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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Beelzebub 101

Game over!!

+ posted by Runte as translation on Mar 18, 2011 21:48 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 101

First: I managed to tl Beelzebub and two chapters of Mismarca today \o/
It means over 70 pages of hotstuff! Mismarca will be made a whole vol 2, 180 pages release, so it'll take some time.

Second: This translation was completed 6 hours ago, so why am I releasing it only now? Because our proofreaders were all asleep <3
And now it's my turn, so this hasn'd been proofread yet!
Expect completed release within few hours.


Page 01:



What the heck...

Is this...?

Growing even wings! Black Beel's growth period!!

It's began...

Page 02:

We'll teach you HORROR HORROR HORROR -like charm!!

Babu101 Game over!!

Page 03:

Space calendar, year alpha 58 823

The Ishiyamadelinquent army got a hold of a giant weapon and made a frontal attack, but

Paazawa, who got carried away, made a regretful mistake

Also, the effort of shitty NEETs and the magic of Isabella turned the tables in one moment

An invisible Yolda

An invisible Sachura

Normally quite invisible Enou

TL-Note: I have no idea why other translators tld "Enou" as lord en. True, Ou means king, but I have no intentions of translating names that literally. I'm gonna go with "Enou", since it's his name

Please wait here, young master

I don't want to!!

I want to kill too!!

Due to their merciless Cheat attacks

The ishiyamadelinquent army was currently

Page 04:


Where are they shooting from?!


Come here, here!!


Any survivors...?!

Four including the both of us


Damn... They've already hunted more than half of us...!!

That's not all

Take a look...!!

Page 05:

For real...?!

Isn't that the broken Crazy Frog?!

It seems they repaired it...

Are the cheats all-mighty or something?!

I don't think it's just a normal Program modifiction

It's slight, but I can feel magic power

You mean...


Without a doubt, this is the work of a Maid Demon...

This is starting to look seriously bad...

Oi Oi

If we lose we can kiss our asses goodbye...!!

Page 06:

Just what

Are you lot doing...?

In a corridor

Himekawa... Sorry

Your task was too heavy for me...

This is our graveyard

Quit acting stupid and get back in the room
Let's begin our counterattack


Yeah, I had to waste some pocket money, but now the preparations are OK

I'll show you

Something interesting


Page 07:


Yo, sorry for the wait



I see... So only the four of you are left

Well, that doesn't matter

Everyone, get on your seats

W... We too? But we're already dead

Just shut up and sit

Oi, ass

Explain us what're we doing

Kuku... If our enemies are invisible

We're still playing?

We'll be undead


Sorry for the wait

Do it

Page 08:


Aaah, so much fun
The feeling of splitting others is the greatest~~

Right, Master Enou...?


Yeah, I bet

I was only looking so I'm not sure

But I bet it must feel really good


Isabella... Wouldn't it be okay to let him go already?

Young master is starting to sullen again

I'm not sullen!!

I'll go with him

You may be right

Page 09:

Fine, I understand


Really, Isabella?!

However, I'll come as well

There's one, young master, a sitting duck

Y... Yeah

Don't worry, they won't be able to see us

Calm down, approach carefully and shoot through the heas...

O... Okay


He hasn't noticed me


Page 10:

What's this?! Our invisibility has...

Young master...!





Young masteeeeer!!!

Page 11:

~~~~...!!! That guy...
I'm sure I killed him before...!!!

How come...?!

How could you

Kill me beforeee!


That's won't work one me!!

Gyaaaaa! It's a zombieeee!!!

Page 12:


A ghooost!! A demooon!!!
What is happening?

They also have someone who can overwrite the program...

Is that enough to reach this kind of level?!

You bought it...?!


I bought this game itself
Like the great me would do some petty shit like cheating

Now I can tamper with the settings as much as I want

For now I made it so you won't die

How much?

You can rampage as much as you want


Page 13:

I.. Isabella-sama!!



Isabella-sama, it's no good!! Our bullet's won't affect the... Argh!!


Damn you puny humans...


The NEETs are finished!!
Hurry and get on!!



If it comes to this...

Page 14:

I guess I have to

Remodel this machine a little bit...

Oi oi

Don't look down on me


Do you seriously think

Page 15:

You can beat us with one machine?

Page 16:


You're kidding me?!

Let's go!!

Superior combination...!!

Page 17:


Certain Kill!!


Wait up... Just wait one moment!! We lose, we have lost, so-!!

Page 18-19:

Diamond Evil Arrow




We woooooooon!!!

No mercy!!

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#1. by Black Hawk ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2011
Every translater can translate names as the want. Only for the reason why. Everyone know it. Why they call him Lord En, Baby Beel´s real name is Kaiser de Emperana IV. It´s a Royal name, his father is a King. For my own understandment Lord En is the right name. Enou also listen good.
#2. by Teeba ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2011
I think the reason why they say "Enou" is because that's his screen name isn't it? xD So he's Lord En vocally, but when we read people's username on the internet, we read it regardless of what language its in. If someone's username is xyz123, we aren't going to translate that into whatever xyz123 is in our language.

Besides that, I don't see any other glaring grammar errors or whatnot. :) I'm just grateful that we have a translation this week. m(__)m
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