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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Beelzebub 102


+ posted by Runte as translation on Apr 1, 2011 16:41 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 102

First Beelze in two weeks. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: This has not been proofread! I have confidence In my Japanese, since all I have to do is read. But writing is a completely different world. I'm not a native english speaker, so there might be typos, grammar or vocabulary mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind'em should read this! :>

The scanlated, perfected version should be out soon.


page 01:

Babu 102 Foundcha!

Chilling all day long... Just gather without any things to do. Times like these create our best memories!

Page 02:

Hell... Behemoth's Pillar Squad will move!!

I see, so Naga and the other two lost...

Very well

I shall report it to Squad leader Behemoth

Behemoth 34th Pillar squad General Laymia

Page 03:

I ask you to keep this as a top secret

I will call you when it is time to deal with them

This meeting's finished

Wait a second, Laymia

No punishments, eh?

They completely stole the march on this fight

General Basilisk

He's right

At least we should decide the punishment for the two commanders right here

Let's kill them

General Yata

*Night sword

Page 04:

Who cares

I bet squad leader Behemoth won't even listen such a boring story
Rather than that, let's decide who'll go next with rock-paper-scissors

General Salamander


The transfer jevel will be active any minute now, right?
I'll show you my Chopag

Vritra-san, that's Gchipa

TL-Note: Don't ask. I seriously have no idea what they're talking about.

No, it's Chopag



We have to be more careful when carry out the assasination of Beelze-sama's contractor

I ask you not to act like you please

Page 05:

Act like I please?

Preposterous. We moved for the sake of our master, Enou

That wasn't because of some stupid curiosity

I'm not doubting your motives

However, it is also the truth that you moved without orders


And the biggest problem is that you've failed

The contractor was nothing serious

But if only that man hasn't



Page 06:

Sorry for the wait


That's the transfer jewel...!!

I will now convey you the words of our Squad leader, Behemoth

"Don't fucking come back without accomplishing anything"

"Finish what you started"

Thanks a lot...

As expected of leader

Page 07:


You're not looking very happy, Laymia


Woried about your daughter in human world?

I'm not

She's going forward her own path

Since she's in your care, there's nothign to care about

That so...

Rather than that, doctor... On whose side really are you?

Suporrting Hilda or curing our squad members

I'm on the side of the sick

I hope

Page 08:

You take

Good care of my Lamia




No wonder

We've been playing games for the whole three days and nights straight

Must be too tough for a brat

Yeah... You may be right...

...Or, how did even come to this?


Of course because...

Page 09:

... How did it come to this again...?


According to my memory, we won, right?
With Himekawa-senpai's dirty trick...

Yeah, we won

Here, a tissue...


But after that they started angsting


They said "That one was valid, we'll decide this with 100 matches!"
So we had to challenge them to a different game

So why did we choose "Momotarou DE Iron man"...?

He's always been like that... I forgot

He's never admitted a lose in games

As long as we keep winning, he will say "once more" for eternity

Oi Oi
So what for have we played until now?

So you've played games before?

With Enou...
I quit this shit

I thought I was going to die because of them in the past

Page 10:


Time for a shift

You guys, not again!

All trash's scattered around...!!


Straight from the bed

I'm surprised you can do all that in someone else's room


Speak for yourself. Didn't you also sleep in someone else's room?
One floor below

B... Because...
Himekawa told us we could use empty rooms...

A little nap...


Where's Himekawa...?

He went out

He said he had something to look for

Something to look for...?

Page 11:

This is a really bad situation...

If we lose the town'll be sea of flames and even if we win we just have to keep winning? Nothing can be done. The situation's getting worse and worse, and I so want to sleep

Enou's tough...

No no no no

Shiroyama-sempai's here...!!

Don't be irresponsible...!! There is meaning!!

Because this Net game is the only clue we have

We somehow need to continue this game and ask his whereabout...




If you're in good terms, why don't you try calling for him?

Page 12:


Yeah, Furuichi. You say damn good words

Da~amn Gu~ud wa~dz! 100 points. The two of you makes 200 points!!

Kanzaki-sempai, if you're sleepy, just hit the sack
Are you drunk?

What's up?

Let's try sending a mail right away

No... Umm...

That'd be troubling, you know...

"Been awhile"

[Been awhile]
[It's your Lamia, ufuun (heart)(heart)(heart)]


What the heck's that mail?!
I'm not that stupid!

I don't think there's enough gunpowder

You may be right. Let's add more reality next time

I kind of hate girls who use (heart) marks a lot

Wait wait wait one moment!!

I'll do it!! Please let me do it myself!!

Page 13:

Oh! No need
He answered already

Damn fast

What's it say?

[enoh: Nuwooooh!!]
[Lamiaa!! Is it Lamia!?]
[Why're you here?!]
[Where're you?! Are you here on this side at moment?!]

... He completely

Bit the bait

Page 14:

[You stuu~pii~d(heart)(heart)(heart)]
[I am, I am, I sure am (^q^)]
[I've been looking for you forever]
[My prince(heart)]

Gues this fixes it...


[oh: I'm sorry, Lamia...]
[Due to certain reasons]
[I'm currently hiding]
[However, I'm always]
[Thinking about you]

Another fast reply


So interesting

He's definitely fallen for you

Let's see
"I'm always"

"Thinking about you"...?

Eeeh?! What's that?!

Your boyfriend?!

No... Nothing at all!!

You're completely wrong

Another fish bit the bait...

Kanzaki-sempai, let me try as well!!

Furuichi!! Wai... No more!!

Stop this already!!

No worries

Page 15:

[It's Furuichi (^_^)/]
[Lamia really wants to]
[Meet young master!!]
[I'll bring her so tell us where you are!!]

Page 16:

The conversation...

Died again...

He probably thought you were typing her messages

Thanks and welcome again

Aa ah...

And that was such a nice chance

Sorry about that...

Don't worry, I'm not good at dealing with him

Truth to be told, I'm glad I didn't have to meet him

You're priorities should be the opposite...

Page 17:

Well, you may be right. The way he acted so one sided...

Not bad, Lami-tan...


So, what're we going to do now...?

I don't think we have any playable cards left...

Page 18:


Not good...


Oh... It's the career woman from before


She ran away!!

She's there...!!

Don't let her escape!!



Isn't this...

Page 19:

Where we were...



Did you buy my chips?

Young master...

Please don't come out right now!!

It's Him!!!


They were living next to us?!

The room where we were

The Enou-chan next door!

Will the next week have battles? Or solution?! The negotiator, Furuichi Takayuki!!

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