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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 422

Angry Sakaki

+ posted by Runte as translation on Mar 15, 2011 14:32 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 422

Due to timezones, school and other shit, I'm only able to release this now ^^;

A pretty HQ release by MRI will be released in a moment! o/


Page 01:

The climax of the "Yami" Data Transport arc!!

An almost too promising reinforcement arrives to help Kenichi and the others deal with the master politician! Have the tables turned?!


Yo, kids! Good, you're looking fine.

Ma- Master Sakaki?! (Or Sa- Sakaki shishou and tl-note, whatever is fine)

The log's in the way.

Page 02:

Ready to go wild!!


Battle 422: Angry Sakaki

Page 03:

Nuun!! Was it you who helped them from the shadows all this time?!


Acorn Magnum!

Eeei! They're a pain in the ass!!

Sa- Sakaki-kun!!
Since when?!

Heheh (<- next to Sakaki)

Yo, old man Honmaki.

Since the beginning.

Page 04:

Eh?! You were there?

He was here? I didn't notice at all.

There's no way we'd let you go alone in a situation like this. Apachai even threw his life away for the sake of our disciple.

He came back, though.

This time I was appointed to represent everyone.

If you were here, you should have helped earlier!

Akisame told us there was someone who pulled the strings behind these latest incidents.

So I was waiting for the mastermind.

Nuh, those moves... You are the 100th dan brawler, Sakaki Shio?!

Page 05:



Even so, Kenichi, even after Elder told you not to fight masters you cannot beat, you did it again!

-recap from chp380-

But this time, others were with me and it didn't seem like we could get away...

Hehe, it's okay. I don't hate reckless fights like that. Whoops, don't tell anyone I said that!

It's okay?!

That's why I helped with acorns to let you have a taste of fighting with a master.

If it was Akisame, he'd say it would be dangerous, because you'd overestimate your own powers, but...

Page 06-07:

Even lions break the legs of antelopes to let their kids practise hunting.


Laws of nature...

What do you mean by "right"?

That was a nice practise, right, brats? Gahahaha.

Ooh~ (sieg)
Yup, he's right. (takeda)
We- Well, yeah. (freya)

Gh! A citizen who understands nothing of statecraft!

I see you don't even know how important Yami is for this country.

Shut up.

You just seriously tried to kill the kids, eh?

Yami's important? It doesn't matter if you're a politician or a mosquito.

No matter what reasons you line up...

Page 08:

It isn't enough to kill children!!

Page 09:

Interesting, Karate Fighter of Ryouzanpaku!!

Our family members have been martial artists, politicians and priests for centuries!! Know the difference between our lineages!!

I'll rip apart your religion and politics.

I don't quite understand, but this is awesome pressure!!

Listen, Kenichi.

Eh? Y- Yes sir.

I'll show you how to fight when you're injured and can't use your full power.

Page 10:

Eh? Injured?


Now that you mention it, he fought with a person called "The Middle Spear" in Okinawa and got hit in the abdomen.

Ah! You're right!!

Since he was acting so normally after that, I thought it was already healed!

You idiot! Don't say it like I'm some kind of monster!

Listen, during these times, there’s one important thing...

That is...

Never let the enemy know you're injured!!

Eeeh?! With such a loud voice...

He's pointing out his injury.

Page 11:

Even so, I won't show any mercy!

And the next most important thing is...

To avoid violent movements!!

That's violent enough!!

How absurd, teacher.

And the most important thing is...

Die, failure of a citizen!!

No matter how angry you are...

Page 12:

Preserve your physical strength...

And use as little power as you need to beat your enemy!!

Page 13:


Who are you calling failure of a citizen?!

Ura! Uraraa!!

Wait a bit, master!!

You're going too far!!

Well, you know what they say:
Justice prevails.

Y... You idiot, even if you win against me, the data has already been...

See, he's still conscious and all.


Everyone, it was my fault!
If only the disk hadn't been destroyed!

Page 14:

Yeah, actually...

Hey, pointy-ears.

Yes, sir.

Like Kouetsuji-sensei asked me to...

I uploaded it to a few different sites on the internet.



Page 15:

Wh- What the…?!

You leaked something as important as that to the net?!

This way I can download it whenever I want! CD-R? USB? Nowadays, media is nonsense!!

Don't worry, he won't bite you.

Chubby... Chubby men.

I can't tell them I was lost in greed.

We live in a different era!! Don't think the government still has control over information! If I were to leak that information, you'd fall into oblivion!

That's the kind of era this is.

Our era isn't good or bad.

Page 16:

So the era... has already... gone that far...

Alright then, the old man and I will take these guys away.

And by the way, kids...

That was a brilliant fight!!

You made me really impressed!!

Page 17:

Anyway, now the situation will probably change in some way.

Yeah! Thank you, everyone!!

Let's take these guys away and return

To Ryouzanpaku!

The Yami Data Transport arc ends! Starting next week, there'll be a few surprising new developments!!

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