand on my way

Page 33:

I shall come with you

Bu- But!

You will bring his higness back even if you have to drag him from the neck, right? Then you need a guard, no?

Abonding you here would hurt my honor

Wow, you as well? Could it be that the stupidy of our highness as transfered to you as well?

You must be joking

There should be a hidden pathway. Lead the way, Pariel

Yes ma'am!!

Page 34:

Lunas-sama. It seems that monsters have appeared in the town

Nothing to worry about. Just slay them while we advance




Don't be late

As you wish

Page 35-36:

Lunas Victoria Majestia

Will move

Page 37:

Well then

I think it's about time the princess will come

To steal this

an Item which is said to have the power to destroy the whole continent

Seimahai, the holy demon grail

Princess Lunas, you know. If it's to protect my people

I will use everything I can


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#1. by Danser ()
Posted on Feb 7, 2011
congratulations for the translation is amazing
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